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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to peteyrulz in June Sleevers!   
    On average I consume anywhere between 500-800 cals/day. And I'm STUFFED!! I find that drinking a lot of Water is part of the weightloss key for me. I try to keep carbs < 40 & Protein around 60-70. I am loving my sleeve!
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to laguerr13 in June Sleevers!   
    My understanding was as long as it wasn't crunchy or hard, so yeah, and don't think it's that great, after I was 2/3s into meal I started hiccuping, which told me I was full, after almost 4 weeks of liquids and Soups I really wanted that portion of steak, but I'm realistic now and I let my stomach rule and not my head, my head goes back to my upbringing and says things like "your wasting food" " clean your plate" " you didn't like my food? " Etc. so when I eat rule no. 1 is that I'm fault vigilant about my meal, by using my sleeve, and body, and soon my brain will catch up, it's easy if you realize where it all started, you can do this, we are all stronger than we think until we see ourselves making achievements over and over!!!!
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to Shustar in Loss first month   
    OK! I just have to say it! I am jealous. I know all the right things, we all lose at our own rate, it is not a race, you cant't eat 600 calories a day and not lose, etc. Yada, yada, yada! I went from 202 to 193 on my 2 week pre-diet and have gone from 193 to 185 post sleeve and have lost nothing for a week. If this were just another diet I would probably say F it and invite hubby out to dinner tonight. I chose to create a permanent tool so that this irrational thinking would have to be faced head on. I am committed to my personal health and progress so will continue on and find my sense of humor because I am going to get there!
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to mykdzmom in Impatiently waiting...June sleevers?   
    Congratulations to all you June sleevers! Looks like I wilk be a summer sleever
    My cardiologist made me get a heart cath which I finished yesterday and he says I am clear for surgery.
    @mclorie I am so excited you have your date. I will be behind you shortly.
    All the best for the June sleevers!
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to laguerr13 in June Sleevers!   
    I was sleeved on June 10th and couldn't be happier, I started at 388lbs in January and at my first Dr's appt was at 262.2, on my surgery was at 349, today is my follow up and I've been following everything I am supposed to, and at the Gym 3x a week, so I'm hoping I'm at somewhere between 320-330, that would be 55-60 lbs total lost since I began my journey, I am using milestones and not so much the scale, it was definitely a boost to have lost 6 waist sizes so far,for those looking to do this I say, just make sure your heart and mind are into too, and the rest is just working at it, also make long term goals and change your dietary habits, this is ehT helps you maintain, and it is true, use this as a tool and not a quick fix!
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to shugarhey in June Sleevers!   
    My day is tomorrow!!!!!! Who else is going in? We are about ready to close June out :-) talk to everyone soon!
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to meowmers in Overnight Bag   
    Makeup remover? You will have no energy to put on makeup! I packed a bag but only ended up using my toothbrush and hairbrush. Bring a change of clothes to leave in.
    I stayed in my gowns the whole time, commando - underwear bands may rub up on your incisions, same with the underwire of a bra when sitting up.
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to Recycled in Overnight Bag   
    I usually chuckle when I see these type of posts..... They should be in the powder Room. Men and women just do things differently...And that's OK.....that's the way it should be.
    From a guy point of view.....which I'm sure the OP really isn't interested in.......I came to the hospital the day of surgery with shorts and T shirt on, wearing flip flops.....and that's it. No bag, no wallet, keys, no jewelry, no nothing. Put the clothes in their plastic bag before surgery and then put them back on in the room after surgery. (Makes walking the halls after surgery a little more dignified). Then wore them home two days later.
    But then, that guys....we're just that way......
    PS. Besides, for what it was costing......I treated it like a hotel.....if I needed something I just asked for it like room service. Everything was just fine.
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to Squeak1867 in Overnight Bag   
    I was too doped up to use any of my gadgets, however, a pillow for the ride home would have been nice-lots of pain????
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    ANewBeginning15 got a reaction from Seahawkgirl in Impatiently waiting...June sleevers?   
    Tomorrow is the big day for me. The nerves are definitely there. But glad the wait is almost over. I'm checking in at 9:30am. Oh my goodness. Is anyone else going in tomorrow?
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to momfromjersey22 in Before And After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Photos   
    Before surgery 4/20 and current pic

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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to Riz2006 in Before And After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Photos   
    Down 96lbs. Surgery was March 10th
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to BiggirlOK in Frustrated   
    What worked for me was about 10 hours of sleep !!!!!! I also had to cry it out !!!!!! I felt much better after !!!
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to NoMoreWeightNJ in Loss first month   
    I weighed 231 at the time of my surgery and I'm 213 5 weeks out now so I've lost a total of 18lbs since surgery. I had lost 19 on my post op diet so total loss is 37lbs.
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to MisforMimi in Unprepared for this complication   
    Wow. I am truly sorry to here about what you are going through as well as your family and medical team.
    And I'm depositing this thought here because I know people who are pre op read about complications to know about possible eventualities. We are all deciding about the gravity of the decisions we are making and I just feel that something my surgeon said to me is relevant here and I've said it before.
    My surgeon specializes in laparoscopic procedures, works at a Center of Excellence and lots of uncomplicated procedures under her belt.
    You had mentioned that being short may have contributed to some of the complications but also there is an element of statistics here too. We all know that there is that 1-2% severe complication rate and some of this is drawing the short straw and this does not make it any less horrible.
    My surgeon said if you lined up a group of bariatric surgeons and asked if they would choose to fix bypass complications and sleeve complications, she said hands down they would choose the bypass because the surgery had been around long enough and most surgeons were more versed at fixing complications associated with the bypass. And sleeve surgeons would have have their hands planted in their palms. She said that most surgeons are not well versed in fixing complications with sleeve simply because they don't have the volume of experience under their belt.
    We all owe you a huge thank you because maybe in your experience bariatricians will learn something that will save someone from having to go through this down the line. Maybe there is something simple and effective that they will learn or a major contraindication that will eliminate this issue from people ever having this complication again. With the volume of people having procedure, that is becoming a significant number. So, thank you.
    Hang in there. We are all rooting for you!
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to Megdelyn in Frustrated   
    Yes yes and YES!
    The first week or two was very hard. I missed chewing. I missed flavor. I did not sit in the same room with my family while they ate. Which made the food jealousy easier, but it was lonely.
    It's slowly gotten better. I'm 4 weeks out so I can eat some foods. I still don't like to sit and eat with the family, but when I do, it doesn't bother me nearly as much. Partially because I am chewing now, and I can have things with more flavor.
    I did have some pizza with the family the other day. It smelled too good not to pass up. But I could only eat three or four bites. Small bites. And I was done. That was such a shock to me! The desire to stuff my face is still there. I wanted to gobble down that pizza. But I physically could not do it, and that was one of those life changing moments. Made me realize that this really will work.
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to TammyDTM in NSV shout outs   
    So, today we took a lot of Father's Day pictures with the family. For the first time in many many years I did not try to hide behind other people. Looking at the pictures later, I was so glad that I didn't look "fat" to myself in them. However, it made me sad to see the other family members, who I love so dearly, that are now bigger than I am. I used to be the biggest one in the pictures... and now I'm not. But for some reason I do not get any joy from that. I love my family and I want us all to be healthy...
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to Dreamweaver103 in 2 months post-op   
    Why the regrets? You're doing great! Thirty-one pounds in two months is almost four pounds per week. Congratulations. Celebrate your victories!
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to pinkie1 in 2 months post-op   
    Ahh Brenda, I feel for you I really do. I have had the rny and I am losing slowly compared to others on this site, in fact it bummed me out so much that I had to stay of the site for a few days because I felt like a failure.
    I think we are the tortoise and we are in this for the long haul and I believe after bawling my eyes out to my husband last night as he said to me "this is a marathon and you are in it for a long run give it time and do what you know your suppose to do".
    It sucks even more when you think I have been so good I haven't cheated, though I seem to be able to get in more fluids than others, is that the reason for slow weight loss.
    Though I still wish it would come of quicker , I've done everything I can all that is left is to do my exercise eat according to the recommendations and wait... wait...wait oh god the wait....
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to AvaFern in Frustrated   
    I am almost 2 years out and I want to eat food too! Lol, I think everyone feels the way you do when they are at your point in the journey. Time passes and before you know it you will be eating normal food again. I've maintained under my goal for about 3 months now and while for the most part I can eat what I want, I often choose not to simply because I like being skinny marginally more than I like cake...marginally being the key word.
    It's ok to be frustrated and emotional, if we didn't have an emotional challenge with food I don't think most of us would have gotten to the point where we had to have 80% of our stomach cut out.
    Chin up, buttercup...it will get better.
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to seesuzyshrink in Frustrated   
    I, too, am on the 2-week liquid diet. Today is day 6 for me and I am already tired of this. I was getting the heaves on the chicken broth until I decided to add 1 spoonful of cream of chicken to the broth and then liquify it in the blender. What a difference it made! The broth was still as thin as Water but the flavor was more like the cream of chicken Soup. I also am drinking Isopure Icy Orange which has the nastiest after taste. I mixed the Isopure with orange flavored G2 and now it is delicious. Maybe these little tips will help you, too. Hang in there...it will all be worth it!
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to Stevehud in Keep WLS a secret from family and friends...   
    Just remember at some point , you may end up being on the wrong side of these people, no matter what, unintentionally of course. but at some point someone is going to marvel at your weight loss and say, wow you look great, such a great job, how did you do it? or they will say wow great job and you did it without surgery. or as you mentioned hypercritical family members, gossiping, invariably one of them will say " see I told you that you didn't need surgery", and you will have to deal with that side of it as well.
    When it does eventually come out you had surgery, you do face the huge risk of really antagonizing these people from that side. It is a very difficult catch 22 situation. If you don't trust people to behave in an appropriate manner will be as upset that you didn't trust them with the information as well.
    Personally I'll tell everyone and anyone, I am proud of what I have done and anyone dumb enough to confront my choice, will regret it when I give them an earful, Being proactive about my surgery has helped me with a huge number of supporters, and keeps me focused in those tough times.
    Yes, for me encouragement helps.
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to Eli Alexander in January Sleevers ❄️   
    Hi everyone, I love checking in and hearing about all the progress.
    I have some good news, yesterday I got on the scale and including the 27lbs I lost pre-surgery, I have now lost 100lbs. Down from 310 at my heaviest (11/26/2014) to 283 at my surgery (1/20/2015) to 210lbs now. I am thrilled and so proud of myself. I'm tearing up just typing this. Anyway, keep up the great effort, we all go at a different pace but it seems like everyone here is making progress.
    30lbs to go till my goal ????
    My heaviest


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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to WontonAnimalChIndo in Substance Abuse After Surgery?   
    I've read that it happens with some people, drugs, alcohol, sex, cigarettes. I think it is called "addiction transfer", since you can't over eat any more you switch to something else.
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    ANewBeginning15 reacted to coletha in New journey   
    Hey guys, I went for my first initial consultation yesterday. I have booked all of my appointments and my Doctor said I should be looking at the end of September early October for surgery. I'm sooo excited