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The gas was the worst part for me.. After it passed and my drain tube was taken out at a week post op I felt WONDERFUL!! No pain I even went off my pain meds at 3 days post op "gas went away" Everyone is different so although some may say they had no pain others may say it hurt really bad. Your body is your body how high is your pain tolerence? I to had a kids natural and it was nothing like that pain..

Second day home after surgery- its not so much the pain pain as the all over yuck feeling... little pains, bloating, nausia, weird drug feelings, chapped lips, all the injection sites.. they all add up. But the gas and just getting used to the new situation is unnerving. I think the lovinox helps with the pain, but gives me strange "thoughts" and day dreams I don't like this at all. And my hands are cold. I know it will get better... just trying to keep up on drugs and Water and walking...

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