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I have had yow repairs and been thru way to many nurse practioners and now have to choose a new surgeon. Because, it takes so long to prove you band is messed up I have spent the majority of the last three years with it not working properly. Then by the time it did work again, we overfilled and to go to ER. I'm finally at restriction and starting again. What's your journey been like? I just lap band, nothing else. I'm wishing they would have done more, but can't afford the surgery.

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For me, the thing about the lap band is/was, not only getting it adjusted to work properly, but getting myself adjusted to work with the's is a perfect balance, and a lot of old habits and ways of doing things in terms of food have to go.

I've been stuck so many times, all my fault and not the bands....lessons learned the hard way.

Eventually the lessons become second nature and a new lifestyle emerges....

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