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  1. Walking 6 miles without tiring out. Hiking for 5 hours. More energy. Better health..off of blood pressure meds. Recently taking swimming lessons and swimming almost a mile so far Would like to do a triathalon ...one day. Making a vacation into a healthy one..i.e. eating healthy and hiking..... and I'm over 60. !!!! You are never too old to change. If you want your life to change...you have to make changes to your life. Taking action is the key. I was very reluctant to have the gastric sleeve. I backed out several times. So happy that I had the surgery and made changes in my life.
  2. Carlotta1

    Recent pic

    You look great ..congrats....I am sure you are feeling great as well. As an RN..you know what excess weight does to our body. Congrats on getting healthier.
  3. Keep up the great work. You are doing fantastic. I had the surgery this past December 9 and am 8 pounds from my goal. So, so happy that I got the gastric sleeve.
  4. Congrats on your accomplishments.. 34 pounds in 8 weeks is great. ..my philosophy is do the right thing and the weight loss will follow sooner or later.
  5. Carlotta1


    Are you eating enough protein. 70-90 grams of protein or whatever your dr recommended. Are u eating too many carbs. Is your exercise challenging enough, I see a nutritionist once a month. That helps me to stay focus on eating healthy, also...I see a psychologist twice a month to make sure my mind stays balance .. She specializes in eating issues. These are the things that are helping me. I had my surgery in dec 2013. Had a stall over the summer. Of course I was on vacation most of the summer so my goal was to maintain, which I did. Now that my travels are fine I am back with eating 1200 calories per day editing at least 85 grams of protein. I have lost two pounds since this past Tuesday. I log in everything I put in my mouth. Don't give up ..u have come too far. Sit down..re-evaluate your personal goes , make a plan to achieve these goals. You can do it. !
  6. I agree .. I will be considered overweight by 15 pounds when I reach MY goal weight of 150.
  7. Not required to do a diet prior to surgery. However, I did lose 10 pounds right before my surgery.
  8. It is only natural to feel apprehensive, experience fear and anxiety with any surgery. I think for me the biggest fear was anesthesia. Keep yourself busy..watch a good movie. THINK POSITIVE. Concentrate on the goodness that will result from having the surgery. Be prayful ..Ask your higher power for serenity. Before you know it ..The surgery will be over. P.S. I did ask for a relaxer when I got to the hospital..also antinausea patch since I usually throw up after anesthesia. It will be all good. Blessings and a speedy recovery on your way
  9. since you are just had surgery.. It would be hard to get your protein requirement through regular eating. I do like the protein soups. New Direction has great soup. Ask the hospital where you had surgery if they sell high protein soups. Quick Weight Loss and Medifast sells high protein soups also.
  10. Yes..I would suggest you keep it on till it loosens and falls off by itself. I would say 2-3 weeks.
  11. Carlotta1

    One year anniversary

    Congrats...on your weight loss and more important your marriage to your partner. !!!!
  12. My daughter, who is a CNS , was against my gastric sleeve surgery as well. She was worried about malabsorption of nutrients .. I too her that the gastric sleeve is not the same as having the by pass surgery in relation to malabsorption. Now that I am 5 1/2 months out she sees the change in my energy, my attitude etc. I had to do for myself.
  13. Carlotta1

    Ins requires 3 months office said 6?

    Yes it took me three months from my first dr appt to have my surgery. And I was not required to do a per op diet. Ask your surgeons office if you can do a 3 month diet and have the surgery three months after your first appt.
  14. My husband was supportive..but in reality I needed little help from him after surgery since I had everything prepared. However, my husband helps me in the way that he does not bring non nutritious foods into our home. Especially ice cream which is my red light food. Another change he made is not eating out as much. We have cut down eating out so much. Maybe twice a month now. That was a big deal for my husband who loves to eat out. I cook more often for both of us. Another issue is you getting more attractive as you lose your weight. He may need reassurance from you .. It is all good.
  15. What a transformation to be so proud of.
  16. Carlotta1

    Follow up support

    I had great pre and post op support. If I were you I would insist for answers on questions u have. Go to the doctors office ( don't make an appt ) ...justt show up and have them answer your questions. They got good money for this type of surgery.. They should be responsible for following up. Did you ask if they have support groups at the hospital where you had surgery. You could even contact other hospitals in your area ..they may have post op support groups, they may charge you a nonimal fee since you did not have surgery at their hospital.. Usually $25.00.
  17. Yes my spouse was concerned but he did not have a negative attitude towards it. Just do your part in following what you have to do for yourself to lose your weight. Brush off his negativity or directly tell him that his negativity is not helping you. You had the surgery. So his attitude will not change a thing but upset you. Hope once he sees your progress..he will make turn. Some husbands are fearful knowing the fact that their wives will be more attractive. It would good for u to find out what his motive is. Just so that u cam understand what he is going thru as well.
  18. Now that I am just below bmi of 30..I am on track to lose those 13 pounds. I set my goal weight above the recommended 25 bmi by about 10 pounds. I vow to continue with: Drinking 6-8 glasses of h2o Recording my food in my fitness pal.. Exercising 5 days a week Measuring my foods Getting proper rest Stay away from people who do not have a positive attitude. Check with my stomach to determine if I am head hungry. Deal with my head hunger by determining the cause and taking action to resolve my head hunger. Stop eating when I feel comfortable with what I just ate. So happy with my sleeve.
  19. I don't discuss my surgery except with my daughters and hubby... No one else in the family knows of my surgery. I did not want to hear comments or judgement from others. Next time someone says a comment.. Try not to react. And just change the subject. Don't give that person power to get you angry ...
  20. Carlotta1

    50 lbs down pre-op

    Great job.. You can see a big difference in your before and after pic. Keep plugging along like you are doing. Keep us informed about your progress.
  21. Liquids only for one month after surgery. Wow. That would be hard to do. Yes be creative..ask your doctor about soft foods like lowfat pudding, jello, applesauce. Etc. At least a little to taste regular foods.
  22. Lanadl. Welcome to the Bp support group. Yes I remember that 5 months ago I was in the same situation as you.. Scared and anxious before the surgery. It is certainly normal to feel that way. In the meantime, keep your body and mind busy. Start reading a good book, go to the mall and check out the fashions that you want to get into as you lose weight, enjoy the nice weather that we are having, get your house and supplies ready so that when you come home from surgery you will have at least two weeks of drinks/soft foods readily available. I can say that I have on egrets having the surgery. My hunger pangs have reduced so much, I can't eat like I used to, I don't make food my best friend when I am anxious or tired. After one week of my surgery, I literally was mourning the lost of my best friend. It hit me like a brick wall. But, you know what , ii survived my mourning, feeling so positive and energetic, off of my Bp meds, feeling light on my feet, learned how to swim within the last couple of months by taking lessons, feeling more confident, looking younger.. Dream about how your life will change as you lose your weight. Keep,us posted on your progress.. We are here to help.
  23. Carlotta1

    Five months post op - huge stall

    Start an exercise regime. Start out easy ..walk as far as u can.. Push yourself somewhat as times goes by with your exercise. I was 5 months post op on the 9th. I still don't drink enough water.. So I know I need to step this up. My current eating habit is 800-900 calories per day..80-90 grams of protein, 15 grams fat, 80 grams of carbs, I am 13pounds from my goal weight. Not trying to put too much pressure on myself. One pound a week is ok with. I'll just let my body do its thing. Of course, I do ever so often go over my calorie limit when I go out to eat an enjoyable meal.
  24. What great success lipstick lady. You look amazing. I am 5 months out and I too have so much energy. I did not realize how my weight slowed my life..my energy and my look on life. Again, congrats to you and thanks for posting pics for those who are in the process of obtaining a surgery date and to someone like me that witnesses someone who reached her goal.
  25. Carlotta1

    HELP! Soft food phase diet

    Soft food phase. I was told anything that plops..like applesauce, puddings, whipped potatoes with extra milk, Jello, baby foods, pureed veggies or Proteins that could be mushed . I had lots of difficulty in the third week to eat soft foods. So I went back to liquids till my body could take the "plopped" foods. By week 6 I could eat about anything..chicken, meat, etc

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