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    Sharpie reacted to Johnny99 for a blog entry, Year End Review   
    A hearty hello to all our fat fanatics worldwide!
    As another year comes to an end, I thought this would be an opportune time to do a little self reflecting. After all, it has been an interesting year for me to say the least.
    But first, I realize I have been derelict in getting you timely updates on my current status. Quite frankly, I was reluctant to keep posting because I was afraid of what the holidays and my short vacation were going to do to me. Well, I have good news to report. I am down about 2 pounds from the day before Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve! I wanted to be 185 on Thanksgiving. That didn't quite work out. But I was 186.5 today. WHEW!
    I am really pleased with this number. Why? Because I did an above normal amount of dinning out, family parties, traveling and, of course, the social drinking that comes along with it. I was very conscious of my food intake. When I dined out, I tried to order the right things, always protein. Save the sauces. At Thanksgiving, I loaded up on turkey and ham and passed on potatoes and gravies. On Christmas eve, I feasted on lobster, shrimp an calamari in red sauce. I only had a small mouthful of homemade lasagna to be polite. I also watched my drinking. You know I had to imbibe, so I drank my bourbon straight and my vodka on the rocks. I had a few excellent Cabernets. I even had two frosty beers. My first since March. All in all, I made it through the yearly bacchanal virtually unscathed. I consider this VICTORY. But I can only savor this achievement for a fleeting moment.
    Year in review - PHEW! 2013 has been a whirlwind to say the least.
    1) My first appointment with Dr. X on a blustery January Monday
    2) My first lap band support group meeting
    3) My first ever visit to a shrink
    4) My conversations with Rajeeve
    5) My 14 day pre-op diet
    6) My surgery
    7) My first unauthorized cocktail
    The list goes on. Suffice to say, last year was a life changer for me. I sit before you today 68 pounds lighter than then the guy that wrote to you in April. That's whole lotta fatass folks.
    2014 Resolutions - I have big news for you on this front. I saw Dr. X for my monthly tune up right before Christmas. After he gave me another 1/2 c.c injection, I offhandedly remarked that I wanted to lose about another 20 pounds to get me under my goal of 169. He immediately whipped a calculator out of his staff coat and started doing some ciphering. By way of some secret bariatric calculation, he tells my he wants be to be at 150 pounds! I was FLOORED.
    ME: "150 pounds? Are you serious? I mean I haven't weighed 150 pounds since 6th grade!"
    Dr. X: " I'm working from a BMI index. A 28.5 BMI is healthy, but a 25 BMI is golden! That puts you at 150 pounds."
    ME: "Is that 150 pounds here on the fat ass scale or 150 pounds in the morning naked on my home scale?"
    Dr. X: "I'll take the 150 on your scale."
    So I got that going for me.

    Then he asks me, "When did you have your surgery?"
    "May 15" I told him.
    "You haven't even been doing this a year! This is a TWO year project.'
    You could have knocked me over with a wet noodle. This whole time I was working on a ONE year time table. I was hoping to get to my goal in April. But our dear doctor just tagged on another 19 pounds of weight loss! At 2 pounds per month, that's about a year more. So I guess his math is correct.
    "You are doing great. You can do this and I will help you get there." he told me.
    Comforting words did little to ease my shock.
    But then I started thinking. What's changed? Really nothing. I have learned a new way of eating. I am watching my portions and I'm cutting as many empty calories as possible. So I have to keep counting my calories for another year. So what. I can do it.
    Can I really get to 150 pounds? Do I really want to be 150 pounds? I really don't know. I do know I have a ways to go to get rid of some excess ass and gut fat. I also know I don't want to be the weakling that gets sand kicked in his face at the beach. So when it comes to my new goal. I guess I'll know it when I feel it.
    I'll try and be more prompt with the next update. Until then ... Remember
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    Sharpie reacted to Maddy1 for a blog entry, Starting Over   
    So things have been going pretty well. I am getting one or two 30 min walks in every day and sticking to the diet. I was down to 229 lbs. this morning, the first time I have been under 230 for months. I was feeling very positive. I headed for Walmart for a few groceries. As I was entering the store, sitting on a bench in the entry area was a 30 something woman who appeared to be having trouble breathing. She was extremely obese, likely over 450 lbs (I can reasonable make that guess because I had an aunt who weighed that much and was about the same size). As a nurse, I was concerned for her and I asked her if she was ok. Through her difficult breaths, she indicated she would be ok and she said "I'm waiting for an electric cart. I just walked in from my car." I was stunned and felt a fear I hadn't experienced before....I could be experiencing those same symptoms if I don't take care of myself. Funny how I don't think I was ever afraid of being overweight before. It didn't interfere much with the things I do, but did I only do the things I was able to do, not everything I could do? That is a thought I am going to give much attention to as I go through this journey.
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    Sharpie reacted to LadyDiva618 for a blog entry, Am I getting furlough?   
    I normally don’t get into politics but my phone will not stop ringing. And I had to stay off of Facebook because of all the negativity that is being posted.
    For those who don’t know I am a federal employee. I’ve been working for the government since I was 20. I love my employer and I love working with veterans.
    Today I got a letter saying after Friday I will be furlough. Am I mad? No just disappointment that we as a nation can’t get it together.
    I walk by faith not by sight. So for the next 3 days I will come into work with a smile on my face and continue help and working with our nations veterans.
    I hear everyone complaining about being out of work but I don’t see what their plan is.
    Here is my plan:
    I will try to work as many hours I can at the day care (job number 2)
    Tomorrow I will call up some temp agencies and see what they can do for me.
    I have to remember my situation is only temporary.
    Anyway Today is my 5 month bandversary and I feel great!
    Thanks for reading.
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    Sharpie reacted to Johnny99 for a blog entry, The Right Side of 2   
    Greetings and salutations my friends and fat followers! I am contacting you today from the other side. No, I am not dead and this is not a creepy seance. I'm talking about the other side of 200 pounds. That's right baby. I finally cracked the elusive 200 number. Mark the date and time fat fans, for this is the first time since the mid 80's that I have had a 1 in front of my weight. This is BIG news indeed. I finally feel like I am accomplishing something.
    You may ask "What The H, Johnny. You've lost 56 pounds and you don't fell like you accomplished anything? You've lost half of a person, why the lack of satisfaction?"
    Here's why. When you're a scale bustin fatass as I was in April, losing a few pounds here or there is no big deal. My weight used to fluctuate five pounds on any given week depending on how many buffets I hit. Lose 10 pounds. So what. Lose 20 pounds. I'll hardly notice. 30 pounds. That's something, but I was still in the "Biggun" category. Forty pounds ... 50 pounds, great. But what really makes me feel like I'm winning is that 1. Normal people have a 1 in front of their weight. That's the answer. I am approaching NORMAL. Soon to be average. Now THAT means something!
    As I previously alluded, I have not had that 1 in front of my weight since the mid 80's. The exact date I busted the deuce mark is not clear to me. Matter of fact, the whole decade is not too clear to me. I was awash in self indulgence. My never ending search for a good time is what got me started on this path to bodily destruction. But that's another story for a different time. So let's use these dates. I remember going on some type of diet and getting down to around 165 pounds. I had a picture taken at this time leaning on a new Delorean. That makes it 1982. Obviously that diet didn't take. It took me a few years to work up the weight ladder. I'm pretty sure it was a chicken wing at a Super Bowl 19 party that pushed me over. That would make it 1985.
    1985 - It was a very good year. (I think.) Reagan was still president. Gas was $1.09 a gallon and it only cost $3 to see a movie. Michael Jordon was just a pup and the Bears were stocked with now legendary names like, Fridge, Hamp, Mongo, Mama's Boy and the Punky QB. Things were bouncing back from the dog days of Jimmy Carter and 22% interest rates. There was reason to celebrate. And celebrate I did. Nightly. And usually to excess. I was living the single life. Fast money, fast cars and fast women. Unfortunately, fast food was a daily staple. My bodily empire was beginning to fall and I didn't heed the warnings. The 2 came a lot easier on the way up then the 1 did on the way down.
    Let's leave the maudlin memories behind. It's a new day, a new age and a new Johnny. I have lost about 56 pounds since April 9. My weekly weight loss is still averaging about 1.5 pounds per week. I know it's going to get slower as my under metabolized body adjusts to my lower calorie intake. But if I could average 1.25 pounds per week, I will hit hit my goal by March. I planned on this taking one full year. I am on schedule. But just think. What if I kept that Delorean? Maybe I could have got up to 88 miles per hour and zapped my way back to 1982. If only I knew then what I know now.
    So Long for now. We'll talk soon.
    Johnny T.
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    Sharpie reacted to cheryl2586 for a blog entry, These words say it all   
    If I compared myself to anyone else I would not be happy. Be happy with your results even if they are slow. Keep it going.
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    Sharpie reacted to Kime-lou for a blog entry, Trying to Make Lemonade   
    Life has been tossing me a lot of lemons lately- I am drowning in Lemonade. Work has been horrid, working way to many hours. I am tired and gumpy. When life is like this making good choices isn't easy. However, I am not gaining weight, which is, I suppose, a triumph. I still try to make good choices when it comes to food, they are just a little spare of the moment instead of planned.
    This week I had my check up with my primary care for my anxiety med refill. While there I got my flu shot and a pneumonia shot. Since I have asthma they recommend I go ahead and get that. Bad idea. This morning my arm is swollen and very painful to move or touch, I have a mild temp, head ache, naseau and upset tummy. My band isn't happy about all this either- it's TIGHT- the yogurt is not going down easy, so I think the protein shake is going to have to come out. Doc just says take Advis and Tylenol rotating and rest. Well, I am at work- no rest for the weary.
    Working out isn't happening these days. My works out are cleaning, cooking, yard work and dog duty. IF I get those done I consider the day a success. Yesterday, I spent 2 hours in the yard- cut grass, rake grass, trim flowers, sweep deck. Then I went in and cooked dinner. I do really try to make sure our dinners are healthy- non process, homemade and organic. Having a garden has helped with this.
    While the weight loss has stopped, my body continues to change. Just bought a pair of nice dress jeans in a 14 about a month ago. Slipped them on yesterday and they are loose. So hey, I must not be doing to bad. I have stopped worrying about the scale, the weight will drop when it drops. I am moving more, sleeping better and doing more than before so that is a success in it's self. I still very much want to lose 40 more pounds and be in the 140's; maybe I'll get there maybe I won't. At this point, I know I am eating better, moving more and all my labs are perfect- so I can't ask for more than that.
    This journey, if nothing else has taught me to be more aware. More aware of being lazy and what I choose to put in my body. I use to not bat a eye at eating a Big Mac and a large fry. You will never catch me eating that again. It just plain out isn't worth it. Now, last week on my 4th wedding anniversary the hubs and I went to cheesecake factory and my once a year slice of heavenly cheese cake was worth it- of course followed by a long walk. I always try to move more and add more steps and movement to my day. This could be standing while working on something or while on the phone. Walking to offices rather than calling, Walking to classrooms instead of calling. To me it's all about making the little choices throughout my day that equal a healthier me. I might hit my goal one day, but right now I am good with the choices I make. I am able to look myself in the face and say ok you aren't making the dumb choices you did before. I no longer hide eating- food doesn't control me, I control it. I like these steady changes and if they scale never moves anymore, I will be thankful for the 60 lbs gone right now and the changes I have made that have made me healthier.
    The band is totally worth the trouble and little issues.
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    Sharpie reacted to lellow for a blog entry, Lucky? Yes, but I also made my own 'luck'   
    This band has been a godsend. I won't lie. It helps me maintain my weight easily. I know how hard it was for me to not gain when my old band was leaking, and how super hard it was to lose, so I'm loving that my new band has me back on track. Yes I've had complications, but generally speaking, yes I've been 'lucky' with the band. My band has been SO easy to live with. Or maybe it was that I had realistic expectations, I don't know . But either way, I love that it's there helping me every day.
    But I also realised that I made my own 'luck' with the band. Even when I wasn't formally exercising in maintenance mode, I paid attention to my portions, I did lots of incidental exercising like using the stairs instead of the escalator (I still do), I didn't resume my bad eating habits. I stayed, for the most part, on program.
    So I do see this as a partnership between my band and me. I honestly believe that weight loss and maintenance would be VERY difficult, if not impossible, for me without a band. But I also know this little thing around my stomach didn't do it all for me. Far from it. I exercised to lose, I maintained a healthy lifestyle during maintenance, I am exercising today to ensure long term maintenance. I worked with it, and continue to work with it, everyday.
    The surgery will help you if you're willing to help yourself. And I'm worth investing in myself to be the best I can be. No one is going to want the best for me the way I could possibly want it for myself. I went through surgery to allow myself the best chance of success, so I will not let myself down by not putting in the effort to make it work.
    So yes I've been lucky to live with a band easily, but I sure as hell made my own luck as well. So stop sitting there waiting for a miracle to happen to you, go out and MAKE it happen.
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    Sharpie reacted to SolracSpree for a blog entry, Swimming Kayaking and Shopping OH MY!   
    Well this weekend has been a blast thus far. My man was able to take off Saturday and Sunday so I wanted to find something to do!
    Tried getting a room at the beach - FAIL
    Tried getting a room at the mountains - FAIL
    So I tracked down a rental place at one of the lakes near by and YAY found a place renting out kayaks $35.00 for the day sounded awesome to me.
    Went kayaking with my boyfriend (who cant swim and was FREAKING OUT! - even with a life vest) and we were out about 5 hours. We stop at a cove got out and swam it was fun. I even made him "practice" capsizing his boat in case it happened in deep water so he wouldn't freak out. All was fun an awesome UNTIL *MY* boat capsized - into the water I went. Now I had just shown my boyfriend how to get back in his boat at least 5 times and when it was in the middle of the lake.... I figured out HEY maybe I shoulda saved some energy in case I fell out of my boat. And on top of all that my boat knocked me in the head when I fell out. So now Ive got a huge goosegg. Well long story short I tied my boat to my boyfriends and swam 3/4 mile to a dock so that the rescue could come get me. Then went to eat at redlobster cause after being stranded I was FAMISHED. Can home and passed the hell OUT!
    Today woke up needed to go shoe shopping. So went looked -nothing too great. So i decided to take a walk into DOTS my favorite clothing stores (its been about a yr since I went shopping). Just to look around and see what size I am now. So I went and tried on some 1X clothes in the plus size section. And they fit pretty nice. My boyfriend pointed out a shirt (XL) and told to try it on. I said it was too small. He said a 1X and an XL is the same thing. I said its not. So he googled it and turns out he was right. So I tried on the XL and IT FIT! So I ventured to the other size of the store.. BIG MISTAKE ...it was like a kid in the candy shop. I bought 70.00 worth of XL clothes lol
    So doing good - amazing weekend. Glad for the small things in life.
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    Sharpie reacted to ladybabie3 for a blog entry, Better late than never.   
    Hello my lapband family,
    I know I haven't been on here in gods knows when but let me tell yall of my progress. First off I'm down to a happy 195. I know I can't believe it either. I now work out 5 to 6 days a week and have fell in love with it :wub: . I love it so much I crave for it when I have to miss a day crazy I know. Also I'm really learning how to eat I'm still not perfect and I have some pit falls but I'm still a work in progress none the less. Well I hope to update more often until then have a good day.
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    Sharpie reacted to cheryl2586 for a blog entry, Total blessings   
    My husband sent me a text today that said " Anyone can like you for your looks, but it's your personality that makes someone fall in love with you". I stop and think about that now because I was so obsessed with this band and what I needed to do. Who I needed to be but in his eyes I am who I need to be at 300lbs or 0lbs. Yes it gave me my life back to enjoy many more years with him but it's time to move on now and not be so over concerned with a pound here or there. It's time to enjoy my life with my wonderful husband and stop letting that weight demon control my every thought. I enjoyed ice cream today without feeling guilty because in all reality we owe ourselves to enjoy life. Will I get more tomorrow? No. But it doesn't matter if I did or not that is not what life is about anymore for me. We spend every week wishing for Friday and for what to only be a week older and life getting shorter. At 50 I have learned that I missed out on so much being over weight but now I am missing out on so much being obsessed with everything I put in my mouth. I don't want to live in the weight prison anymore. I don't want the scale to rule my life. I am blessed and healthy and this band in my stomach does not define the person I am it only makes me look in the mirror to think "you look good now" Well to my husband I looked good then. I just did not like the way I looked and I have learned loving myself is the freedom I really needed not a band to make me who I am. I wont resort to food anymore for sadness but I am living like a normal person should and enjoying every minute of it. I never cheated on my weight loss trip but it did not make me any better then those that do. It just got me where I wanted to be faster. I guess what I am trying to say is be happy and love yourself and let the band be second nature not your first thought every day. Do what you need to do to get where you need to be but don't let it consume your every hour. There are too many things out there to enjoy a little bit at a time. We all have to do it our own way but you also have to love yourself to do it at all. The band is the house and you have to do the interior decorating. Love to my friends.
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    Sharpie reacted to SolracSpree for a blog entry, Once I lose all my weight....   
    SO Here is my motivation list. Things I will do when I get to my goal weight.

    Skiing with no boot extenders
    Ride a rollercoaster comfortably
    Tan out by the pool
    Learn to salsa dance
    Go to an actual zumba class
    Experiement with different sex positions
    Go hiking and not feel like dying
    Not be the biggest person in the room
    Fit back into my little black dress
    Looking awesome on the back of a bike
    Go to the gym and not feel self consious
    Buy clothes that arent in the plus size
    Get lingerie
    See my ex when I'm 100pds lighter
    Walk up my steps without getting winded

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    Sharpie reacted to Terry Poperszky for a blog entry, Just got tweaked...   
    I just got back from vacation at Yellowstone and like many banders I was tighter while at the higher altitude, and discovered that I felt better. So since I had a LB fill appointment this morning, I had them tweak my band with a .25 cc fill. But back to liquids for today and soft for tomorrow.
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    Sharpie reacted to Johnny99 for a blog entry, Halfway to Thindom   
    It is said that a journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. I began my journey on April 9, 2013. That's the day it finally hit me. I was sitting on a plane. I was an Oreo away from the ultra-embarrassing plea for the belt extender. I could barely fit in the last of my emergency wardrobe. I was tired. Tired of trying to accommodate my fat life style. Because that's what you do. You accommodate your fatness. I just couldn't go on like this. I was ready for a change. I was already through all my hoops for the Lap Band surgery. I was in limbo waiting for my insurance company to green light me. But I couldn’t wait any longer. I decided .. that minute.. that tomorrow I would start my quest for Thindom.

    Thindom is a mystical place. It’s the fat ass version of Vallhalla, Atlantis and the Lost City of Gold all rolled up in to one. For a fat person, Thindom is a legend. It is a utopian place that the over -girthed can only dream about. No fat ass has ever been to Thindom and come back to talk about it. Many expanded explorers have tried, but all have failed. It is said that those that enter Thindom, are blessed with a new life filled with hope and joy. Everyone smiles and beams with optimism. It is a place where one size really does fit all. It’s heaven for the hefty.

    But beware you of fatness! The trail to Thindom is wrought with danger. There are obstacles at every turn. Unknown creatures and mythical beings lurk in the shadows; their only goal is your defeat. To get to Thindom, you must soldier through these adversities. You must plan your adventure carefully. And you can NEVER look back. You can NEVER give up. There is no yellow brick road. There is only nachos and cheese.

    I have made it half way to Thindom. I’m currently navigating my way through the evil forest of fat. I can see the magical mountains of Munchies in the distance. Once I cross their jagged peaks, I hope to spy the valley of Thindom. I know it is there. I can feel it.

    Alas, my journey has had its ups and downs. I have danced with the Devil. I have succumbed to the liquid offerings of Al C. Hall. I have fought the beautiful temptress and her sultry offers of cheeseburger and fries. I have dueled with the Duke of Doughnuts. Yes friends, there have been pitfalls. But every time I fell, I got up. The demons in my mind have not deterred me from goal.

    I have managed to shed 45 pounds of unsightly blubber. I have 41 to go to hit my goal. If my present pace continues, I will have a 1 in the front of my weight in a few weeks for the first time since Reagan was president. Yes, I know. The road to Thindom gets harder as you get closer to the gate. I hope it’s not just fat ass folklore. When I get there, I will try to contact you from the other side. I wonder if Thindom has wi-fi?

    Until we meet again….
    Johnny T
    Please visit my blog:
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    Sharpie reacted to WLI_Arizona for a blog entry, A Change in Health and a Change in Lifestyle   
    By: John J. DeBarros, M.D., FACS, FASMBS
    Gastric banding has been an extremely safe and popular weight loss surgery for many years now. At Weight Loss Institute of Arizona, we have observed that LAP-BAND® surgery helps our Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson weight loss patients to achieve a dramatic shift not only in their health, but also in the way they live their lives.
    As I explain to my patients, and as has proven true in case after case for years, the most successful LAP-BAND patients make a commitment on a daily basis to live a healthier lifestyle. In order to lose a lot of weight and keep it off, there are 2 major lifestyle factors patients must think about each day.
    The first is diet. Although LAP-BAND surgery imposes physical limitations on how much a person can eat in a single sitting, that patient must also make good nutrition decisions for the weight loss to be dramatic. The procedure alone is not enough. Patients should eat small, frequent meals packed with low-fat proteins, fruits and vegetables, and no empty calories. This can be a huge adjustment for an overweight patient who has spent a lifetime developing bad eating habits, but patients have a wealth of support available. Your weight loss doctors should help you set up a fool-proof diet plan and connect you with resources such as support groups.
    The other lifestyle factor that a patient must consider is exercise, which can also be a major adjustment. Ideally, a patient begins good eating and exercise habits before surgery and then carries them over after the procedure. It’s common, though, for patients to fall off the exercise wagon once they have surgery. Again, support can help. Friends and family, a good gym, or simply a walking buddy can make a world of difference.
    These changes to a patient’s lifestyle require a daily commitment, but they also come with great rewards: more energy, more confidence, and better health.
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    Sharpie reacted to cheryl2586 for a blog entry, Keeping busy   
    Well we finally settled on our new home which was a nightmare to say the least, but I am very happy with our beautiful home. Now I have a nice swimming pool to get in so the movements won't hurt as much. This fibro has really taken a toll on me but other then that and my wonderful husband who has done so much, I am fine. The pain at times is unbearable but it is something I just have to live with. As far as my band its still doing its job. I'm stable now. Could lose some more but I really don't care one way or the other if I do or don't. Unless I ever get a tummy tuck I will always have that apron. It's not huge but it bothers me. Oh well clothes hide things well lol. I'm looking for a less physically stressful job because my doctor said if I don't stop lifting and pulling and pushing patients my pain will never get better. So I have been looking around for something a little less stressful. I was checking in so my friends know I am still alive lol. Just relaxing today and watching Hulu waiting for the pool to get cleared up this week so I can jump in it. Here are some pictures of the house.
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    Sharpie reacted to ♕ajtexas♕ for a blog entry, Family Reunion   
    My nephew Benjamin got married this weekend in California and I was able to fly out there. This was the first time I have flown with Yellow Rose (my band). Jonathon (another nephew) and I flew out Friday morning arriving in California around lunchtime. As we are exiting the plane Jonathon requested In & Out Burgers for lunch (the greasiest burgers in town!). We retrieved our rental car and headed south to my brother’s house (via In & Out). We collected burgers for all the kids. I had no urge for a burger as Yellow Rose was letting me know she did not like flying….
    Once we arrived, burgers delivered, my sister-in-law asked if I wanted anything for lunch (seeing that I didn’t have a burger). Yes, I was hungry but I knew that I couldn’t manage much more than mushy foods. I hesitated in answering and she quickly said “I have some greek yogurt or laughing cow cheese….” Ok how did she know?????
    She had called my mom (who knows everything about my band) and asked if there was anything she could get for me. So after choking back tears and a big hug I settled for some greek yogurt.
    The weekend was a blast! I saw family that I have not seen in 5 years and they were all very complimentary over how I looked. I heard “You look amazing” over & over and I loved every minute of it. I had some treats, like Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans but I also made good food choices (Ahi Tuna for lunch).
    I am proud of myself as I managed a weekend away from home (comfort zone) full of family (can be stressful) and had a great time.
    Oh and the best part was my hips DID NOT touch the sides of the seat on the planes. How cool is that?!!!!
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    Sharpie reacted to SolracSpree for a blog entry, Things are looking up!   
    This post will jump around and might be confusing but I got lots to mention over the past 2 weeks!
    So last I posted some days ago. I was put on a new Antibiotic. Well its working!!!! :::: cue streamers, dancers, strobe light:::: Looking at it today I estimate it will be healed by next week
    I got the abdominal support. Awkward. I look pregnant and it makes me feel pregnant and I only wear it around the house. LoL
    I am completely moved into my new place! I didn't have to lift much - my mom would slap me with her eyes every time I did (like only my mother can do). And I love it. We are on the 3rd floor, so much more space and a 24 hr gym My poor dog FLIPPED out at the wooden floor. He had to be practically dragged up the stairs. But after 3 days he is good now.
    As far as my band goes. I am doing better. I am no longer counting calories but making good calorie decisions. I found I obsess when I count the calories instead of eating when i'm hungry and just remembering portion size. I do not not count carbs either.
    And I'm losing I weighed 248 going into surgery. I am now at 233. All with no fill. I am happy especially since I didnt loose anything from week 2-4. I lost 5oz during that time to be exact lol. Looking at my weight history this means I weighed this much back in 2009. That makes me excited. Soon I will be how much I weighed in high school
    As far as food. I can eat anything it seems like. No problem getting stuck, not one. I can not eat berries plain. I tried eating strawberries and raspberries, that didn't sit well, but I can eat them on cereal or yogurt. Gulping water (which i've done accidentally) didn't hurt either.
    I have been dealing with pain in my abdomen. Not where my band or port is but on my right side. Its odd. Some episodes of nausea. Some of this I have to give credit to my gastroparesis, it causes random and unexplained pain.
    Now I am ready for a fill. I feel encouraged. I am losing weight with no fill but I am hungry every 2 - 3 hours. I think with a fill I will be on a great track. I am going to tell my doc I dont think it will take much. I am amazed at how much my stomach is adjusting to lesser amount of food over time.
    Doc appt on Tuesday, we will see what they say about...welll....everything
    :::continues to party with strobe lights and streamers::::
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    Sharpie reacted to MaggieGT for a blog entry, Vacationing in Colorado   
    Hello Fellow Banders, I'm in Colorado for a much needed vacation. I have been getting 12,000 to 16,000 steps in. I'm loving hiking in the mountains and along the alpine lake. I even have gotten some tennis in.   I'm not sure how I'm doing on my weight since this is a different scale than at home or the doctor's.  It weighted me 3 lbs more than at home, So I just adjusted everything to that and set my goals accordingly. I weight-in 12 days from now and my best guess is that I need to lose 7 lbs or 2000 cal deficit per day. With this level of activity, I'm burning 3000 to 3500 cal/day. I just need to keep it up and keep my calories at the 800 to 1200 range. I think this is very doable. I am so thankful to God for my continued good health. I would like to honor him and myself by for once and for all get my weight to normal. Good Journey, MaggieGT
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    Sharpie reacted to dylanmiles23 for a blog entry, One Year-today!   
    One year ago today I was Banded!! So how was my year? Well, I was very very good for about 8-10 months and then I went back to my eating ice cream, too often. I almost always have soft serve but with jimmies(chocolate sprinkles, if you're not from Boston).
    I was going to the gym (since December, when my husband and I joined) about 4-6 times a week. As the nice weather came, that stopped. We are going today, we are in our workout clothes!! I need to get my s**t together and start over with my new life.
    My eating has been for the most part great. I love my morning protein shakes. I drink hot tea and iced tea all day and night. I brew my own iced tea, so it's decaf. I enjoy my large salad about 1 hour before my dinner. I have never used salad dressing, so I know I am great in that department. I do eat bread but only in restaurants with really great bread. I do have Chinese food with brown rice and where I usually eat you can get luncheon specials all day and I bring 1/2 of it home for another meal. Use to be I ate the whole plate full and then some more. I also never have fast food. I hate it. I know what you are thinking, a fat person who hates fast food! WOW! If I did any it was maybe french fries (no salt) (hate salt)
    or a shake and I gave them up and don't miss them at all. My grandsons are mad I won't go to McDonald's with them. Grampie will take them but never Grammie.
    So as far as my pounds lost, I started my weight loss March, 2012 with replacing breakfast with shakes and lost 26 pounds before my surgery. As of this morning I am down 74 big ones!!! Could it have been more-of course. I am not perfect. It was a few pounds more but the ice cream took care of that and the less moving of the body.
    I go to the doctor Friday for a fill. I have a 10 band with 3 fills for a total of 1.5 I guess my doctor goes slowly with the fills and I am fine with that.
    Everyone is different with your loss, eating and working out. Be you and not someone you're not. We do all compare ourselves to everyone, me included. Work towards who you want to be.
    Have a great day! I will try.
    Arlene aka "Eye Candy"
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    Sharpie reacted to donna450 for a blog entry, Any one in their 60's and wishing you had done it sooner?   
    I for one am 63. I had never dreamed I could do this until I found a friend who had tried it. I bet their are many people who don't even know these exist. At least the older people.Maybe I am being naïve, but it is soooo new to me yet here I am set for banding on 8-23. I gave it a lot of thought. I have multiple diseases and chronic conditions, 33 pills a day and not feeling too hot anyway you put it. Anyway I am so happy to be here. I am finding out a lot of new things, to do and not to do. I have questions for my doctor. I found out about plication the other day. So I'm going to ask my doctor about that. Some have had it done and love it. So why I ask isn't there more of it heard about ? I see all these youngsters doing this procedure and I feel envious that I hadn't tried it way before now. But I still have a few good years and I want them to be my happiest ever. I have had many problems over the years as most of us have. Give me some feedback on those of you who have tried it and how you feel about it and those waiting to be banded. I am holding my breath hoping to get through the preop and worried about the procedure and after. Just genuine curiosity. Hope to hear from you soon. Donna
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    Sharpie reacted to Kime-lou for a blog entry, What can I do?   
    Yesterday, I started to really think about what I can do. This brings many thoughts to mind- the things I can do now since losing 60 lbs, the things I want to do, the things I should do, ect.
    Pre-surgery I was lucky, my health was pretty good, but I was terrified of it starting to fail. My knees had just started to ache when I walked alot- they would pop and creek. I knew they were telling me I was to large. I would cut grass and go inside and sometimes passout- litterally- do to over excertion. Did that twice.
    Yeterday afternoon it was 92 degrees at my house with 98% humidity and guess what- I pushed mowed my lawn with NO ill effects. It took me 45 mins to cut the entire yard. Then I did some clipping in my flower garden and watered my pepper plants. Then I finally went into the house- and I felt good. I went stratight and got in the shower since I was dirty, wet and smelly. I got out of the shower, got a glass of water, sat down a few min and then back up to cook dinner. I couldn't have do that 60 lbs ago.
    I now walk and sometime jog without pain. I can ride a bike for a mile or more without stopping.
    I will be the first to tell you I hate "exercise". I put it in "" because I don't like just walking, or just getting on the elliptical or just lifting weights. I like to do something with a purpose that has a end point, like what I did yesterday. I love working in my yard, in the garden with my mom, playing with my neice, walking to go somewhere, even house work.
    So I know that since I don't like exercise, it is very important that I move! So even though I have a office job I have tried to set things up where I must move. My bookshelf is across the room with my reference lit, my file cabnet is across the room. I have to stand up and step to my printer. Instead of taking the short cut to the potty I take the long way around. I stand up when on the phone. Movement is movement and it burn energy which burns calories.
    Over the last 6 months my weight loss has slowed, but not stopped. On average it seems I lose around a pound to 2 pounds a month. While this isn't what I would love to lose, it is a loss. It is steady and comfortable. I don't feel like I am giving up anything. I feel like the life style I am living is one I can maintain forever. I make better choices, I do follow a give and take rule, I move more. So while I complain and fuss, fume and whine about having not lost as much as others; I am proud to say in 1 year and 1 month I have not gained, my weight has been on a decline. So I think little by little, inch by inch one day I will reach my goal. I may not get there as fast as I had hoped or dreamed, but I will make it.
    I can do this, one step at a time.
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    Sharpie reacted to chasingadream for a blog entry, Fear and friends...my lapband journey   
    This lapband journey has had its ups and downs already and I'm still waiting to be banded. Finishing with the nutritionist tomorrow and then a surgery date and insurance approval and then I'm home free....so they tell me.
    It's been some journey so far. An experience in every aspect. First, the decision to do this...years in the making...and what a decision it is...lots of research, lots of reading, and lots of questions. Then, came the testing...the poking, the prodding, the multitude of appts and doctors and hoops to jump through. What came of it all...luckily, I'm "healthier" than I thought for being morbidly obese....or maybe I should say that my luck hasn't run out yet! And happily, I've begun to make some new friends on this journey of mine!
    Just when I'm on a roll and feeling positive a flood of negativity and fear comes flooding in from just one thread on this site. It was disheartening and more than anything else...SCARY!!!!
    So, I've decided the following.....
    ...I'm moving forward with positive thoughts
    ...I have a 2nd appt with my surgeon to ask every question that has come up since my 1st appt...and there are many!!
    ...I will continue to follow the positive, successful, and supportive members here who really want to help....YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!...AND I THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!
    ...I will continue to educate myself and ask as many questions as I want!
    From all this I've learned I have the right to question and question and question some more....and not to feel bad about it.
    I've learned that unfortunately there are naysayers who dont want to share "opinions" and tell there story--they want to breed fear. :ph34r:
    I've learned I will not be a part of that again.
    I've learned to stop doubting myself to the point of panic setting in.
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    Sharpie reacted to ♕ajtexas♕ for a blog entry, Bit by bit... or is it Bite by bite?   
    They say we didn’t gain all our weight overnight and therefore we shouldn’t expect to lose all the weight overnight. And as we get closer to our goal it gets harder and harder. It becomes a very frustrating thing.
    Then when we finally reach our idea weight, we have to maintain that weight FOR LIFE! No relaxing allowed. Because it will creep back on bit by bit.
    That is where I am at, I let my eyes do my measuring and bit by bit the sizes kept getting bigger…..
    Then I let myself make some not so good choices. Oh I can have a little of this and a little of that, I’m not trying to lose weight, just maintaining so it won’t hurt…..
    Guess what, I am pushing that five pound threshold that my doctor said I should keep. Yep up five pounds from my goal.
    Oh, I could sit here and say I don’t understand. I haven’t changed my eating or my exercise. But I did change things (slightly). A little bigger size of this and that. Extra treat here and there. Skipping on this exercise or that. It all adds up and at the end of the day I have gained five pounds over the last month.
    Now what, cry in my Wheaties? Nope, I get my a s s back on track. Weigh my food, eat my protein first, drink my water and exercise every day. And guess what, I will have to do this for the rest of my life.
    So for anyone thinking that the Band (or any WLS for that matter) is a quick fix, guess again! It takes change and lots of it, and it takes a lifetime commitment.
    I’m in it for life and bit by bit I will get these five pounds back off.
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    Sharpie reacted to dylanmiles23 for a blog entry, Toxic Love-Dr. OZ   
    Hi Everyone,
    I am watching Dr. Oz right now and the show's subject is Toxic Love. Very interesting about what loved ones do to each other when they have health issues. Dieting together, a mother telling her daughter, you're fat etc. and cooking the wrong foods. Right now is a couple and the wife wears an insulin pump and the husband cooks all the wrong foods. The therapist is trying to help all the people. Great show.
    I know of people like that, that make and feed the wrong foods to the diabetic, the WLS person, like all of us etc.
    Who is the the toxic person in your life? Mine is ME!!!!!!
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    Sharpie reacted to ElliottX9 for a blog entry, 1 Sat to Paris   
    So, this is my first entry, and planning to behave like a grown up and take control of my health and use this lapband tool properly. I read somewhere once that people who overeat are emotionally underdeveloped as they use food as a emotional escape - not true for everyone - but for someone like me, that rung a true and clear bell, and frankly, it really hurt. Can't remember how I responded, but I probably ate something....
    I have read in a million different approaches to this type of task, that keeping a journal is ideal and helps in some way. I have no desire to keep a paper journal and run the risk of having it read upon my demise, or even before. This may be public, but it is only public to people who can relate to what is happening to and for me during this process. I don't expect anyone will read this, but as a journal this will serve nicely. My handwriting resembles ransom notes these days anyway! Next entry - after a trip to Paris - surely not the ideal place to commence healthy food choices, but this is a "for life" change so location should be irrelevant. I

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