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Caloric Intake and Working Out

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Hey guys,

In need of some suggestions. My total caloric intake is between 800-900 cals/day. I have a rigorous workout schedule four nights/week. Monday & Tuesday: Cycling Wednesday & Thursday: Zumba. I aso walk the days I don't do my classes just to slow it down a bit. I burn at least 600 calories in each workout class because I am moving at a fast pace. That is what my fitness pal says anyway.

Does anyone see a problem with by the end of the day having burned more calories than taken in? Or even taken in only 100 calories/day due to my rigid workout schedule? I need some feedback, I don't see my dietician for two weeks!


Xo Alexa

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I see bandsters comment often that they're caloric intake is very low but they don't lose weight. I'd be careful that your body doesn't go into a starvation mode and your metabolism slows down so much you're losing very little.

Here's one from just a few hours ago: http://www.lapbandtalk.com/topic/164823-depressed/

I would recommend kicking it up to 1000-1200 to evade slowing down your metabolism. Mix it up too. Maybe 1200/day for a week and when your body's metabolism increases, hit it with 800 again. Good luck.


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+ 1 on what TMF said.

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.....but you need a heart rate monitor to track calories burned. Most site/machines are wwwaaaay off. I am do Zumba 400 spin 500 for example......

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Loosing weight...BURNING FAT...is all about burning more calories than you consume....always has been, always will be...every diet plan under the sun is designed to get to you to eat less and exercise more...however the gimmick....surgery happens to be what worked for me to eat less.....other people find dieting and hard work works best for them....just like on TV....

We also need energy and our metabolism running ......

1lb of fat = 3500 calories

To burn 1 lb of fat (weight) per week, you would need to burn 500 calories per day MORE than you consume...

So, if you consume 1000 calories per day, to loose that 1 lb, you would need to burn 1500 calories that day also......

Speaking for myself and myself only...I do not count calories...one of the most liberating things that ever happened to me on this weight loss journey is letting go of all that and just start living and listening to the band.....I do not play into the starvation mode so easily...makes perfect sense on paper for people of normal weight but not for people who have enough energy stored away as excess fat to last for months....

I always workout first thing in the morning....as early as 5am...ALWAYS on an empty stomach...will have a shot of Protein and Vitamins though, not to mention my 2 cups of coffee every morning....

my thinking is that if I am going to run 5 miles, I want my body to burn the stored fat I have for fuel source rather than what I just ate, saving that saved fuel for some other day...like being on Gilligan's Island or something....

After my workout I have a high Protein, low calories smoothie as a recovery....replenishes and satisfies.....

Even now that I am at a normal weight and no body fat to loose, I still do not like to eat before working out....just the protein and vitamins....

If we needed to eat more to loose more, then none of us would be fat!! (I just like saying that)

Again...I am simply stating what has been working for me and made my journey successful and complete...other people will have their own stories to share on what has worked for them....(not what they think is correct)

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I truly do nt believe that sort of calorie burn for Zumba, some of those sites are waaaay off.

Everything you read, for example, says spinning is a huge calorie burner. I run and m fit and I spin on heavy gears, sweat buckets and work so hard I see stars in some sections yet my HRM and the bike computer agree 300ish calories. Sheesh. I I believed what I read I'd assume I burned 700 or so, especially since I burn 400 in a half hour run and it feels way easier. I know I'm 140lb, not 340 but still.

If the ate what I though I burned, I'd be in trouble!

But food wise go by what you feel. Eat to satisfy hungry. Myself, I can't work out like I do without carbs - bread cereals and Pasta make up half of my diet. We're all different.

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A good HRM is worth it's weight in gold when it comes to tracking your exercise, not only does a GOOD one give you a much better estimate of actual calories burned, it allows you to see how hard you are actually working. I use it in hiking and biking to compare performance over the same course, as I become more fit then my body doesn't work as hard to accomplish the same work. My wife kids me that if I don't have my Garmin Forerunner on then as far as I am concerned I didn't really exercise.

Look at the Polar and Garmin models.

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