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Starting Over



So things have been going pretty well. I am getting one or two 30 min walks in every day and sticking to the diet. I was down to 229 lbs. this morning, the first time I have been under 230 for months. I was feeling very positive. I headed for Walmart for a few groceries. As I was entering the store, sitting on a bench in the entry area was a 30 something woman who appeared to be having trouble breathing. She was extremely obese, likely over 450 lbs (I can reasonable make that guess because I had an aunt who weighed that much and was about the same size). As a nurse, I was concerned for her and I asked her if she was ok. Through her difficult breaths, she indicated she would be ok and she said "I'm waiting for an electric cart. I just walked in from my car." I was stunned and felt a fear I hadn't experienced before....I could be experiencing those same symptoms if I don't take care of myself. Funny how I don't think I was ever afraid of being overweight before. It didn't interfere much with the things I do, but did I only do the things I was able to do, not everything I could do? That is a thought I am going to give much attention to as I go through this journey.

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I think all of us have that fear.. I saw a lady today @ Walmart with huge legs and she was barely able to walk to the electric cart.. she looked to be younger than me but Lord help her she was so sad looking.. I know I was headed for the electric cart myself ..could hardly make it through the store without leaning on the grocery cart... I thank God everyday that I decided to take charge of my health and got my band before it was too late... it's moments like these that make you say there by the Grace of God go I...

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