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  1. Totally agree! They actually just came out with a new shake called IsaLean Pro which is a mix of the IsaLean shakes and IsaPro shakes. They are sooo awesome and satisfying with more protein less sugar. There is NO better protein to be putting in your body AT ALL! I've done researcj for three years! Look at my results, they don't lie! I give all the credit to Isagenix for the health transformation internally and the energy it gives me!
  2. The protein shakes are the only thing like them on the market. They are 35 grams of UNDENATURED GRADE 7 protein from GRASS-FED cows in New Zealand that are free range, with no hormones or antibiotics injected. They have a patent on a lIVE ENZYME which helps with the absorbtion of protein. Most if not all protein powders on the market have around a 60% absorption rate of protein while Isagenix has 99%. That means the protein you are drinking is most-likely not all getting absorbed. Know your product that you are putting in your system. I was SOOOOOO uneducated during my lapband process on good quality nutritional supplements. I now devote my life to educating others and getting this amazing stuff in them! I would love to help all you. I have had AMAZING weight loss and fitness success since Isagenix and my surgery. I wouldnt have gotten there faster if I was doing Isagenix from the start.
  3. MrsShannonDennis

    Coffee Question!

    The antioxidants in coffee are great for you! Black coffee is best for nutritional reasons. The caffine can affect your weight loss so keep it as minimal as possible.
  4. MrsShannonDennis

    Post Op Photos!

    Random post-op photos at different time, check dates
  5. Hey guys, So I have almost 3 years out on my lapband surgery. I lost 120 lbs and have been keeping most of it off. I started gaining some back and became fustrusted and a friend turned me on to Isagenix. OH MY GOSH!!!! I have having better results with using Isagenix then I EVER DID IN 3 YEARS OF PROTEIN SHAKES AND DIETING. The key is nutritional cleansing and rebalancing. I have NEVER had this much energy and the weight is still coming off after 3 years!!! I would love to share more info with you. Message me for details. Seriously it is a life changer for us lapband people who need protein shakes and good clean eating, organic nutrition!
  6. MrsShannonDennis

    Shoulder pain

    Elfie- My doc said the same thing about the band rubbing the diaphram. He actually said it was the tubing from the port to the band that was doing it.
  7. MrsShannonDennis

    Shoulder pain

    NO NO! Please dont get too scared. I have 15 months post op and have dealt with shoulder pain most the time. The first 6 months mainly. Its gas pains that all. I now get the pains super bad if I drink through a straw, chew gum or sit too long (over an hour). I have every test under the sun....thats all it is. Ive done tons of research on it trust me. After any laposcopic surgery, gas likes to stay in the shoulder. Dont do anything that will cause you to suck up air... (things I listed above)
  8. So I asked about this prior to surgery but I want to hear from someone who actually went through it. What was the process you went through reguarding your band when you got pregnant? Take out all fluid? Then Were there any complications? Did it affect it at all? I feel my port really bad now, could you see it or how did that work with your belly? Also, did you have a natural birth and if you were you scared the pushing would do something to your band? Also, did you again a lot of your weight back annd how did that make you feel? Were you able to get filled back up right after your baby was born or did you have to wait? Were you able to lose the weight fast due to having the band? Im a couple years away from starting a family but I am still thinking a lot about this.
  9. I feel it all time time...usually only when I am stuck and it finally passes or I forgot to chew super well. There are random times where I can feel it all...Its weird
  10. MrsShannonDennis

    Extreme Nausea

    I get really dizzy from 3 things: low hydration, low carbs (energy), or low calories. I am almost possitive it is one of these of the combo of a couple. I am 14 months post op and I got through dizziness a lot
  11. Totally agree. I mean I have gotten 100s of anwsers to questions from people on here but if I have learned one thing, its that not every rule oof thumb applies to every bandster. Everyone has different experiences and preferences. I take everything with a gain of salt and take it to my doctor. Most things I take for face value and use it but nothing of big concern.
  12. MrsShannonDennis

    port placement options

    I know my surgeon offers a flatter port to put in. He said its only a little thinner but my port sticks out so bad and hurts to lay on my stomach. Its an easy surgery where they just open the port scar and unplug the port, put the new one in, sew it into place, and all done!
  13. MrsShannonDennis

    Excess Skin fears!

    I agree with what was previously said. AGE is a huge factor. Im pretty young, 25, and my skin has done AMAZING!! With that said, I know its also because I work out a ton and do a lot of TONING. Toning is the key to shaping. You need it. If all you do it cardio, you will lose the fat but be saggy. You need to do a combo of both to ensure tightening. It has been amazing for me. Only problem areas I have had are my arms (which my trainer said is the hardest to get rid of skin) and my boobs. I will need to get a boob job or lift. The skin is pulling. Hope this helps!
  14. MrsShannonDennis

    daily vitamin

    There are TONS of adult gummy chewables now. I LOVE them! I take 5 different ones/ Only prob is with gummies they add sugar, carbs and some calories. They are not much but they add up if youre taking as many as I am.
  15. MrsShannonDennis

    Self-pay panic!!

    It was an easy decision for me, prob too easy. I am only 25 and already in debt so this added almost 15000 more in debt. To me I was miserable and unhealthy and felt like I had no other option at this point after all I have already tried. From day one I felt confident about my choice. I dont think i EVER doubted it cause I knew it was going to be work and I knew it wasnt going to happen over night. I am now 13 months post op down 80 lbs from a size 22 to a 12. I am super fit and toned now. Im only 28% body fat now before I was 53%. Its just the best thing ever and worth every penny of debt!

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