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  1. Carlotta1

    Recent pic

    You look great ..congrats....I am sure you are feeling great as well. As an RN..you know what excess weight does to our body. Congrats on getting healthier.
  2. I agree .. I will be considered overweight by 15 pounds when I reach MY goal weight of 150.
  3. Not required to do a diet prior to surgery. However, I did lose 10 pounds right before my surgery.
  4. It is only natural to feel apprehensive, experience fear and anxiety with any surgery. I think for me the biggest fear was anesthesia. Keep yourself busy..watch a good movie. THINK POSITIVE. Concentrate on the goodness that will result from having the surgery. Be prayful ..Ask your higher power for serenity. Before you know it ..The surgery will be over. P.S. I did ask for a relaxer when I got to the hospital..also antinausea patch since I usually throw up after anesthesia. It will be all good. Blessings and a speedy recovery on your way
  5. since you are just had surgery.. It would be hard to get your protein requirement through regular eating. I do like the protein soups. New Direction has great soup. Ask the hospital where you had surgery if they sell high protein soups. Quick Weight Loss and Medifast sells high protein soups also.
  6. My husband was supportive..but in reality I needed little help from him after surgery since I had everything prepared. However, my husband helps me in the way that he does not bring non nutritious foods into our home. Especially ice cream which is my red light food. Another change he made is not eating out as much. We have cut down eating out so much. Maybe twice a month now. That was a big deal for my husband who loves to eat out. I cook more often for both of us. Another issue is you getting more attractive as you lose your weight. He may need reassurance from you .. It is all good.
  7. Carlotta1

    Had surgery on monday

    Prayerful thoughts your way. Let us know how you are doing, get plenty of rest..
  8. Carlotta1

    7 months 26 days Post-op

    Congrats on your success!!! You look marvelous.
  9. Carlotta1

    9 month follow up

    Congrats.....!!!!!!!!!!!! You did it. How does it feel to reach goal.
  10. Carlotta1

    3-Month Follow-Up Results

    Congrats on your success thus far. It may help to see a nutritionist and a psychologist along the way of your weight loss so that you can resolve some of your fears of not getting to your goal or gaining your weight back. I have to deal what causes my head hunger and head hunger so that I can deal with eating in a rational way. It really helps to sound off to someone who can help you become aware of why we turned to food in the first place. I starting seeing a nut and a psych two months before my. Surgery and still do ..I am 5 months post op.
  11. Carlotta1

    Fruit question.

    Usually two fruits a day. Most of the time I add this to my shake. Pineapple, banana, strawberry, peach, pear, ...watermelon. Watch your portion.. 1/2 banana is one serving. 1/2 cup pineapple that I add to my cottage cheese is also 1 fruit serving. Watermelon is very high in sugar. Z1 limit myself to one cup.
  12. Carlotta1

    So sad. worked so hard

    I understand your disappointment. I have been on this path for years and years of yo- yo ing. Don't despair. There is hope with the gastric sleeve tool. The past is the past..so look forward. Start looking at what cues make you go to food. Head hunger is real and you will have to face this demon even after the surgery. The more we know why we go to food.. The better chance we have to combat it. .
  13. It will get easier in time with cravings. Stick to your eating protocol..cravings will be minimal.. But watch for head hunger ...check with your stomach to see if u r really hungry.
  14. Carlotta1

    Sharing some thoughts..

    I bought a majic bullet for 99 dollars at Macy's. .. Wow what a bargain $35 .. Yes I had the same realization that eating has changed for me. More aware of head vs emotional hunger....my stomach is now working in my favor. I had not had the "full" feeling for years..so matter how much is the. Such a nice feeling. I now have a good relationship between my head and my stomach. I listen to my stomach when I eat and stop eating when I feel my stomach when it is time to stop.
  15. Carlotta1

    becoming a health coach/personal trainer

    Search the internet and see what the going rate is. You may want to start a little lower tho get more clients..and they may want their friends to you. I see a psychologist who specializes in this same services that you will provide as far as rmotional eating ....she charges $142.00 for a 50 minutes session. That is great that you are embarking on this journey to help others. Good luck coming your way.
  16. Carlotta1

    so upset

    Talk with your mom about how important that date is for you and you don't want to postpone your surgery. Ask here to tell her sis that she had an obligation .that was already set.and to find someone else. Wasn't this something she knew before her sister's request ? Stand up for yourself. If your mom won't budge..can u stay say someone else's house. After my surgery, I did not need care from someone. However, my daughter did check on me during the day while my husband was set work. Good luck.
  17. Carlotta1

    16 months and counting...

    Wow.. What snacks accomplishment.. Good for u.
  18. Carlotta1

    Phase 3 - Avocado?

    Yes ..eat it..but not the whole avocado ...it will def put u over your calorie limit for stage 3 ..have 1/4 or 1/2 depending on size of avocado.
  19. Carlotta1

    Almost a year out!

    Looking good. You only have 45 pounds left to lose. You will get there.
  20. Carlotta1

    My introduction to the site

    I have a lot more Energy since my sleeve surgery. I can jog without huffing and puffing. I am Much more active. I was having high blood pressure and high cholesterol because of my weight . I was afraid that I would get diabetes if I did not lose weight. Usually as you get older and remain obese..health issues escalates with age, So you are wise to get things under control now that you are young, best of luck. !!!! Ps..not on any cholesterol or Bp meds anymore .. Not to mention looking good in my size 8 clothes.
  21. Carlotta1

    1 day post op

    I have read posts to that effect that eye sight was blurry right after surgery. Talk to your dr if you are concerned.
  22. Try to eat healthy meals.. Low fat meats, milk, etc. However, I do at times have a meal that is considered higher in fat and calories. And I think it is ok to break the monotony of eating . I don't feel guilty when I eat this type of meal. I just eat a smaller portion. I've learned to undo my all or nothing attitude of eating that got me in trouble all my life. It is great in feeling less guilty.
  23. Carlotta1

    Respect, Kindness and Empathy

    Amen.. I agree with u totally. There is absolutely no room on this site to be disrespectful.
  24. Carlotta1

    Milestone reached today. !

    Thanks to all for my yahoos
  25. Carlotta1

    Tips for a newbie runner

    Correction on my previous post...3 minutes walking then 1 minute jogging..

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