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Anyone want to be fat again?

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Feedyoureye is so right! Even when you stop losing weight, your body seems to keep doing its thing and continues changing, tightening and moving.

I have had the turkey neck thing, but that's settled down. My Shar pei bottom isn't quite so wrinkly. I have saggy sock boobs to my knees (tmi???) - but cosmetics will fix that, along with a Tummy Tuck to get rid of the excess skin.

But none of that changes my mind - no regrets re surgery, not a single one. Being fat was like an anchor on my life but nothing holds me back now.

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Even 25 pound loss has me doing things I couldn't last month.

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I could care less about saggy skin. I already have bat wings, so they will get worse, but maybe I will save for plastics some years down the road. I'm sure just being able to do more things will make up for a little extra skin.

I actually walked up a hill at my nephews soccer game the other day and didn't have to stop multiple times. For his birthday at Chuck e cheese, I could actually fit in the booth. I wanted to burst out crying with happiness. It was always so embarrassing to me to not be able to sit at a booth. One time at Black Angus the waitress asked me if I wanted a chair without arms and I was already sitting down just fine...I told her I was fine, I had plenty of room on each side of me, I'm Apple shaped, so fitting into a chair with arms isn't as much of a problem. She actually brought another chair over and kept trying to make me sit in it. I should have got up and left. I know she was trying to make me comfortable, but when a fat girl says she is fine...leave her alone lol

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I don't know how I missed this thread, but that was a question I NEVER would have contemplated. I would never ever in a million years choose to be fat again. It's my biggest nightmare. The symptoms the OP stated later in the thread have nothing to do with going back to being fat, and being fat wouldn't fix them. Even though weight loss had induced them, they are temporary, unlike the physical health problems associated with being fat, which are progressive.

I started this for health, but once I achieved that, it quickly became about looks for me. I'll admit it. I never dreamed I could look so good, lol! I agree with the others, skin does take a while to firm back up. I'm 52, and mine was never going to firm up all the way. I've had some plastics, and will likely have more, but even without it, I looked way better than I did at 300+ pounds. I looked at it like this - at my highest weight, I could never expose my arms or legs anyway, so I didn't feel bad that I couldn't expose the loose skin I was left with after losing the weight. I was already an expert at dressing to hide that, and there are a lot more options to do that in regular size clothing.

I hated everyday of being fat, and all the miserable things associated with it. I didn't realize that until I became thin. A resounding no from me - I never want to be fat again.

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You can google it. It also is going public on an episode of shark tank...

I did not know of it til I heard it on here...

Basic : a plastic device that acts like a stool for your feet while you are doing your business on the toilet...so your knees are elevated ... It claimed 2/3 of the world squats when eliminating??

Anyone use one?

Have no idea on effectiveness

Good luck!

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When I went to the first seminar that started this whole process, the VERY FIRST thing the doctor said when he started speaking:

"Everyone who is here to look good in a bikini should leave now. You are in the wrong place!"

I'm not sure why that has stuck with me, since I've never been into bikinis, (on myself at least!) But it has helped me remember that this is about being healthier first and foremost. Everything else is secondary.

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    • Sleeve1stFitNext

      My gym is closed on the weekends. I feel sad. I wish I could just go workout. I miss it. President's Day they are closed too. I am like  . This interferes with my workouts. Now, I have to workout at home. Well, I have a jump rope and a medicine ball. 
      · 2 replies
      1. Newme17

        You can do it!

      2. Sleeve1stFitNext

        I just miss my gym. I am like, can yall be open on weekends?

    • Shells_Almost_There

      The week 3 stall is no fun! Come on!!! 
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      1. This update has no replies.
    • Sleeve1stFitNext

      Gave my back sweat a smiley face 😊. Isn’t she adorable? Her name is Sweatie. Lol, I am annoying. Lol
      I got back down to 189.6 lbs. I have increased my cardio with weight lifting, as well as consistently worked on my Abs. 

      · 4 replies
      1. Newme17

        Yay for you! Look at all that sweat! That’s me girl...my sweat comes out like rain, and not a light drizzle, downpour!! Lol

        I too am upping my cardio. I’m going to limit my weights to twice a week and do cardio three times. That is, if I make it most everyday.

        Keep at it! Feels so good working out like a beast! Yeah! 💪🏽

      2. Sleeve1stFitNext

        Lol, I use sweet sweat and a neoprene to help me sweat. I honestly have a hard time sweating to it makes my tummy pour down. That's where I hold most of my water and feel bloated.

        Since upping my cardio, the weight has been coming down. I think the key for me is equilibrium lol. That is the the key to everything. Also my diet has equaled out. I have no more than 40g of carbs with 120g of Protein. Limiting the fats a bit to no more than 20g. Also increasing my water intake by another 10 oz getting me up to 74 oz. This has been working and I see and feel the change.

        Yayy for being strong.

      3. Newme17

        Never had an issue of not sweating! Lol. Yes, I’m glad you upped your water intake for using the sweat gear. I’m glad it’s all working out for you too!

        Soooo....weights are on hold. Goodness even holding my phone is hurting. I slipped and fell on a grape at the grocery store! Hahahaha. Lol. It was quite comical. I can even hear the cartoon like noise when I went down. Well I tried catching myself and landed on my left hand. Feels sprained. I had it documented with the store as well, for the just in case. But I think it’ll blow over in a day or two, I hope!!! So, just cardio for me. My doc will be happy about that part...wants me to focus on cardio more. Haha.

        I was a victim but I choose to not stay the victim!!! What a glorious day!!! 😊

        ...some guy ran in to my car yesterday as well. Haha. My house alarm goes off and have to dispatch the police, all at the same time!!!! What chaos...but it’s all good. Funny too.

      4. Sleeve1stFitNext

        I hope your wrist gets better. While I was reading your post, I couldn’t help but imagine the fall and the cartoon sound. I would hold off on weights for a little too.

        Nope there are no victims here. Just strong people reclaiming their lives each and everyday.

        You had such an eventful week. Oh man, someone hit your car, police get called. I am sure you were like what else could possibly happen. Whop Whop!! PoPo knocking at the door. It’s crazy how so much can happen in a short period of time.

        The amazing thing is how we can laugh about the craziness now instead of turn to food.

        Yeah that stuff has my tummy looking like a waterfall when all is said and done.

    • Little Green

      Been feeling pretty bummed all day since it was supposed to be my surgery date. Trying to stay positive and think about the big picture!
      · 5 replies
      1. Newme17

        Ah....I'm sorry! Not to add to your bumming, but I would be too. I try to look at things like this...when the time it comes, it was appointed, like it is supposed to happen then/or not. Does that make sense? I don't believe everything happens for a reason though, to make it even more confusing. LOL But anyhow, it'll come around and when it does, the bummed out original date won't even matter anymore! :) Hang in there hon and be blessed today, okay.

      2. FluffyChix

        Awwww! ((hugs)) I'm so sorry! I totes agree with @Newme17! I would feel the exact same way. It sucks monkey peeps! :( But her advice is sage!!! She's a tricky one! Keep your eye on her! ;)

        I want to add, that the 2 months will fly by. It's so weird. Like Christmas: when we were kids it took FOREVS to come around, and now I'm like, "FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCC*, It's already mid-February. Only 10more months to Christmas." Seriously, where did the last 6 weeks go while I was busy fartin' around?

        Hang in there sweetie. Do something good for yourself today. Prepare a lovely meal. Celebrate you!!!

      3. Creekimp13

        Sorry, Little Green. That stinks.

      4. proudgrammy

        I'm sorry too!! do you have a new date?? bummer, bummer, bummer - the day will come. i can only imagine your pain and sadness:(kathy

      5. Nessy76

        Sorry Little Green, hang in there, your day will come. -_-

    • gilahava

      Tomorrow. It's tomorrow and I am terrified. (I'm also incredibly excited, but right now terrified is winning the day.)
      As of last night, I've lost 12 pounds on the pre-op diet. Literally a pound a day. How does that even happen?
      I'm bummed that we couldn't have a nice Valentine's Day dinner last night. R ate before I got home; I had some tomatoes. 
      I'm afraid of pain. That's mostly it; I'm afraid of pain. And, of course, of something going wrong during surgery. But mostly pain.
      · 1 reply
      1. blizair09

        I can't settle your nerves, no one can, in fact, but, trust me, nothing about it is as bad as you imagine it to be. I was the same way. Wishing you the best! Optimize this tool and your life will change exponentially.

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