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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from Mrs.RRn in 7 month pics   
    You look fit as well.. Great !
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from Jerzygurl in How much did u loose on your first month?   
    Lost 18 pounds the first month. I was in a stall for over two weeks.. My scale finally moved 2 more pounds.. Hurray. Ps increased my food intake and it worked. That is 30 pounds pre and post op.
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from figbart in I Lived Through This Surgery, My Sister Didn't.   
    Oh what a journey you and the family has to go through for years to come. I know what losing a loved one is. I lost my husband and the grief was at times almost unbearable. My Heart goes out to you and your family. It will be a hard holiday season..I promise u , time eases a broken heart. I just want give u a big hug right ne. God bless u and the family.
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from Obsidian in Almost 1 year later...   
    That is ok if u are not ready to post pics. Your story is enough for us. You took the time and gave us "your story" that is so inspirational. You have come such a long way ..in just one year. Be proud of yourself. Seems u r having a more fulfilled life than ever. The additional 100 pounds may take more time and effort.but u have already proven that u can do whatever your mind sets it to do. We are all proud of you. Thanks for sharing ....
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from Dedeo in Surgery date! But scared to death   
    I was scared too.. It is normal to feel that way. Keep your body and mind busy in the meantime. Ps I did ask for a relaxer when I got to the hospital since my doctor was delayed for 2 hours with my surgery.
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from kltklass in Worried and scared, feeling alone   
    Yasmin ..does the hospital that you are planning on having the surgery have monthly meetings( support groups , information meetings, etc) that u can attend for several months so that u can make an informative decision what is best for u. A Center of Excellence hospital usually have plenty of resources. I am sure the is one in within your reach. You deserve to go to the best dr and hospital. So take your time in researching the better dr, hospitals, and after care support systems. This is very important to your success. The hospital I had surgery provides weekly psycological support groups, monthly support groups for patients who are curious or has the surgery. I received a manual before my syrgery on what to expect..before, during and after surery. The eating protocol for each stage after post op was well degined and detailed.
    As a young lady..you have your whole life ahead of you. This is the time for change. But only u can determine how you begin to live a healthly life. Try not to dwell on the number of pounds that u have to lose. I myself was overwhelmed..however you have to start taking steps to get where u want to be. And don't give up. I was afraid to have the sleeve. I vacillated back and forth whether I should have the surgery. Whether I was truly ready to give up food as my friend, my companion. Whether i should trust the procedure to take me where I want to be health wise. After much contemplation..I went for it. Even though I am only 5 weeks post op. I see a change in my relationship with food already and have lost almost 30 pounds thus far.
    All of us on this website want to see you succeed. So please do your homework..ask questions, make sure u have good resources and determine if the sleeve is right for u. If u do decide the sleeve is right for u.. Sleevers on this sight will be here for u.. Pre and post surgery.
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from Happy Camper in 2014 - Where have all the "ole-timers" gone?   
    Thanks for posting. I had my surgery on dec 9 and always come to this website everyday for encouragement and now to give others who r newbies some advice that I learned since I have has my sleeve.
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from Texasmeg in Food Obsession   
    Yes..I usually go to bed around 1:00 every night and around 11::00 pm I seei so many commercials from the fast food industry. That prob makes sense ..they want u to get in your car late at night..go through their drive thru. And eat a 4th meal. It is insane.
    food is such a biff affair for all cultures. When I visited Europe I was surprised in Italy and Germany with their love affair of food. I loved the German food the best of the 6 countries I visited .. But omg. ..high fat.
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    Carlotta1 reacted to gmanbat in Post Op-ers You're killing me!   
    Here ya go:


    Gained 240 pounds between us.
    Sorry...kidding....reverse everything.
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    Carlotta1 reacted to missdixie2000 in Almost there...   
    I have avmed of state of Florida an I have jumped all my hurdles for the last six months an saw my dr every month an got all bloodwork done,psych eval etc... Y'all wish me luck I am waiting on my phone call I hope I have a good weight loss story to tell like y'all.
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    Carlotta1 reacted to moni75 in My 600 lb life   
    That husband was the worst! Totally not supportive. I felt sorry for their daughter who had to witness the treatment her mother received from him. She needs to get away from him or their daughter is gonna be screwed up later in life. The cycle repeats itself sometimes.
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    Carlotta1 reacted to mrschildress2014 in Before and after pictures please!   
    Oops! Here is the bachelorette one!

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    Carlotta1 reacted to mrschildress2014 in Before and after pictures please!   
    I'm 5'4' and had a HW of 330, day of surgery was 308 and today I am 225 (7 months)
    I have been a SLOW loser on the scale but have had so many non scale victories that it doesn't bother me too much!
    The 4 side by sides are almost a month old, I've lost weight since then. The single picture is me at my bachelorette party this weekend.

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    Carlotta1 reacted to tessies in Before and after pictures please!   
    HW 342
    SW 258
    CW 158
    Surgery Feb 25 2013

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    Carlotta1 reacted to Mrs.RRn in Before and after pictures please!   
    My stats weren't close to your, but here's a before & during photo... A kinda embarrassing one at that.haha.

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    Carlotta1 reacted to McButterpants in How often do you weigh?   
    I weigh once per week.
    In the beginning when the weight was coming off really fast, I weighed every day, sometimes more than once per day. Then when I hit the dreaded stall between weeks 3 and 4, I became obsessed with the scale and it not moving. My husband hid the scale from me and it was a welcome relief that I couldn't weigh myself any more than that. For me, weighing once per week works - I can see the progress in my clothes - even though the scale wasn't moving during my stall, I was losing inches.
    I wish you great success!
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from gmanbat in NSV..what I don't hear anymore...   
    So funny.!! Congrats on having a stomach that now frees your hand.
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from lisacaron in Struggling so much emotionally   
    I love lisacaron's advice...sit with yourself...get to know who u really r....join hiking groups , etc.. Meet people. Not for the sake of "finding someone" but for exposing yourself to people who have common interest as u do. I. Lost a husband and two years after I wanted to " find " someone.. It did not work until i let it go and concentrated on myself.
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from Texasmeg in Small victory at 6 weeks post op!   
    I understand how u feel.. I weigh more than hubby. Can't wait till it is the other way around.
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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from FitnFabfor2014 in I am officially a post sleever!   
    Congrats on your sleeve. Wishing u a speedy recovery.
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    Carlotta1 reacted to devonn in anyone want 2 share there pic start weight and current weight   
    Now-171.5lbs hard to tell but i dont have a recent full body shot

    Preop-289 lbs

    So happy with my sleeve. Only 6 lbs until goal! 8.5 months out.
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    Carlotta1 reacted to alswifey in anyone want 2 share there pic start weight and current weight   

    Current weight 177lbs

    Goal weight 159lbs
    I am about 9 1/2 months out and feeling great
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    Carlotta1 reacted to GENNYOSKINNY in anyone want 2 share there pic start weight and current weight   
    8 months out starting weight 253 current weight 163 goal weight 140 ...love my sleeve

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    Carlotta1 reacted to penman53 in anyone want 2 share there pic start weight and current weight   
    I was sleeved on July 24th 2013. My highest weight was 387, my weight on the day of surgery was 341 and my weight today 1/5/14 is 242.


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    Carlotta1 got a reaction from Miss Mac in HELP.. I need advise to get back on track!   
    Oh.. So sad to hear that u are gong through so much in your life. I know what stress and grief can do to our well being. Grief takes time. I lost a husband and it took me two years just to get out of grief. Don't be hard on yourself. But if you are ready to make good choices to continue on your weight loss journey I would suggest to find where u are at ..at this moment. Weigh yourself.. But be wiling to forgive yourself if u don't like what u see on the scale. You are going through difficult times and the worse thing for u to do is to get totally disappointed and throw in the towel. Then put in place a plan of action. Go back to basics, eating high Protein first, eating slow , etc. join wls support groups, visit a nutritionist, . See a psychologist who can help u with your grief, stressors. You can do it. Just put one step in front of another.

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