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  1. destynee1

    Think Thin, Be Thin

    I absolute love reading your Articles. thank you for taking the time!
  2. destynee1

    October 2012 Bandsters

    Look GREAT!! wow go girl!!!
  3. destynee1

    Breakfast Ideas

    Gosh damn Terry that sounds Yummy!! lol.. New item for me! I love omelets~
  4. destynee1

    Any suggestions to curb emotional eating?

    I was wondering the same thing. Ya know.. you don't have to wait that long for fills.. Ask them to schedule you sooner. Only needs to be like 3 weeks apart. Well, Mine were and that was more than enough time.. I would really get on that, you shouldn't have to wait so loong. Good Luck hun!!
  5. destynee1

    October 2012 Bandsters

    So about a week ago I started to lose a lot of hair. I use to have soo much hair but over the years it has thinned considerably. Now.. I am losing MORE hair.. I just bought some biotin and I have biatric muti-mitamin and hoping that will work. I need my hair back omgz!
  6. destynee1

    It's official :(

    So sorry hun.. thats horrible to have to go through that, but I know it will all be worth it!! it's a speed bump thats all.. prayers for a safe and speedy recovery!! *hugs*!
  7. destynee1

    Fitness shoes!

    Hiyas all! Ok well, I wanted to see if there was anyone out there who can recommend a good pair of work out shoes. Walking, dancing. I am getting into the swing of things and at home while I exercise, I usually do it barefoot. I've read some say it's ok, while other's say it can cause stress on your ankles etc. ( from other sites ). I want every bit of help that will contribute to my success! Thanks in advance!
  8. destynee1

    Life is so uncertain....

    I am soo sorry to hear this. Geez, what is wrong with people, how people can take lives so easily. Prayer's to all
  9. I had a sleep study as well, and I slept a little also because of all the wires and it also made me feel warm. lol.. I am one that has to sleep with a fan on me. The little sleep I did have was enough for them to tell me I had sleep apnea. ><
  10. I weigh myself once a day in the morning. I don't get discouraged by the fluctuations also, but it helps to keep me on track. If i see it goin up more then my liking, I kick back into gear.. also.. it motivates me!
  11. destynee1


    To get anything more in depth, I believe you have to see a nutritionist. I still have not seen one yet, sigh..But I go next week finally.. YAY! for groupon!
  12. Hey there shanae! You definitely came to the right place! Ask away anything that concerns you and I am sure many here and answer your questions. Shoot me a PM anytime! I am a pretty new bandster. I was banded Oct 22nd 12. I could have not made a better choice for myself. There has been up's and downs, nothing physical, but emotionally. For me that has been the hardest thing to conquer, to accept, I need to do this to free myself from my prison of being an obese girl. It has been actually pretty easy, it is just hard when my mind wants this and that, but that is the key point we have to change. It is a lifestyle change for sure and you have to really WANT to cure yourself. Anything else you'd like to talk about, I'm here.. Good luck with your decision and I hope you find all the answers you need. Do it for you. **hugs*!
  13. destynee1

    I don't understand

    You are amazing and that is so rude! Maddy has it right, they don't like what they hear AND they have bad manners. I remember being one of those in your inbox.. filled me with lots of hope and inspiration and you were always so very uplifting and positive. I thanked you then.. and thank you for all you do now. Continue being you.. we love her!
  14. destynee1

    Portion sizes

    if you are feeling to hungry with the small amounts 5 times a day... try to keep it to a cup of food 3 times a day.. that way you are more satisfied? Of course ask your Dr about it and see what he tells you.. I know most eat between 1/2-1 cup per meal 3 times a day.. because the band if suppose to help you feel satisfied for 4hrs ish.
  15. talk to your Dr and tell him you are hungry and need something more filling and see what he says. Sometimes they will say if it is ok, or not ok to go to mushies, just make sure you talk to your doc before anything. good luck!
  16. destynee1

    October 2012 Bandsters

    Nurse, Missbritt, and Maden.. Go get your fills! They will help you so much. I had surgery on Oct 22nd and Had my 3rd fill on Jan 6th.. I made an appt for the next one at the dr's office to make sure I go in and get them. I didn't feel restriction till my 3rd and now I feel great!! Madein, I hear you with the 5lb yo yo I was going through the same thing.. get your fills ladies, no need to feel hunger! I have 6cc now in my 14band. I eat about 1000cals a day, my Surgeon said to stay between 900-1200. Getting back into the swing of things and feeling good again.. Now to stay on the straight road We Are worth it!
  17. destynee1

    Carb Cycling- An Experiment Gone Right!

    Alcohol sugars? I don't think I've ever seen those, well haven't noticed so I am going to check for that also!! thanks 2012! Never knew there was such a thing!
  18. destynee1

    Giving myself some credit

    Amazing Titan! You sure do deserve it! It really isn't some magic thing, if you want to be successful with the band you better as hell work your ass! Keep doin whatcha doin!
  19. destynee1

    Saturday, January 5 Menu plan

    Muffins sound awesome! totally gonna try that
  20. destynee1

    Dance Central 3

    Girl! I LOVE doing this!! It passes the time quickly and it doesn't feel like you're exercising in the sense of dread... just something fun! and it sure does make ya sweat! hehe have fun!
  21. destynee1


    Hun.. there are people who have the band here and their starting weight was under 200lbs. I WISH I had had this done at that time instead of waiting till I got huge! You are taking action now.. ! Happy for you! I say go for it! I am sure it will be the best thing ever happened to you. You don't have much to lose which is even better. My bf weighs 165 and he says, I wish I had the band! because he see's I am able to eat small portions and I get semi full and stop. I get so excited when that happens! Good Luck on whatever decision you make!
  22. destynee1

    I don't belong here

    Thanks for the sweet and helpful post! That is amazing weight loss and you look great! No matter what WLS you got we all have the one thing in common and always nice to have something to fall back on in case things don't go as we would hope. Good luck to you! Wish ya the best!
  23. WHITE bread.. I was a bread eater.. I still once in awhile may but I 99% choose whole wheat bread now. and damn those pancakes sound so great!! almost made me choose that to be the thing I miss most! lol.. but like CG said, nothing is really off limits, now it's just portion control, and the foods that are bad for ya, well only a once in awhile deal for me.
  24. I felt much the same as you.. even after a couple fills, I can eat anything. I choose not to .. ( most of the time ) but it is so hard.. especially recently. After my 3rd fill which was this past weds I finally felt some restriction. 6cc total. Just hang in there.. it's different for everyone and you will get there. Bread is my downfall as well. I still eat bread but now I just eat less and whole wheat.. it's the small choices that will help you! Good Luck!!

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