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    ad2422 reacted to woo woo in Just an observation- Governer Christie   
    Although he still has a ways to go I thought he looked pretty good this morning on TV.
    Agree that the band seemed like an odd choice for someone of his size, however.
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    ad2422 reacted to SheWins1 in Fecal Impaction... tmi... HELP!   
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    ad2422 reacted to karenb4729 in GETTING MY SLEEVE BANDED...   
    If I were looking at this problem I would probably go with the Duodonal Switch. It is considered the Gold standard in Weight Loss surgery and is often done after the sleeve for people who have a lot of weight to lose. Not all Doctors do the DS but you might want to ask your Doctor about it. I'm sorry that you are on a plateau which is what my nutritionist calls any stall that lasts longer 4 weeks. I'm sure its frustrating and hard watching others get to goal when you are stuck. I was sleeved around the same time as you June 4th 2012. I lost very slowly my first 6 months and then I became really focused, kept my calories at 700 per day and my carbs under 20 grams a day, worked out 6 days a week burning off most of those calories that I ate (according to my Heart Rate monitor). Again, in your situation I would go with DS rather than band...... talk to someone who has had the band, it's not pleasant and could cause a lot more problems in the future if you develop scarring around the band.
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    ad2422 reacted to ShyV. in 5:2 intermittent fasting thread--open to all   
    Im 7 months post op and stalled for the past 2 almost 3 months.
    Im giving this a try. Ill try anything given i have 50pounds to goal weight. Pls post results after 1 week.
    Im starting today.
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    ad2422 reacted to newgrandmother in Honeymoon phase is long over and i am at a divorce   
    I stopped losing at 6 months out. its now over10 months and the same 2-5lbs bounce back and forth. I have done everything I was suppose to do. I follow the basics, i only drink Water, no soda no juice just water, sometimes with fruit in it. i dont drink before or after i eat. i excersise on the regular, actually i was doing it to much and ended up in the ER i am better now but wow what a ride.
    i am back to where i was before surgery, meaning i dont know what to do anymore. nothing is working low cal low carb low fat. high cals high low Protein i am so tired of this. I have decided to except the 55lbs i have lost since 9/12/12. I am thinking maybe a cleanse might work. I am upset but it is what it is. total since pre op is ablut 80lbs lost. i have 60 more to go and i am at the point of just giving up.
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    ad2422 reacted to vmerrill in November 2012 sleevers how are you doing ?   
    I made it to onederland today. Words cannot express my happiness. I have not weighed under 200lbs for 20 years.
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    ad2422 reacted to rsmont77 in All of my December sleevers...   
    Yesterday was amazing! A couple years ago I couldn't walk up the trail to see Yosemite falls, and yesterday I was able to climb rocks and feel the mist on my face! Do not regrets my decision at all!

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    ad2422 reacted to suepeeps in How I broke my latest stall   
    I am 7 months out and down 86 pounds WOOHOO. What a great new life I have been given!
    I found I have been so focused on just Protein that I wasn't getting enough veggies. I am lazy. I admit it. I didn't want to chop up the veggies every day.
    I saw something on Pinterest (Such an addicting site) and tried it. It worked great!!
    I took canning jars and made salads for the week. I added chicken or shrimp, eggs, cheese, and lots of veggies. They were fresh every day! Loved it.
    I found an awesome new store. It only sells olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I tried their best sellers quite sure I wouldn't like it... Chipolte olive oil and Dark chocolate balsamic vinegar. OMG It is awesome on salads!!
    This broke my latest stall and put me in Onderland!! When I stall it is for a long time and then all of the sudden I will lose 5-7 pounds. crazy!!
    I stall often and I no longer worry about it. It will all come off eventually. I know my body is busy adjusting to my new eating styles.
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    ad2422 reacted to butterfly_gal in Constipation   
    I was horribly constipated until yesterday. I took 4 colace over a period of two days and finally, after hours trying and what I describe as giving birth, that ordeal is over. It wad horrible!
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    ad2422 reacted to vsginnj in VSG Urban Legends   
    That if you keep touching it you will go blind!! Oops! Wrong forum.
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    ad2422 reacted to Looking Ahead in Whoo Hoo - Onederland !   
    So, yesterday I was 200 and was super excited....almost in onederland. I just weighed and I'm at 197 ! I do not remember when I was under 200, its been at least 25 years. Figure I'm 42, thats a long time ! I've been on a stall for over a month. I hope this will get me down to my 170 goal soon. Then have skin removal and be about 150 after all is said and done.My next goal now is 189. 8 more pounds.
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    ad2422 reacted to Sleevedintx in Nsv?   
    Awesome! My ex's new girl told my ex in front of my daughter that she looks fatter than me now. That made my day!
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    ad2422 reacted to selbradey in Nsv?   
    Well, today my kids came back from their visitation with their dad. Heres some background info, i was 21 and stupid (sounds like a taylor swift song) and fell in love with my self centered narcissistic ex husband. He verbally and physically abused me about my weight (i was 145 lbs during my marriage, my weight at surgery was 212, gained from depression after divorce, plus binge eating disorder) Anyway, today he gets outta his car, looks me up and down and says, wow you look amazing. i said, hey arent you married. He said yeah so what, i can have you if i want you.
    Lesson number 1: tigers never change their stripes.
    Lesson number 2: I am still 13 lbs above the weight i was when i was married, so he never appreciated me for who i was.
    My response: "Well you cant have me, I am not a homewrecker like your wife is"
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    ad2422 reacted to mandymae in As of today!   
    My BMI is 25!!! Okay, so it's 25.9, but I'm still so excited!!
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    ad2422 reacted to cantwaittolose in Bye-bye Lane Bryant!   
    It's official!....I no longer need to shop at Lane Bryant! I was in Nordstrom Rack today with a friend and where do I head as soon as I walk in the door - PLUS SIZES! And then I picked out about 10 tops in a 1x...my friend kept telling me - you are NOT a plus size anymore! But in my mind I still am (was) and I took the clothes to the dressing room. YEP - they were all too big! And shockingly not just by a little! I was shocked and very surprised! Do you mean to tell me that I can go back to looking and shopping in "regular" stores! Talk about a great day and incredible NSV!!!!! Wwwoooooooo-hooooooooo!
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    ad2422 reacted to selbradey in that awesome moment when...   
    i want to try and get everyone involved...please post your most awesome moment.
    heres mine:
    That awesome moment when my ex husband checked me out and said, "how did you lose all that weight?" and i said "diet and excersise"
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    ad2422 reacted to Native in October 2012 sleevers whats your progress?   
    Way to go Holly!! I lost 3 more lbs by upping my Protein and Water, so I officially broke the 250 mark!! Its was one heck of a stall.
    DOS 299.5 today 248. YES!! I notice that some folks have lost up to 70 or even 80 lbs since October........that is fabulous!! However, I have only lost 52 but I have seen people as low as 30 lost in 4 months so what the heck, I am headed in the right direction.
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    ad2422 reacted to Laura V in Met someone with sleeve one year out...   
    Ummm.. I'm four months out and I definitely can eat a slice of pizza ( yep I've had one )
    So yeah I can see how someone could do it... The sleeve isn't going to slap that stuff out of your hand. After awhile you have to be able to make good choices. And who knows maybe that person use to be able to down 1 whole pizza and this is an improvement...
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    ad2422 reacted to sleeve_sister in October sleevers...check in   
    HW 273
    SW 257
    CW 187
    Due to my planar fasiitis, I still have not begun a rigorous exercise regimen, but I am happy with my loss to date. My BMI has gone from 57.1 to 37.8. I am off 12 of my 15 meds that I was on at surgery. I am thrilled with my sleeve!
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    ad2422 reacted to jwhite692 in Amazing!   
    I feel AMAZING! Sleeved December 31st started at 230 now 190.... Can't believe it sometimes.
    Best money I've ever spent
    Best decision I've ever made!
    Wouldn't change a thing. Hope everyone else feels the same.
    Had to spread the word I'm on cloud 9 :-)

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    ad2422 reacted to doreen70 in All of my December sleevers...   
    I'm down 42 lbs since Dec 17/2012. Bought my first pair of size 16 jeans. Rocking them at work today, and the compliments are just embarrassing.
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    ad2422 reacted to Lissa in 5 Confessions (Join In)   
    I can lick my big toe!!! Oh, and I must confess that I am enjoying seeing what kind of "ass I can pull". I have a 30 year old hot firefighter telling me how good I look on a regular basis...that makes me go hmmmm... I'm seeing someone who is WAY hotter than any man I've ever dated before and I'm LOVING life.
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    ad2422 reacted to Mystie in Please help! I am completely freaked out!   
    I start to gain a little if I haven't had a poop in a few days.
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    ad2422 reacted to katsmeow in November 2012 sleevers how are you doing ?   
    I'm so excited. I bought a pair of jeans.. And they weren't a woman's size.
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    ad2422 got a reaction from Kate27 in Anyone In The St. Louis, Mo Area?   
    I had my surgery at Des Peres - the nurses during my stay and my dr (Dr. Ricks) were great. All the other hospital staff from admitting to blood technicians, pre op and recovery nurses, ekg tech - etc were all beyond over the top incompetent.

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