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December 2013 Sleever Pounds Lost Log

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I havent posted in a long time! But my



...I dont feel like the weight is coming off as quick as it should. Ive been between 240-245 for the past 3 weeks!! Its getting frustrating, has anyone elses weight loss slowed down tremendously?!

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HW: 314

SW: 278

CW: 187

TPL: 127

TGP: 139

Down 2 pounds this week.

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HW 238

SW 216

CW 156

TPL 82

TGP 88

These numbers reflect my personal goal but my ticker shows my surgeon's goal numbers.

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HW 362

SW 320

CW 238

TPL 124

TGP 132

2 pounds lost this week. I expect this upcoming week to be tougher. Father's Day celebrations today and a week out of town!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!

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HW 304

SW 279

CW 176

TPL 128

TPG 154

sleeved 12/2 no loss this week.

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Hi MnWin and others. Sorry I didn't post last week, it simply slipped my mind. But I'm back today to post some great news! I'm officially in Onederland!!!!! I'm so flipping excited!! So, here are the numbers...

HW 322 (March 2013)

SW 278 (Dec 16,2013)

CW 198.4

TPL 123.6

TGP @25 pounds more (but hopefully my body will keep going)


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HW 375

SW 339

CW 241.8

TPL 97.2 since surgery

133.2 overall

TGP 42.8 out of 140 remaining

Have a great week everyone! Happy Father's Day to all the Dads!

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Finally figured out how to cut and paste on here! (Duh)

I was on vacation with family this week and concerned that it might result in weight gain, but I lost 3 pounds! I am very happy with that.

HW 243 SW 228 CW 175 TPL -68 TPG


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HW: 297

SW: 283.6

CW: 217

TPL: 80

TGP: 150-165.

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So I'm still stuck at 172.6 but I'm losing inches because my size 12's are getting a little baggy. I'm wearing cuter clothes now. Why was I always so scared of colors??

HW 249

SW 222

CW 172.6

TPL 76.4 lost

TPG 124

47.6 pounds to go till I hit my goal of 125 lbs (I'm 5'1)

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Thanks everyone for following the new format...it is making it MUCH easier for me to record these...AND I see that some of the goal for how much you want to lose has changed for some folks, so it makes the spreadsheet much more accurate!

Keep up the great posts. I'll be sending out the numbers tomorrow!

HW - 280.3

SW - 256.3

CW - 191.4

TPL - 88.9 (so close)

TPG - 140

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Hw: 236.8

Sw: 227

Cw: 171...no change, big week, daughter grad from high school n hubby came home from deployment.

TPL: 65.8

TGP: 101.8

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HW: 304 28-OCT-2013

SW: 284 26-DEC-2103

CW: 216.8

TPL: 87.2

TPG: 154

Weight loss since surgery: 67.2

Weight loss from highest weight: 87.2

Past week's change: -1.0

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HW (High Weight) 293 in 2009 SW (Surgery Weight) 237-8 CW (Current Weight) 165.8 TPL (Total Pounds Lost) since SW about 72, since 2009 about 127 TGP (Total Goal Pounds) I originally planned to maintain 175 ish pounds so 118 tgp from highest or 63 tpg from SW. Been fluctuating between 165ish to 169 past month so I hope this range is my body set level cause I don't want to lose anymore. I'm toning up nicely with the help of my kickass hot yoga sessions, spin classes, moderate jogging and weight training. I am so addicted to the high of exercise theses days, I worked out prior to surgery too and always loved the feel good benefits, but I'm just so fully committed these days cause I don't want this surgery to be in vain. I want to maximize the assistance my sleeve provides me with in maintaining weightloss. Fitness also helps prevent me from smacking ppl, haha! Vsg 121213

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      Hide and Seek? No....   If you have noticed, it’s been a little bit of stretch between posts. It’s not because I am not interested in blogging. I absolutely love sharing my journey with you.   You see, my world has changed! I now exercise every single morning with a 3 to 4-mile walk. I also now meal prep so I don’t fall into old habits.   I am also a bit hooked on closing my Apple Watch Fitness Rings! In fact, I am obsessed with doubling and tripling most of them.   So this does take up a lot of time and by the time you add work into the mix and family time, it becomes a shorter day.   Priorities are in order for me and I could not be happier.   So in the last week, I’ve been hitting goals that I never thought I would be able to hit again. I weigh myself on Sunday’s now. It’s just easier to do before I get dressed for church. It just feels good. I refuse to constantly get on the scale when I see everyday victories. Like getting back into clothes I never thought I could, or taking the time to just breathe and be grateful for the blessings I have in my life right now.   Continued on www.SabrinaGoddess.com
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      I close my Apple Watch rings daily and about 4 to 6 days a week I double or triple them!

      I have been released to have all foods. When I reintroduce some I need to start at 1 ounce to see how “Tiny Tummy” likes it!

      I am not reintroducing sugars, coffee or junk! I did not pay close to $13,000 to fail! .

      I went to get follow up bloodwork done this week and my numbers are all in the perfect range! .

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