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    destynee1 reacted to KatieKakesRN31 for a blog entry, Begining of a new *ME*   
    My name is Katie, currently 24 y.o. I am 3 months post op have lost 32lbs as of right now. I am mostly doing this blog to record my journey for future reference in life. My lap band journey begins when I was pre-diabetic, had HTN and hyperlipidemia and very much obese. I had looked into getting lap band at the begining of 2012 since my insurance would cover 90%. It spaked my interest instantly. I went to all the classes required by my insurance at first didnt take it to serious, but now i realize what it prepares you for. I always felt like an outcast when i was with my friends. I was always the biggest and felt like my guy friends always saw me as a "Dude". I hated going shopping for clothes because of my size. I was always tired and cheeks red and had headaches everyday. I had a previous medical dx, that would lead me to have CHF in the future if i didnt change my ways. I work with patients who have CHF everyday and i saw how they struggled and that lead me to want to CHANGE. I am only 24 and this was a big descion. When i metioned the idea to my husband and family, they were shocked because I wasnt that big as they said. I needed their support before I started the program and I got everyone on board and started my process.
    Surgery day arrives, my husband was a nevous wreck. He was sick to his stomach worried until he got the news I was out of surgery and doing okay. My first question to the nurse in PACU was " did he say how my liver looked". You do the 10 day pre surgery liquid diet to shrink your liver and lose some weight before surgery, and what do you know my liver was small and he was pleased with the results.
    Since surgery I have had 2 fills and have a total of .4 in my band and right now i am very happy. Im going to keep up my good work of dieting and exercising. And in the near future i hope to run in the color run and tough mudder.
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    destynee1 reacted to cheryl2586 for a blog entry, Being healthy doesn't always matter!   
    Over the last month I have lost 6 classmates all from heart attacks, cancers and other ailments that were health fanatics, gym rats, runners. Being healthy is a plus but genetics plays a big role in how long we will live. When I was almost 300lbs I never had high cholesterol ever. My friend Lisa was a gym rat and dropped dead at 38 from a massive heart attack. My sons half brother died at 29 from a massive heart attack and when they did the autopsy he had heart disease.
    We all want to be healthy and have wls to get there. I feel great but my family has a history of breast cancer. So where am I going with this? Get the weight off and live each day to its fullest. Go on vacation, spend time with your family, make up to people who have done you wrong even if you know you were right.
    Life is too short to be waiting for health and wealth. My husband and I are just now looking to purchase our first home. Because the market is right. Jacksonville is a great area and the housing market is great. Do I want a 30 year mortgage at 50? Heck no but who cares I want my own home. We are spending a thousand dollars a month or rent when we could get a 4 bedroom home on water front property and pay about 415 a month in mortgage payments. So now my fun begins going to look at homes. Some as cheap as 98,000 for a three bedroom just built in 2007. The banks want to get rid of them so desperately they are going for practically nothing. Have fun, stop letting the number on the scale bum you out and do something that you always wanted to do.
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    destynee1 reacted to Kime-lou for a blog entry, Learned something new....   
    I went in for a fill today, my weight had gone up by 5 lbs since last week so I wasn't thrilled about going in. I went in they weighed me- up 1 lbs since last month!!!!!! I was pissed. She checked my band and gave me another cc - I always get fills with floro. I told her about my weight jump from last week and explained it was my TOM time even though I don't actually bleed. She said that the weight fluctuation was not abnormal, that everyone will have fluctuations from week to week. She also ask how many calories my fitbit said I was burning a day- I told her between 2000-2200 depending on if I work out or not. She ask about my eating habits - I told her I was only eating 3 times a day and sometimes having an afternoon snack. She ask about my calorie intake- I told her I was getting between 1200-1300 a day.
    Surprise- she said I'm not getting enough calories. Now this is what my doc said, I trust my doctor, she is a Duke Doc, I have full confidence in her- do please do not bash her or me; if you doc said something else fine ok, I am just putting out there what mine said.
    She said that since I am now over 6 months post that eating 1200 calories a day isn't enough. She said that having a 3-500 calorie a day deficit was good, but not more because the body would not let go of the fat- sorta like starvation mode. She said if I upped my workout routine to up calories. To try and keep my deficit around 3-500 for optimum weight loss.
    So I am going to try and see what happens. Maybe it has to do with where I am in weight- I don't know, but she is my doctor, she is trained, so I will listen to her.
    If you don't agree fine, but again don't bash!!
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    destynee1 reacted to cheryl2586 for a blog entry, Starchy carbs and why we don't need them   
    For most of us that are banded our doctors told us to stay away from breads, rice and pasta and with the exception that they do get stuck but for most they really only do one thing. They turn in to sugar after consumption and sugar turns in to stored fat. Our bodies need carbs to function but good carbs such as fruit and vegetables. Who wants to make anything we eat turn to fat? I don't I have had enough of that.
    Before the band and my many failed attempts at dieting I/we ate low calorie bread, a baked potatoe, rice, pasta and every other flipping thing that we thought was good. But in all reality eating those kinds of carbs only makes you crave more of those kinds of carbs.
    I did an experiment with myself and a group I was teaching in two different sessions. I gave everyone including myself one quater of a buttermilk bisquit (yes we ate it slow but it went down) the next week I asked them to report what happened when they went home. All of them including myself wanted more starchy carbs and some caved in and went on a binge for the next entire week which the out come was weight gain.
    The next week we ate a small plate of vegetables and some fruit (because I can't expect people to just eat veggies at 9 in the morning and the following week I asked them to report what happened. The group that starchy carb binged the week before got back on track and lost the weight they had gained but everyone said they did not crave starchy carbs from eating the fruit and vegetables.
    Once you reach goal then its fine to eat these things and add them back in to your diet but for me to do it is a disaster. This is only my personal experience with carbs and may not be yours but it is true that starchy carbs do turn to sugar and then they turn to fat.
    If you can't control your craving for carbs, then eliminating these from your diet may help. They also make you crave sugar too. TTFN
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    destynee1 reacted to FLORIDAYS for a blog entry, HaHaHaHaHaHOLLYWOOD here I come....   
    Sitting at my desk wishing it was Friday... when I received a call from the hospital where I had my lap band surgery in December 2010 and most recently a sonogram after my tummy tuck to see what was causing the bleeding from my belly button. My first thought was they found some dreaded infection or worse yet…tumors… I braced myself for the bad news wondering why my plastic surgeon wasn’t calling…
    The woman identified herself as the Director of Patient Relations and she was calling to congratulate me on my successful Lap Band journey and ask me if I would be interested in a starring role in their new advertising campaign. It’s just in the works now and it may be print or television…no details are firm yet.
    After I picked my mouth off the ground and tried to wrap my head around the fact this wasn’t bad news… I thanked her for the call and asked how much it paid. Well maybe not quite that blunt but in a roundabout sort of way…. LOL. She doesn’t think it pays but it may open the door for other things… Like what…. I have no idea.
    So anyway…. I thanked her for the call, told her I would consider it and she assured me I would be hearing from their creative department. I hung up the phone and the first thought I had was seeing my body on a billboard on the highway…. I spent all this time to get thin and now they want to blow me up…. Hysterical.
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    destynee1 reacted to Shelleymb for a blog entry, I Feel Addicted....   
    To thinking about lap band. I wish I could occupy my mind with something else, but for the most part I'm hooked. When working, whn Ivey out of breath, I just think about being banded. Everything banded.... All the time. I need a distraction.
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    destynee1 reacted to LeslieW for a blog entry, Unexpected Gift Makes Me a Little Teary Eyed   
    So no one on here knows but I own my business. Mostly I sell jewelry making supplies and run auctions on various platforms. I spend A LOT of time on Facebook and social media due to the way I have to run my job. I have become friends with a group of people who I really believe God or whatever higher power there is has brought into my life.
    Several of these wonderful ladies are on a similar journey as I am and we are all trying to lose weight in some way. Three of them will be doing the RNY either this year or next. They were there for me when my dad passed helping me to get home to see him before he went. That was in November.
    Today.. when my daughter came home from school she tripped over a package on the front step. When I opened it, there was gorgeous snow globe from Things Remembered.
    It plays "Pretty Woman" and says We love you Leslie.. From the girls and Alan. It says FABULOUS on the inside of the globe.
    I have never teared up so fast in my life. Well maybe when my kids were born. To have found such support with the best co workers in the whole world means so much to me.
    I wanted to post this blog because I know some people struggle with telling others they are having WLS. I got the same crazy advice and response from some well meaning mis informed people. But then I have these wonderful awesome people in my life who are there and encouraging. I will never hide the fact that I had WLS, because in the end, this is my life. In my life I will chose to be there for others going through the same thing. I will ignore the nay sayers and feel blessed in the fact that there are those people out there who understand and who are proud of me for having the courage to do what I needed to do. After all, the people who love you no matter what, those are the people you want to keep in your life.
    I hope everyone can find understanding from the people in their lives. If you cannot.. you have understanding from me. Good luck in your journeys.
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    destynee1 reacted to LeslieW for a blog entry, Walking on Sunshine.. and smaller feet!   
    Today I went to my post op visit. I am 12 days post op and down 20lbs from start weight on Pre Op diet!!!
    I am so excited! The scale has NEVER moved backwards 20lbs. I was never one to gain and lose weight. I just steadily gained. My doctor said I was doing very well and being very compliant. He did tell me he did the plication pretty snug so to make sure I take it slow when eating.
    They also told me to speed up my walking a bit and go a bit further. He wants me to walk for a half an hour for exercise 5 times a week.
    They changed my diet today. For the rest of today and tomorrow I am on full liquids. Starting Friday I can have mushy food. YAY refried beans here I come!
    So my clothes are not looser on me. However, my hands and feet are losing or at least lost swelling from water weight. My shoes are loose and I am now able to turn my rings on fingers without it hurting. My daughter says she can see the weight loss in my face but I cannot see it anywhere yet.
    I am encouraged and very happy right now. At this time I am going to start weighing only once a week. I am sure like most I have been a little obsessed with that and weighing every day.
    Hopefully, with hard work, the scale will continue to move backwards.
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    destynee1 reacted to ladybabie3 for a blog entry, on the other side im officially banded   
    hello all sorry for not posting lately im officially banded. im in pain but it will pass and im on a new path in life.
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    destynee1 reacted to ladybabie3 for a blog entry, progress   
    ok so this is day two post opp and i no this is gross but i am so happy to be passing gas im able to move around a little more today each day gets better
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    destynee1 reacted to cheryl2586 for a blog entry, Over eating with the band   
    I have read so many times that people "Can eat more then they should" with their band. But let me tell you what is going to happen if you continue to eat more then you should. 1) Your pouch is going to dilate and cause problems 2) over eating and food backing up in to the esophagus is going to cause your esophagus to expand and make it slow down when pushing the food through the pouch. 3) Cause band erosion. Every single time you over eat, you are forcing your band into the stomach wall and causing pressure. This pressure will continue until it cause the band to wear in to your stomach. Once erosion happens you can say good bye to your band.
    Just because you can eat more then a cup of food does not mean you should. Eat what your supposed to and then if you are hungry a few hour later then eat again but do not over eat.
    All of these things can be avoided if you just do what you are supposed too. Stop over eating. There is no need to anymore. If you want your band then follow the rules if you don't then continue on your binging over eating ways and you will surely lose it.
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    destynee1 reacted to FLORIDAYS for a blog entry, I don't understand   
    Like many others i am sure.... I get a lot of PMs from people at different stages of their journey asking how they can be as successful as I have been, what were my challenges, what do I eat etc....... And I answer each and every question. A handful of people, write back thanking me or expressing their concerns, frustrations etc....But I really am not sure why most of the others actually do not... I offer my opinions, answer their questions and give them the what worked for me speech... And then I never hear from them again. Not even a thanks for taking the time to answer me...
    I am not expecting life long pen pals and i I am greatful when Someone actually acknowledges my repy... But for someone to take the time to write, m to take the time to answer I am baffled as to why they don't acknowledge my answer.
    Just another thing to make you go hmmmmm
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    destynee1 reacted to FLORIDAYS for a blog entry, Stop Preaching   
    As you may have seen Someone posted that to me today.... Stop preaching.
    I really thought about it and decided that if my preaching about.... be good to the band and it will be good to you....helps one person out... Its worth having someone tell me to stop preaching.
    So I am not stopping. I will shout it from the rooftops... I love my band and my band loves me because I treat it with respect and dedication... If it chooses to fail me down the road it won't be from my doing...and I will just deal with it when the time comes. In the meantime the band and my effort gave me a thin healthy outlook on life and I plan on singing it's praises forever....
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    destynee1 reacted to ladybabie3 for a blog entry, I survived the Pre-opt Diet and Tomorrow is the day:)   
    Ok so today is the my last day of the pre-opt diet and what a challenge it was. But I succeed non the less. I will weigh myself tomorrow to give you guys another update on my weight loss. Also, BDay is tomorrow can you say super excited. not nervous at all.
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    destynee1 reacted to LeslieW for a blog entry, The beginning... And two NSV with one SV   
    It is important for me to share my journey with others. I will be honest about what I am feeling so that new people or people thinking about getting banded can have an honest view point. I believe most people are this way but there are also some trolls out there with weird agendas that want to scare people. There will be ups and downs as with anything, I am sure. It is my goal to honestly portray what it is like to be banded.
    I am 34 years old with a start weight of 305. I have a large blended family. Between my husband and I we have 6 children and a very busy life.
    I am 8 days post op today. My surgery included a hernia repair, lapband and plication. My band was not "primed" at time of surgery. My first fill is scheduled for 6 weeks post op.
    To be quite honest, I am one of those people who don't do well with any pain meds. They knock me out and generally make me groggy. That is what happened this week. Not only was I groggy but I experienced discomfort like never before in my life. This was me being unprepared as I have never had major surgery before. The gas pains alone threw me. They are not your standard gas pain. Until you have it you really won't know what people mean when they are talking about the gas. When you have your band do what everyone says and walk, walk, walk. The first three days after surgery, I was happiest when walking. Working out the gas pressure is a relief!
    My relationship with food this week has been an emotional roller coaster. In the beginning of the week, I felt like I had lost a dear friend. I am still on the clear liquid part of my post op diet. It seems like every commercial on TV is about food. Food I don't even normally like looks delicious. Now, at the beginning of my second week Post OP, those commercials no longer bother me. I have accepted the stage of the diet I am on and I know that eventually I will be able to eat "real food" as long as I keep it healthy I WILL succeed!
    My relationship with my husband has gotten stronger. I am 34 years old and needed help taking a shower, getting dressed and making broth for myself. He stepped up and did all of these things for me. He took the kids to school, cleaned house, and made their dinner all while holding down a job of his own. I could not have done as well this week without his loving support. When I was ready to start doing things on my own again he did not smother me. He is letting me take control back one step at a time, as I am ready. I am truly blessed to have him in my life. I hope everyone can find support in this journey as I have.
    I have had a lot of time to think this week. I took a long hard look at myself and have decided I will not fail my band. Notice I did not say the band will not fail me. I will not fail the band because I have made a decision to follow doctor's orders, to be honest with myself and to let my support system help me. I made the decision to take this step in my life for my health. Let's be honest here.. I also have dreams of feeling sexy again. I am 34 not 90. It is up to me to see that this tool helps me reach my goal. I believe with all my heart personal responsibility needs to be a big part of the healing process.
    So flash forward to post op day 8. I feel fantastic today! I have no more pain. I have not had to take my pain meds for two days. The gas is all gone. Food commercials no longer bother me. I am not weak or groggy anymore.
    So I promised in my title two NSV's (non scale victories) and one SV (scale victory). So already I am encouraged by progress.
    My first and a very important NSV is I was able to get my wedding rings back on. Not only are they on but they are comfortable and no longer cutting into my fingers! As I was heartbroken and sorely disappointed in myself when I had to take them off, I am overjoyed to wear them again. My husband is also very proud I am wearing his rings again.
    The second and also very important NSV.. I was able to sleep in my own bed last night! This was the first time in 10 years I have had to sleep apart from my husband when in the same house. We have never let a fight make one of us sleep on the couch. I spent the entire last week in my recliner because it was the only comfortable spot to sleep. I am so HAPPY to be back in my own bed.
    And drum roll please... My scale victory... As of this morning I am down to 289 from 305lbs. 16 lbs lost! I have not seen the scale move backwards in years and never has it moved 16lbs! I can do this. If you are a new person with doubts and questions.. YOU can do this if you want to. Do research. When you think you have done enough.. do some more. It is not easy. Oh boy is it not the easy way out.. It is a tool for you to use.
    If you want success, reach out and grab it. It is there for you. Remember success comes with bumps in the road. These are just things we all have to get through. It is part of life.
    I am sure I will have ups and downs. Lets be realistic. Of course there will be ups and downs. I will share as many of these as I can that I feel people considering this journey should hear. If something goes wrong (unlikely), I will be honest about it and what caused it. I will share the victories as well.
    Thank you for reading my first blog. I wish you all success in your own journeys no matter what road they take. I am happy to answer any questions I can if you have any. =)
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    destynee1 reacted to cheryl2586 for a blog entry, Half a Century here I am   
    Sweet baby Jesus where did 50 years go? Here I am 50 today and I never thought I would make it this far. I feel great. My husband woke me up at 2 a.m. with a cake singing happy birthday. Ha I can't eat cake but oh well the roses tasted good at 2a.m.
    I feel good, looking great and the best is yet to come. Now if the time would slow down so I can do everything I want. You see this journey has been a great one and has given me my life back in a great way. Happy 5oth birthday to me and looking forward to being the healthiest middle age person ever.
    AARP was waiting in the mail for me but I dont feel that old yet. It is for old people isnt it lol. I did it/still doing it and hope everyone else succeeds in their journey.
    Breakfast in bed, a Vera Bradley purse and Bahama Breeze for dinner and yes I am drinking a Mohito with extra rum. You only turn 50 0nce. I'm making the best of it.
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    destynee1 reacted to Kekeboo for a blog entry, Menu for 12/28/12   
    Today is a bust. I went to the commissary to see what deals they had and then took a nap. So my menu plan that I was going to post is just not gonna make it on today's blog.
    However, I will start with tomorrow's plan and hopefully have a weeks worth to post by Saturday.
    Friday 12/27:
    Breakfast- Protein shake
    Lunch- 4 turkey meatballs with marinara sauce
    Side of mixed veggies (1/4c)
    Dinner- turkey patty with lettuce/tomato/light mayo/ mustard/ dill relish. Side of 1/4 c cauliflower with cheese sauce.
    1 white tea (green tea) everyday.
    2 cups of coffee. Got a Keurig for Christmas.
    4 cups decaf tea with lemon.
    4 c of water with mio flavoring.
    1 c of water with liquid vitamin
    That's my plan and I'm sticking to it.
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    destynee1 reacted to Kekeboo for a blog entry, Jan. 18th... no menu. Maybe blogging isn't for me.   
    I just can't seem to get it together. i read all other blogs about menus and updates and all that stuff and I think to myself....I'm witty, I'm organized I CAN DO THAT.
    I am disappointed in myself, but that's just me. I am a planner, a doer, a go getter.
    My menu plan for the next 2 days are won't be worth posting. I just had a fill today and I'm on liquids for the next 24-48 hours, then soft for the following 3-4 days. I didn't follow the directions properly the last time and found myself gaining 2 lbs since my last visit. I can read all about how important it is to follow directions, and how this is my choice and on and on and on. I know, I get it, I had to fall before I could pick myself up. When I saw that 2 lbs, I wasn't surprised, but I was very upset. I had to reboot myself and decide for myself that I have to let the lapband work for me, and in order for it to work I have to use it properly.
    I have followed my menus, but I found myself eating a little more here and a little more there. Yes, calories do count. My 2 lb weightgain proved that to me.
    I had my 6 months bandaversary on Jan 16th and I am happy to have lost about 30 lbs. It was not done easily or without effort, and I just don't think I could have done it without my band. It was my wakeup call....I qualified for a lapband. Not my proudest moment, but so very thankful for it.
    So, I promise myself to blog...more often. May not be everyday.
    To continue my 30 minutes a day walking.
    To add some light hand weights.
    To accept that I am worth this. I deserve to be healthy. I am already happy.
    I'm always happy. Yeah, I am one of THOSE people. I smile through everything, I strive to see the good in every situation.
    And when it starts to get hard, I have a rock I can lean on...my awesome husband. Very greatful and blessed.
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    destynee1 reacted to goal_will_be_met for a blog entry, Truth is   
    I haven't been on here in a long while. I lost my dad to cancer this past November and then delt with the whole flu...I just haven't felt much like doing anything. I haven't lost anymore weight but I haven't gained either. In fact lately I have been so on board that I am trying to find good easy fast ways to lose weight...When in fact there really isn't much to it. Just healthy eating and exercise. I hate exercising because its not fun to me and it hurts...I have to remind myself that if it were easy everyone would do it. I am trying to get better with my food and have been doing well...I am still having a hard time getting enough calories in. I am drinking and eating every 3 hours but Still not enough...This weekend I plan on buying more veggies and fruit..Time to get real and time to quit feeling sorry for myself. I am ready for this and have been. I shouldn't stop because my dad wouldn't want me too. I wanna do this because this is for me no one else.
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    destynee1 reacted to sarahsp1 for a blog entry, new to the lapband family   
    hi i would just like to start off by adopting myself into the Band family. I had the lapband this past monday the 14th of january and I couldnt be happier. The pain is well worth the satisfaction of a healthier you. here I am on day 4 no longer in pain and i can already see my clothes fitting differently. my start off weight before the journey was right at 283 and I always YO Yo my weight. After being denied by insurance the first time i decided to appeal the denail and the second go around they approved it. the pre op diet was a godsend i do have to say i went from 283 down to 260, granted i used the diet for a month rather than 2 weeks before the surgery. I have never been so excited about anything before. I have the loving support of my friends to help me accomplish my goals. For someone who has always been obese my entire life and suffered thru depression. food was my stress reliever to take away the pain. Not anymore. I have never accomplished anything in my life because of my low self confidence but that is gonna be the past and i look forward to what the future has in store for me. Im rambling on and this is my first official blog so im gonna leave it as this. Thank you so much for being a part of the Band Family ans i look forward to what tips and advice can be shared
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    destynee1 reacted to ♕ajtexas♕ for a blog entry, I Can't   
    I can’t exercise at work.
    I can park in a parking structure that is a block from my building
    I can give the elevators the day off and climb the stairs (my office building has 11 floors, my office is on the 8th floor)
    I can go to the bathroom on the 11th floor instead of my floor (& take the stairs, of course)
    I can take a break & go for a walk (it’s amazing how refreshing it is to get away from my desk for 10 minutes)
    I can’t drink that much water in a day.
    I can add lemon/lime wedges or crystal light mixes to the water for variety.
    I can carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go.
    I can take a drink of water every 5 minutes.
    I can’t stop snacking.
    I can stock my pantry with healthy snacks
    I can pre-portion my health snacks.
    I can drink 8 ozs of water before having the snack I think I want.
    I can go for a walk instead of having the snack I think I want.
    As long as “I can” I will maintain my weight and I know I CAN!
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    destynee1 reacted to beabenitez1978 for a blog entry, Where do I start? Really?   
    Well really as the title says where do I start? Its been almost 10 months since my surgery - and I've got to say - time has flown by - and though progress has been slow... its still progress...
    I've also learned a lot since last March... about the band, about me and about the relationships I have.. who would have thought that getting the band could impact ALL aspects of my life? I mean yes - we've all read about how the band impacts not only our health - physical and mental -but it impacts our relationships - to food, to people, to clothes, to ourselves..
    I suppose I've been naive to the whole thing.. and haven't really taken a hard look at myself (lets face it - looking at myself was NOT something I wanted to do) but hey it has to be done eventually right?! Now don't mind me if I start to ramble here.. but wait.. its my blog right? ha ha... kidding.. but seriously...
    See.. it was in 2008 - that I started this journey... when the Lap Band was merely a 'fantasy' for me... I was at my highest weight - 495lb... and wearing a 30-32W pants size... I knew I was fat... I had known that all my life.. being the 'big girl' was nothing new.. but this was different... I was having trouble with my health, with even doing the easiest of things... getting out of bed in the morning, or shopping? Yeah.. lets say even Lane Bryant no longer 'fit' me right.. but it was one week before my birthday in 2008 that I had the scare of my life...
    I hadn't been feeling well at all - but I had ignored it.. afterall I was such the 'non-compliant' patient... I was a diabetic - who didn't take the prescribed meds, nor did I check my blood sugars - and eating right? YEAH RIGHT... anywho - one morning I was in severe pain, weak, and vomiting... my neices were the ones that convinced me to go to the hospital.. and from the Emergency Room I was admitted directing into the hospital.. where I stayed for two and a half weeks... the diagnosis? Early Renal Failure... really? Me? I wasn't even 30 years old yet.. I didn't understand it.. and that's when the Doc came in and 'yelled' at me... letting me know that my kidneys were shutting down... due to uncontrolled diabetes.. he yelled at me about my weight... he yelled about me not caring about my life... This was so very far from the truth... because I did care... didn't I?
    After spending those two weeks in the hospital - being completely furious with my Doctor - i realized he was right - this was the first time in my life that my health kept me from work.. I realized that he was right - dialysis was a certainity if I didn't make changes... So it was then - when I was released from the hospital that I decided that I needed a change... When I walked out of that hospital - I was taking approximately 15 pills a day and 2 shots of insulin a day... I weighed 495lbs, had high blood pressure and my A1C was a 13..so my daily blood sugar on average was over 330...
    Flash-Forward....Its 2011 - and here I am... I am now 130lbs lighter - give or take... and still - I don't see a HUGE difference... is that wierd? but what I do notice is those 2 shots and 15 pills a day I was taking? Nope.. no more... only pill I was taking was a multi vitamin... THAT was success enough for me... but I was still considered Morbidly Obese... and there were some family issues that came up... that woke me up.. my weight was a contributing factor to increased risks for the Cancer that was affecting so many in my family... I HAD to do something more... Diabetes and high blood pressue were not the only enemies I had to fight...
    As 'luck' would have it - the company I work for changed insurance plans - and it was then - during a benefits meeting I realized that the Lap Band Dream - was now an option.. REALLY? So there I went... I met with Dr. Simpson for the first time in October of 2011.. after our first consultationn - it was a go - now the only issue was to get approved by insurance... and from what I heard - getting approved was to be a 'bear' to deal with... and it was.. no lie.. they wanted EVERYTHING... letters from my primary care provider, 5+ years of medical records, proof that I indeed had co-morbidities... Of course at first glance these requirements looked daunting... but in reality - it wasn't at all - for I met all those requirements - EASILY.. which in this sense.. was quite sad....
    The letter my primary care provider wrote? That in itself was an eye opener... She had gone back - way back in my medical records - and found that at age 12 I was diagnosed as Obese... really?! What happened? and then she tracked from that point all those other little issues that came up.. Asthma, Chronic Lower Back Pain... and then at age 15? Diagnosed with High Blood Pressure?! and then at 23 years of age diagnosed with Diabetes? I had ignored all this... This letter had proved to be yet another eye-opener - one that reminded me that yes - I had made progress - but I could indeed become a better version of myself... a healthier version.
    So in less than a week after submitting all the needed information to the insurance company - that's right - I got the call.. APPROVED... So after much trial and error in scheduling - I finally had my surgery on March 20th, 2012...
    So now? That we're in the present day? Its been 10 months since my surgery... and since the surgery - I've lost just over 50lbs... see what I mean? SLOW going... but its going right? But somehow I feel like I should have made more progress.... Dr. Simpson always reminds me that this "is not a race, its a marathon".. REALLY? Ugh.. I have no patience... but he's right.. it took me a good while to gain the weight - so its going to take me time to lose it as well..
    My struggles of late has been to realize that success can not be measured by the numbers on the scale.. (however lets be honest kids... it matters...) Shopping has been fun.. I mean for the first time in my life - I can fit into 1X and 2X tops - and the cool thing is I've finally made it into a size 20W pants... really? YAY me.. but even with all those little successes.. why am I finding myself not so happy with everything? Why am I finding myself less confident than when I was 495lbs, why am I finding that my relationships aren't as stable as I thought? Is it me or them? Who is the insecure one? Why is it that when I look in the mirror - I don't see the new me - but I see the old Bea... the 495lb one... why is it that when I shop - I still attempt to dress myself in the shrouds of clothing I was so used to... why is it that wearing clothes that actually fit... is uncomfortable and unsettling for me... and what about the changes to my body? the flabby skin? Yes.. I was well aware of the 'side effects' of the surgery - but I want my old body back somedays... at least it was full and somewhat firm... but now? this flabbiness? especially the arm flab.. baah... or lets talk a little about the undue attention I receive now.. THAT's different... however... I'm the same person I was when I was 495 lbs... why all of sudden are they paying attention now? so now - I wonder who's really interested in the me... the real me - the me inside... because somedays it seems that my appearance is all that matters to 'them'...
    But really ... why am I complaining? This is what I wanted right? and I have to take the good with the bad... so for now? I just take a day at a time... And I think I've caught you up... so until another day my new friends.. take care, be good to yourself and to others... and remember... "A Day Without Laughter is a Day Wasted"...
    Just me -
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    destynee1 reacted to FLORIDAYS for a blog entry, First Christmas maintaining....   
    I Cooked a fab dinner for my Inlaws, hubby, one of our daughters and the light of my life her 18 month old daughter. Even though I am less than week post op from the tt and bj surgery I started early and rested in-between chores. Polishing the silver was more strenuous than I expected but I didn't push it and was fine. I did have someone clean this week so didn't have to worry about that... But the shopping and cooking was all me. We had rib eye steak w bernaise sauce, sauteed caramelized onions and mushrooms, twice baked potatoes, Lima beans, green beans, carrots, my speciality spinach salad, rolls and apple pie, vanilla pudding pie laced with chocolate and homemade cookies.
    Since I am maintaining and healing from surgery I decided I would really enjoy a few more bites then normal since I cooked all my favs...well except the Lima beans...bleckkkkk. So the eating commenced and I ate about 2 oz of meat, a teaspoon of the mushrooms and onions, a few green beans, 1 carrot, and about a 1/4 c of salad. I also had about 1/4 of the potato and one cookie.... I was amazed... I seriously couldnt eat any more...
    I love my band. I will never gain the weight back... Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night....
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    destynee1 reacted to FLORIDAYS for a blog entry, Breast lift / augmentation   
    Well I wrestled over posting these pics in my gallery...but they are there and I think they arent any worse then what I would look like on the beach... so have a look if you are interested.... I think they came out AMAZING! Can't wait for the upper swelling to go down.
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    destynee1 reacted to Kime-lou for a blog entry, Why can't we all just get along?   
    In society today people have become, well crazy. We ALL have crazy moment when we just seem to forget and make snap comments or judgement without thinking things through.
    What took place in CT is truly a tragedy that I don't think I will ever be able to comprehend. I had the same feelings when reading about and see reports about Columbine, Okalahoma City, 9-11, Virginia Tech - why do people hurt innocents. These are all horrible horrible things, but what about the small things.
    On a daily basis we (me and you) have the ability to hurt or help someone. In my job I can get easily frustrated with parents, kids, staff, and have to remind myself to be real. I should not take my frustration with one person out on someone else- they don't deserve it. This is also the situation with this site.
    This site was created with the hope of giving support to other who have been banded. There are some on this site who have done an amazing job with their band and really have it down, then there are some who are struggling or haven't done as well, but the one thing we have in common is the band. When I respond, write blogs, ect I try to only present what has happened to me on my journey.
    Each person on this site have influences that other do not- different doctor, emotional states, family situations, illnessess, ect there for the journey will not be the same for everyone. I tend to only get frustrated with those that try to tell people to go against doctors orders. If you choose a doctor and trust him/her then you should LISTEN to their medical advice!!!! If you doctor says you need vitamins, maybe there is something in your labs or history to cause the doctor to say that so take them no matter what anyone else says. If you doctor says eat xyz then do it. If you feel like you are getting unsound advice from the doctor seek out a second opinion from ANOTHER DOCTOR!!!! A bariactric specialist is the only one you should take MEDICAL advice from!!
    On this site we need to be here to tell our story, how we are doing, how we are making it on journey and what we have experienced. No, we do not need to sugar coat and validate bad behavior (eating food 2 days post op- I doubt this is allowed by any Doctor). What we should be doing is being a helpful encourager to stick to the program. We all are told to eat healthier (stop eating junk food every day and greasy fried foods), to move more (I didn't say be a gym rat, just move more), and to eat smaller portions ( I think most doctors recommend a cup). If you do not like a response some one has to a comment you posted either ignore it or RESPECTFULY state why you do not agree.
    The key is being respectful of each other, we can agree to disagree. I may not like what a person has to say, but that doesn't give me the right to bash them. If I expect respect, then I must give it.
    What a better world we would live in if people could just respect!!

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