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    Where's everyone from?

    Im from san diego but currently living in south fl. I wanna go home. lol
  2. destynee1

    Carb Cycling- An Experiment Gone Right!

    Tell her I wish her the best and we miss her!
  3. destynee1

    Carb Cycling- An Experiment Gone Right!

    Happy to see everyone is doin great on this! I am back in the game of life finally.. I've been having my struggles but I feel I back in it to win it. Going to start my carb cycle.. I love this because every other day I can have something I want.. I love carbs and it gives me break of the low carb diet everyone wants us on! also.. **hugs Missy**! you are in my prayers to fast recovery and intermission from your ms. you are still an inspiration for us all and thanks for being there for all of us if anyone needs your help. p.s. Where is Patty!
  4. destynee1

    Think Thin, Be Thin

    I absolute love reading your Articles. thank you for taking the time!
  5. destynee1

    Emotional Rollercoaster

    I find weighing myself once a day or once every other day really helps. I always know where I am.. not getting on a scale resulted in my weighting so much.. well and also eating bad thiings. lol we all go through a rollercoaster of emotions.. its natural. I wish you well on your new journey!
  6. destynee1

    I need a Swift Kick

    Hey all.. I haven't been on here in awhile, and boy does this site truly help you stay on track. I have totally fallen off the band wagon and I am so disappointed in myself for that. I always said, why do people fall off when they have this amazing tool and totally defeat its purpose? Well, I am one of them and it is hard to get back on track. Don't be afraid of hurting my feelings I am not that sensitive! Ugh... and... I haven't seen my Dr. in 3 months, no longer working so no insurance but my bf says... I'll pay go see them! So I have an appt next week. I am pretty embarrassed to go see her, I haven't lost a pound since the last time I was there. Thank God I haven't gained it either, which I'm surprised. Just need some encouragement of any kind. I know I can do this, but damn why is it so damn hard! Thanks for listening, Kayna
  7. destynee1

    I need a Swift Kick

    Thank you all! and so true.. I stopped logging and its over. I have to log everyhthing, everyday for me to stick to it, when I don't .. its like out of sight out of mind.. and geez thats terrible thinking. Missed you all
  8. destynee1

    October 2012 Bandsters

    don't give up. talk to your dr about it. Maybe there is an underlining problem or maybe its something you just haven;t noticed that could be changed. I know some its takes a good 6months before it truly starts! good luck hun.. whatever you do.. don't give up! <3
  9. destynee1

    CheeseBurger Stuffed Mushrooms

    Mmmmm that sounds Yummy!! I'll definitely try it! thanks for sharing!!
  10. destynee1

    How Much Food is Enough?

    I Absolutely love reading your articles. They are so informative to the untrained mind. When you said it takes practice.. oh boy is that the truth!! Thank you for article!
  11. That is so true.. I know I came into this not knowing how the whole process of losing/gaining weight really is. I just thought, eat a certain amount of calories a day and ya lose weight. I have to admit, I still don't know why I gain sometimes.. lol. I still have never seen a nutritionist! To costly especially now because I lost my job and no insurance.. so I rely on what I read here and researching that I really need to do more of.
  12. destynee1

    October 2012 Bandsters

    Look GREAT!! wow go girl!!!
  13. I had BCBS and I didn't need to do diet. I only needed 1 Nutritional visit and a history of my failures with dieting from my Dr.
  14. destynee1

    Begining of a new *ME*

    Nice to meet you Katie, good luck on your journey
  15. I agree with all of them. I was told not to worrk about weight loss the first month or so. It's the healing process and your body is goin this way and that way and needs time to get back to normal and adjust. Do you track your food on something like myfitnesspal? if not, do so! it truly makes a HUGE difference and helps to keep you on track. Hey, another tool to help you.. can't hurt ! and your next fill is my bday so... Good luck!! it will all come together soon. Oh, and also.. I didn't feel a difference till my 3rd fill with a total of 6cc.
  16. destynee1


    Dance Central is my fav and they also have Zumba on kinect! love them both!
  17. destynee1

    10 days and counting

    Della, it is normal to feel scared about having a major surgery. Most do it and get into that stage right after you have the surgery.. what the hell did I just do?? it's normal. You are making this decision because you want a better life for yourself. You KNOW if changes don't be made you are indangering yourself way more than the band can ever do. It was the BEST decision I could have ever made for myself. I am not perfect in this but the results I've had thus far I am extremely happy with! and I couldn't have done it alone, without my tool. I tried like we all have, time and time again to only gain the weight we lost and then some. My surgeon asked me why am I choosing the band over the gastric bypass, My answer was, because the bypass seems way to drastic for me! He looked at me in the eyes and said, No, your weight is drastic. I can deal with you answering , the bypass has more complications but DO NOT say it is drastic. The life you are living now and what you are doing to your body is drastic. Well, I was astonished, I said.. am I really that bad? I was in denial. I made my final decision right after that conversation because he was right... of course. hehe. Good luck to you.. you are making the right decison and you will do great!! it's not a magic pill but with hard work and determination you will get through it and feel AMAZING!.. get your freedom back girl!
  18. I to have the exact same problem.. It helps for me to have leftovers ready at hand which has always been my problem.. but a lot to go bad also.. so I have learned to share with my pup
  19. destynee1


    destynee13 Love this site!
  20. I hear ya! Cut them into portions.. OR share ! lol.. have fun!
  21. destynee1

    Week 2 Weigh In!

    YAY!!! go girl! hehe!! if you see a slow down, don't fret.. first month is all about the healing and when you start to eat food.. you MIGHT even go up a tad but don't worry also.. as long as you are doing what you are suppose to, everything will even out. Your body is making a HUGE transformation and it needs to adjust. All the luck for you on your journey!
  22. destynee1

    Breakfast Ideas

    Gosh damn Terry that sounds Yummy!! lol.. New item for me! I love omelets~
  23. destynee1

    9 pounds in a week!!

    awesome hun!! keep up the good work!! you're making a lifechanging decision to take back control and freedom of your life!
  24. destynee1

    Breakfast Ideas

    I will typically have, Egg white beaters omelet, ( reduced fat cheddar cheese, a little green union and mushrooms ) and a slice or 2 of turkey bacon, with 1 wellness low carb tortilla or 1 slice of whole wheat toast. Keeps me satisfied for a few hours and it isn't many calories.