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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from caroline2 in Probably gonna tick some people off.......lol   
    Pjackson..I understood your message quite well.. I am surely not offended because I know what the "all or nothing mentality" does to someone who cannot enjoy one cookie and binges cause they were not " perfect " with their eating protocol. This " all or nothing attitude " is not sustainable..
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from caroline2 in Probably gonna tick some people off.......lol   
    Pjackson..I understood your message quite well.. I am surely not offended because I know what the "all or nothing mentality" does to someone who cannot enjoy one cookie and binges cause they were not " perfect " with their eating protocol. This " all or nothing attitude " is not sustainable..
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from Mid West in Please guys, I need your help ... How big is our new pouch supposed to be?   
    Stomach size that will hold 2-3 oz of food. 1/4 cup. Which is not much.
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from Beach Lover in Need help..........What did you do with all of your clothes that are to big!   
    Will give mine to the ladies who clean my home. They can use it for themselves, give it to their friends, or they can sell to make money, whatever they wish. Love to give things to the ladies who week end and week out come to my service to clean my house without ever complaining ...who r trustworthy and dependable. Pay it forward is my motto.
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    Carlotta1 reacted to Laura V in TMI but...   
    So basically your shitting bricks???
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    Carlotta1 reacted to piercedqt78 in Pant size   
    I'm in a size 8 in most brands, but I have 2 pair of size 4's that fit in one brand. I joke that I only buy that brand because I can fit into a 4.
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    Carlotta1 reacted to Madelyne Bonthron in my story   
    Well i had my surgery Nov 19 2013. I had tried so many times to lose weight and i gain it all back. So the last straw was when i lost 40 lbs dieting and gain all back plus more with health problems. I had plus 3 pitting edema and heart would feel like it wanted to jump out of chest. Doctors told me losing weight was good but gaining it back put to much strain on my heart. So this surgery gave me second chance and to feel alive again. I am only 32 yrs old with 5 awesome kids and hubby. Now i feel like i have so much more energy to play with them. Also now i will be around for them. So thankful for this life saving second chance...
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from Texasmeg in December 2013 Sleevers   
    Hi dec sleevers. Am 14 days out. Feeling pretty good. Having trouble with puréed foods at time.s. But everything's else is great. Had terrible acid in my throat and stomach yesterday.. But it went away. Funny how i can tolerate some foods and some not.. Even though they r pureed. Lost 15 pounds since surgery. Which I am happy about. In the weeks/ months to come, I rather lose slower than too fast.feel that I can make lasting lifestyle changes that way. Hope all the dec sleevers who had the surgery are doing good. For those who will be having surgery in the remainder of dec 2013 ..don't be fearful..all will work out.
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from onedaycloser in Peanut butter ok?   
    I had a teaspoon of pb on two soft crackers with light jelly. It went down well. It was on my food protocol. .. Check to see if u can a couple of soft crackers
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from Robert Angel in My 26th Bday   
    Don't they make low cal drink now...? Fake a nice drink. It is not the liquor ..it is meeting and greeting. Don't give the power to alcohol. It is not worth it. The purpose of the evening is to socialize with people.
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    Carlotta1 reacted to Texasmeg in December 2013 Sleevers   
    I thought it would be in January - but I was just scheduled with Dr. Cribbins for Dec. 31 in Plano, TX. I start the pre-op diet in a few days. It will be a happy New Year!
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    Carlotta1 reacted to medicyn in December 2013 Sleevers   
    I just became one of you guys! Surgery was moved from Jan 8 to Dec 31st. No time for a final binge, had to start the liquid diet immediately. The drs office was worried about a liquid diet over Christmas but it seems to me to be a tiny sacrifice in all of this. I can not wait!
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    Carlotta1 reacted to raerae1214 in December 2013 Sleevers   
    I just got approved today and my surgery is 12-30....I literally thought this day would never come...so freaking happy right now!
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    Carlotta1 reacted to LipstickLady in I see a lot of "What We are Doing BAD this Holiday Season". What are you doing GOOD?   
    This is my first holiday season post op and at only seven months out, not quite at VET status yet, so MUCH easier for me than some of you, but I would like to know what you are doing GOOD!

    I have baked about 15 dozen Cookies and only indulged in one or two of each kind. I am making mini Cookies, so my indulgence is there, but nothing diet crushing. I am sending out most of cookies but what I am making to keep for guests are being wrapped and ready to go home with them istead of being out on the counter as a free for all.

    For my holiday meal contributions, I am concentrating on high Protein, low carb things like quiche, (turkey) sausage balls, cheese crisps and veggies. I am making things I love, but also foods that are high in flavor without the bread that I would have cooked in years past.

    I am making foods that I know that I can eat and that are healthier for my family. I feel very fortunate that I am not "mourning" foods nor do I feel guilt in not making "traditional" foods that we have always enjoyed and it amazes me that no one misses the 3-5 kinds of breads, biscuits, potatoes, stuffing, etc. that I usually make and instead are enjoying the new recipes that I am trying.

    I know that as I get to closer to goal and can tolerate more foods than I could a few months ago so I am getting my family into the habit of eating more healthfully. As the mom and food provider of the family, it is up to me not only to feed myself more mindfully, but my two teenage girls and my husband as well.

    We are also planning trips to our gym daily, walks with our pup, ways we can get out of our house (and therefore the kitchen) and do fun things together that are much more fun and healthy than eating. I am not a religious person, and I have come to the realization that our habit has been that of consumption, something that I am not proud of. I realize now that I am the one who is responsible for guiding my family towards a more healthy lifestyle and it is up to me to make sure they learn that food does not have to be the definition of love but that togetherness does.

    This year I am not stressed about what I am cooking and how much "joy" I can produce on a plate. Instead, it's about playing a game, walking the mall, preparing for a race, walking, talking, being together and not necessarily around the table.

    How awesome is that??

    What are YOU doing good for you and your family?? Food is love for many of us. How are you choosing to express love in in place of food this year?
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    Carlotta1 reacted to ProudGrammy in Who Are You?   
    hi fellow sleeversi'
    my name is kathy. i am happily married 58 yr. young grandmother of the 3 cutest grandkids. I am not being biased, just stating the truth i have one married daughter and a great son-in-law.
    I took an early retirement at 53, due to the fact that i had broken my femur and 2 knee replacements within a very short time.
    I was born in Budapest, Hungary - and came to the U.S. during the '56 revolution with my 4 yr. old sister, and my parents. I have 3 sisters, and 1 brother,
    I am also a proud breast cancer survivor going on 12 years.
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from SandeeD in Lovenox....YIKES!   
    Yes it is.. I never gave myself a shot...but the needle is so tiny thin that u won't feel much. You just pinch some skin/fat around the belly and inject. You will alternate sides from one day to another, left and right, . I think I had 14 shots to give myself. No prob what so ever. foe per day.
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    Carlotta1 reacted to Momonanomo in Why did u choose sleeve not the band ?   
    When I first considered wls, I didnt want bypass because of the rerouting of the intestines and because it leaves the entire stomach in you - called a blind stomach. I did not want the band because I didn't want something foreign inside of me...and still the entire stomach is there. I lived another 5 years obese and then I heard about the sleeve. The more I researched it, the more I knew it was the answer for me. When I learned about grehlin, the hunger hormone that is produced in the lining of the fundus ( the stretchy part of the stomach ), I realized that I probably over produce it. I am not an emotional eater - I just honestly was hungr ALL THE TIME. So when I learned the sleeve addresses this by removing the majority of the fundus, thereby reducing grehlin, well that sealed the deal for me. Now, 7 months post op and 92 lbs down, I feel like I have a normal appetite that is easily satiated. I am mindful of eating nutritiously and I feel healthy. I coild eat whatever I want to now, but just because I can doesnt mean I should, as they say
    It may sound funny, but of all the wls options, I feel like the sleeve is the most natural. Everythign still functions the same way in the digestive system, there is nothing foreign inside me, I have the same parts Ive always had, just my stomach is smaller, less stretchy, and produces less grehlin.
    Love it!
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    Carlotta1 reacted to McButterpants in Not sure if i made the best decision   
    Hang in there - I had serious buyer's remorse the first couple of days, too and wondered if I made the right decision. Once I started feeling better, my mind started to follow.
    Focus on getting in your Water - sip, sip, sip. Know that you're probably not going to get in your minimums for a while, just do the best you can. Walking helped make me feel better and helped get rid of the gas in my abdomen.
    Best of luck to you - it will get better.
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from EarthyGoalie in My mom is scaring me!   
    Talk to her honestly about how u feel. You see her destructive behavior ...you love her and want to help. You know I felt like your mom.. That unless I had the sleeve I would be doomed to have a BMI of over 40 the rest of my life. Your mom, bless her heart, (even though she is not morbidly obese , over 40 BMI..).struggles just like someone who is larger than her. I am sure she feels stuck..why don't u and your mom talk to your doc that performed the surgery any see whAt he says. He may influence her in understanding that she is not the best candidate for this type of surgery....I understand how she feels and what u are going through. My daughters went through the same experience as u did with your mom.
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from planetheather in Post-op Diet Solids   
    I tablespoon equals to one ounce, At this point my doc and nut says I should get 4 oz of high protein/ low carb/low fat meals. That is what I read in the instructions written in my binder of what I will expect when I complete the soft diet.
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from Jdub in Off my meds!   
    So happy for u..,I can imagine what that feels. I did not have diabetes going into surgery. However, the thought that I may get diabetes if I don't control my weight is why I'm on this site ...and hence did the surgery. U just bought years on your life. I had a brother in law who had the big D and saw what it did to him. Kidney transfer, amputation, eye laser surgery.. And finally heart failure.
    What a weight loss in such a quick time. Keep up the good work.
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from chefcoll in Thinking of food too much..11 days post op. Help help help   
    Omg .,i am having a tough time right now with food. I am craving salty foods..like a good tamale. At night I have dreams of food..and I think of the food during the day I cannot have. I know it is most head. I was a sugarholic before my surgery. Now all I want is a good salty meal. Also, the reality that I can eat only 2-3 ounces of food at a time is blowing my mind. Now, I knew this before going into surgery how life would be...but the reality is different than just hearing about it. Will these feelings go away.. Is this what u call the grieving process, HELP.. What is going on with me. I was not expecting this so soon after surgery (11 days post op) .
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    Carlotta1 reacted to AshleyMidwife in Thinking of food too much..11 days post op. Help help help   
    I feel your pain. 10 days postop and I had a mini melt down yesterday because I feel dehydrated and I just want to eat food without feeling like its stuck in my esophagus! I miss normal food! And then I reigned it in and remembered why I did this. And I remember all the stories or read on here about how things get easier and food is easier to eat over time. And I remember where I want to be, how I want to feel, how I want to look, and that my god I am not even 2 weeks out yet! Take a deep breath, drink some chicken broth (might help with the salt cravings) and relax. It'll get easier. We can do this!!
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from sophiepants in Got naked, nobody died of shame...   
    I would to see more open communication about the real stuff we r dealing in our lives with pre and post op ..this post hit the naili. A naked truth of our fears and the victories we overcome by taken care of ourselves.. Loved, loved, loved the post indigo.
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    Carlotta1 reacted to savannalila1 in August 15, 2013 Sleever and progress   
    First u look amazing..congrats..second I was sleeved on August 12...it was the best decision ever. I agree with it being hard to find time to work out..I have two jobs..two kids..and the list goes on. I also work out at my work station lol..it helps me wake up.I'm always on the move with cleaning and with life. I find that I'm so much happier these days. I play with the kids more and more. I started in a size 20 now I'm a 12. I don't like to tell people because the sleeve is a tool and it just helped me figure out that eating healthy makes me happy. I choose to not eat like I did..we can still put sliders in our body but it's the best feeling waking up that I had been in control of my life again. The worst thing is that I'm so constipated all the time.I go once a week but that's with a laxative. Ok so don't get me wrong I do eat and drink some of my old favorites like wine and pizza..but I enjoy it that much more..it's a treat. My goal is to be 130 @ my cousins wedding this may. I started at 261 and now I'm 190. I keep telling myself one day at a time.

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