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GoodiDre, with southeast bariatrics you have the option to do the seminar online as long as you have a passing grade. Then once you take the test then you fax in the application and copy of insurance card and they call you the next day and my appointment was about 3 weeks out after they called me back.

Thank you, queencity!! I just found that Southeast is a "center of excellence" by my insurance, which means I can proceed. I'm logging into their online seminar now :)

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Great! They are very good at what they do. No complaints so far lol.

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@@GoodiDre everything has been great so far! Dr Lowe is amazing. I definitely recommend you check them out.

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For those of you waiting for an appt at Carolinas Weight Management... if you know that your insurance requires a medically supervised diet then you can go ahead and start that program with them while you wait for your seminar and surgeon appt. That's what my husband and I have done because I wanted to get started asap. My sister in law got sleeved with Southeast and has had great results

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I'm in Greenville. Waiting on insurance approval. Once approved, I should be scheduled in mid August at Vidant Medical Center. Good luck to everyone.

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I am near Hickory, but having surgery at UNC Chapel Hill. I am going tomorrow to meet with the surgeon and set my date. I hope it is within the next week.

Who is your Surgeon? I work at UNC Hospitals. I am going with Dr. Farrell.

Dr Farrell is doing my surgery. I REALLY like him. He is one of the few surgeons I have ever seen that didn't treat me like some oddball because of my abdomen.

Have you met with him yet? Do you have a surgery date yet?

I will meet him on August 18th. But I told Lisa that I want the date of Sept 17th. Hopefully he isn't booked up on that day. Everyone states he is awesome. I work for him, but never met him.. lol. I hear some people say they like Dr. Overby, but they think Dr. Farrell is just better. I went with Dr. Farrell 'cause a coworker had it with him & she adored him.

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    • demayome

      Day 3 of Liver shrinking diet. 11 days to go. Come on 31JUL. Trying not to get impatient
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      1. GreenTealael

        💜STAY STRONG💜

    • Krestel

      OMG! I dreamt of cake!!
      As of late, my dreams have been food obsessed. Last night I dreamed of gorging on good old American sheet cake with chocolate frosting. There was white frosting as well. Good thing we can't get that in Sweden! I just hope that I haven't become too engrossed in food. BUT they are only dreams after all.
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    • GreenTealael

      3 days post op and I want to go to the movies to see The Lion King... #slowdown
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      1. Krestel



        I went 5 days post op to the movies :)

      3. GreenTealael

        Awww man i could have broken a record 😂

      4. elcee

        I’m going later today with my hubby and daughter

      5. GreenTealael

        I hope its amazing !

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    • allwet

      this one is interesting but a tough slog to get thru
      this review is easier to understand
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      1. Orchids&Dragons

        It will be interesting to watch as this theory develops. Thanks for posting!

    • Jobber

      Feel like it's time for a status update, I haven't been on here regularly in a while and I need to keep my mindset focused on my goals.
      I haven't weighed myself in ~ 3 weeks.  I think I'm becoming the opposite of "obsessive" about tracking my progress and it could cause me some issues.  The good thing is that there have still been quite a number of NSV's happening that is telling me that I'm still progressing without knowing what the scale says.
      First one is that a belt I bought about 5 weeks ago because all my other belts were too big is also on the last hole so I'll have to buy yet another belt again.  second, I bought new jeans about a month ago and I have a lot more slack in the waist than I did when I purchased them.  I also boarded a plane and had about 8 inches of slack in the belt.  Finally, I hit my goal last week of being able to ride go-carts with my kids.  The last time I tried about 4 years ago, I had to leave because I couldn't fit in the harness.  This was sweet victory and I showed those two how it was done on the race course!!  😈
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