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Any Drs in Louisiana used and Cost??

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I was considering Dr.Borland bc I'll be paying out of pocket. Does anyone have pictures of the scars from after his surgeries. There is so many different types or ways to do a gastric sleeve. From only 1 incision to 6; the mm being 12mm - 5mm. I'm nervous bc I dont want huge scars. The google results for 'gastric sleeve scars' is so varied. Some you can barely tell others, look like deep indents. On the surgeon's sites I've looked at in Louisiana none of them say how many incisions or size of sites. That would make huge difference in which one I choose.

My other problem is my BMI is 36-37 on average. I do suffer from severe depression & carpenter's knees but I'm concerned, I will get turned down for the surgery. I know Mexico, my BMI only has to be 30. Do you guys know of any doctors that aren't trying to shove "diet more, exercise more" , "we cant do surgery till your BMI is over 40"?

I dont do strenuous exercise but I've been walking & do dance 3-5x a week. I took vyvanse but it didnt help me loose weight, but did help me portion better. I've been on it 2yrs & stayed the same weight. I was prescribed Orlistat but didnt loose enough weight to continue on with the side effects. I also meal prep & dont allow processed food & carbs in the house. I'm always on the verge of tears bc I dont understand why I cant loose weight. When people who stop drinking soda loose 50lbs (btw I dont allow soda in the house) . I dont know what I'm doing wrong. Or if it's my birth control, metabolism or anti depressants. I'm stuck with the birth control bc it helps my hormones. & I'd rather be overweight than feel, how I feel without my medication bc I'm suicidal without them. Any advice or information would be appreciated

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