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    On my Waaaay reacted to Dooter in Anyone Else In The 350+ Pre-Op Weight Range?   
    Hi! I started at 349. Sleeved in February, and now down to 258 as of today! 91 pounds, and very thrilled at how life has changed. I've often worried that I will never really get as low as I want to, but I think it's all me. I don't think the sleeve limits us as much as the statistics will say. I think our mind and body can accomplish more than they ever thought possible.... If I want to see bones poking out through my rib cage, I think I can do that!!
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    On my Waaaay reacted to takroom in Most Common Time To Stall   
    I found a good article on stalls-
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    On my Waaaay reacted to Barisaxylady in Anyone Bought Any Bariatric Meals? How Are They?   
    I tried the Bariatric Advantage Meal Replacement and it was NASTY!!! Gagged most of my way through it. Thank goodness I only had one pup ouch. It was chocolate.< /p>
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    On my Waaaay reacted to HalfTheWoman in Is There Spice After The Sleeve?   
    I had rotisseri chicken last night with Franks hotsauce and ranch dressing. I eat jalapeno and any hot spice. I am 7 weeks out today. I would be very sad if I didn't get my spices in. I am a garlicaholic! I do get heartburn but it is usually from drinking tea!
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    On my Waaaay reacted to gmanbat in Nsv For Me!   
    It seems like we're losing a layer of old along with a layer of fat.
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    On my Waaaay reacted to cassieh in Nsv For Me!   
    Ok, this may not be important to some, but I did a summer sault today with my teenage girls. I landed in on point. I have not done that or even attemted it in over 20 yrs. Im 34 yrs old and I was outside flipping and jumping with my kids. WOW. cant describe that feeling to be able to play with my children like this. Its almost euphoric. What a blessing. Glory to God
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    On my Waaaay reacted to kamrie37 in June Sleevers! Hows It Going?   
    I was sleeved on June 12. My highest weight before surgery was 273. Day of surgery, I weighed 248.8. As of this morning, I weigh 202.6. I have lost 70.4 pounds. 46.2 pounds since surgery....and only a couple pounds until Onderland!
    I went from wearing a 22/24 to size 16 in jeans so far.
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    On my Waaaay reacted to ctaylor86 in June Sleevers! Hows It Going?   
    I was sleeved 6/25, down 54 lbs and too excited:) I still have 88lbs to reach my goal weight, but it feels so good to be on my way there. Finally can afford a trainer, starting my first 1st session with him today!
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    On my Waaaay reacted to aviiva in I Need To Hear Sucsessful Stories....   
    I had no pain have never thrown up or had the foaming thing. I was sleeved on 4/4 down 62lbs and feel great. Positive mindset is important going into surgery. Remember whatever difficulty you experience this to shall pass. I think most people have said they would do this all over again I know I would
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    On my Waaaay reacted to Sannah in Moderation   
    I am in my 6th month of medically supervised weightless. I alot has changed for me.
    We met our in-laws at Olive Garden (not a place we frequent). I was proud of myself for eating two smaller serving of salad, no bread and half a bowl of Soup. This was not an easy feat given I DO NOT have a good relationship with my in laws and I am an emotional eater.
    I feel so proud!!
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    On my Waaaay reacted to CoolBreeze in How Are All The June Sleevers Doing Since Surgery?:   
    Hello to all.
    I'm a late bloomer...My surgery was June 26 at Washington Hosp Center in Washington DC by Dr. Brebbia. He was very helpful and considerate and I felt comfortable with him, that was important to me. I started this journey in January this and weighed 289lbs, by the surgery date I was to 277 and as of Sept 6 I am 223 1/2lbs. I've lost 4 pants sizes (from size 50 to 46), lost 4 bra sizes & 1 cup size (from 50 DDD to 46 DD). I started my gym membership on yesterday and I feel good... and tired. I'm getting in my Protein (60-80 grams) each day.
    My liquids - I do about 10 cups of Water and about 6 cups of (homemade, sweetened w/ splenda) Iced tea daily.
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    On my Waaaay reacted to Threetimesacharm in When Will I Stop Regretting Having This Done?   
    NO YOU DO NOT!!!!
    You came into this for many reasons:
    to lose weight
    to be healthier
    to not have chub rub!!
    and I am sure that your lsit goes on. You can do this. It will get easier.
    Keep going, NOTHING tastes as good as thin WILL feel
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    On my Waaaay reacted to Sassygirl06 in Rough Morning...   
    I wrote on one of the forums about 3 months ago, pretty much the same thing. I said that I wanted to cry for her, that person that I see in those pictures. It is really hard to look at them and not be sad, but you have to just move on and put it out of your mind. you are a different person now, so live it up!
    By the way, the way that you are losing is exactly how I would lose. Only right after my TOM. So needless to say, I started looking forward to getting my period every month! haha!
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    On my Waaaay reacted to Desirae Grunwell in 5 Confessions (Join In)   
    Looks like I need to join this..:]
    I Confess:

    Im 18,and a college freshmen. Im afaid of being made fun of for not drinking. Im only 5weeks out and wont risk it beucase i know ill indulge in due time..just not now.
    Ive been suffering from horrible depression mouring food. I feel so silly and dumb but I just miss eating.
    I've discovered I have missed drinks more than food..there is cans of yummy fruit punch in my fridge i want so bad!! Or a root beer. grr
    I crave food all the time, but lately i've wanted ice cream. soo bad ive been a bit obessessive about it.
    The stress of a huge liftstyle change, college,and my best friend leaving to go to a different college has been driveing me up crazy. I just pray i can handle it all.
    I've been hit with a bug of some sort, and to sooth my stomache i drank some defizzled diet 7-up and though it wasn't really the same it was nice..It felt like old me. I just want to be able to drink a real soda one day.
    I've always been the "ugly" duckling..and had WLS to feel good in my own skin,and to be around a loooong time but I've never felt more like an outcast. I hate going out and not being able to eat like everyone, or taking my own meal. I hate feeling this way.
    I miss being able to just be carefee about what i eat,now i think about everything. Its not a bad thing, i know its bettering me just takes some getting use too.
    Im balling writting this, because I feel you guys are family. You guys really understand the stuggle. Thank you<3

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    On my Waaaay reacted to LizEac in 5 Confessions (Join In)   
    I confess that since getting this surgery on 8/17, I wonder if I'll ever enjoy food again.
    I confess that I put a crouton in my Tomato Soup (still on liquids), let it get soggy, chewed it up and then spit it out.
    I confess that I have been craving well-cooked linguini...I really miss the texture of al dente pasta!
    I confess that I fear that I won't be successful with this surgery.
    I confess that I have spent years building up my self-esteem so that I can be a truly wonderful person, and I can't wait to be healthy and thin so I can be the whole package!
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    On my Waaaay reacted to Lissa in 5 Confessions (Join In)   
    1. I feel like I look much better than my pictures show. I feel sexy and confident until I see myself in a mirror. Head issues anyone?
    2. I drink caffeine free diet coke fairly often, at least one a day, but I always meet my Water goal, too.
    3. I am having a tough time with male attention. I get hit on all the time now (see #1), but I don't understand it. I'm worried that I'm so screwed up in the head I'll never be able to deal with it well.
    4. I got hit on by a woman yesterday, a woman that is HOT! See #3 and triple that confusion.
    5. I haven't filed for divorce even though I've been separated for sixteen months because of 3 and 4, although I have no desire to see him.
    6. I tried to lick my toe. I can't do it! LOL
    7. I'm terrified that I'll never hit my goal weight, even though I feel good where I'm at.
    8. I want to hit my goal weight and have plastics so that I can see "how much ass I can pull", to quote someone much earlier in this thread! LOL
    9. Some days, I just want to eat junk and vegetate.
    10. I go to the gym sometimes just to work off emotions that feel overwhelming. My workout partner calls says that it's me "grudge f*#@ing" the gym. I'm not sure whether to laugh about that or be worried about my mental health.
    11. I'm pissed off at the people who were so supportive before my surgery that have now turned on me. My sister in law and one of my good friends have both turned into green eyed monsters.
    12. Sometimes I wonder if those two women are right and I really am nasty and mean since surgery.
    13. This thread made me cry.
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    On my Waaaay reacted to Supersweetums in The Stuff They Don't Tell You   
    A few things that I learned:
    I was told the surgery doesn't hurt. Whoever told me that lied! A lot of people feel great, I was not so lucky. I had a lot of pain (possibly from the gas) and dry heaved most of the night. By the next afternoon I was feel better, but, boy, it sucked!
    The barium swallow/leak test is HORRIBLE! It tastes horrible, makes you sick and can give you the runs! Where I had mine done, you got a sugar free popsicle afterward...it will be the best popsicle you have ever had.
    Your stomach will make noises you never knew it could
    You will belch like a man (especially when you eat a little too much)...I could out burp anyone!
    I never had trouble EVER with Constipation before surgery, now it is a battle even almost 2 years out. Not sugar coating it, it can be very painful and I had an episode that I would say was almost worse then the night after my surgery.
    Chewing gum can cause pain...I never even thought of this. I can chew gum now, but a few months out, the air that I swallowed while chewing really hurt. I had to spit my gum out the first time I tried and didn't chew it again for a long time.
    Head Hunger is a b***h...the sleeve is not a magic cure and the further out you get, the more difficult it can get. Make sure that you make the changes early on so they are habit later on. By the time you will be able to eat more and tolerate more, you will have a good base of habits to lean on.
    A lot of people's tastes change, but don't be surprised if they don't. chocolate still tastes just as good to me now as it did before.
    I forgot to ad this earlier...like someone else said, Water doesn't taste good or sit good with me. I have no idea why, it just doesn't. For the most part, I drink sugar free drinks. I know they are not as good as just drinking water, but I still get in all my fluids.
    You CAN still have hunger, especially the further out you get. But let me reassure you that it is NOT the same as before surgery...it is not as intense, and for me, anyway, it takes many hours of not eating to even start to feel hungry (and don't get actual physical hunger confused with head hunger/cravings/emotional eating...they are not the same...learn the difference)
    You will become more obsessed with the scale then you ever have been in your life. Try not to let it rule you, you will have stalls, your weight will fluctuate.
    As a woman, I have noticed things about my body and weight that I never paid attention to when I was heavier...because who notices 1-2 lbs when you are 260lbs. When I ovulate, I gain 2-4lbs and bloat. When I have my period (sorry guys) I also bloat and gain weight. And I really notice it, my belly feels bigger.
    Your brain might have trouble keeping up with your weight loss...it is sometimes difficult to see the changes yourself, but others will notice. So many people say "I really can't see the change", but, trust me, your getting skinnier!!
    Everyone loses at different rates, try not to compare
    Set realistic goals...if you set goals that are virtually unattainable, you will never be happy. Try to go by the clothes you wear and how you feel, not the number on the scale.

    I know my list is long and a lot of different things, but they are all things that I have either learned along the way, or have struggled with and still do some days! Oh, one last thing, it is most likely going to be the best thing you have ever done for yourself, you will not regret it, and you will be happier than ever...pretty good outcome and worth the ride!
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    On my Waaaay reacted to anndemstng in The Stuff They Don't Tell You   
    What about your sense of smell? After getting home I had to unplug my scentsy warmers. 22 days out and I still can't stomach strong smells!
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    On my Waaaay reacted to sassypants in The Stuff They Don't Tell You   
    Its kinda gross not a sweet tooth anyway so to have this sweetness in everything is yucky lol
    Had to give away 2 massive pouches of Protein shake because I couldn’t handle how suddenly sweet it was not like them things are cheap either lol and ruined my trial size packs which I did before I bought the massive ones but nope tastes change wasted money!
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    On my Waaaay reacted to sassypants in The Stuff They Don't Tell You   
    That your taste buds change!
    I was never told that after the op everythingggggggggggg will taste extra extra extra sweet!
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    On my Waaaay reacted to jaymzee in I Ate And It And I Am Not Going To Beat Myself Up!   
    i would hope that most of us know we should up our work out on days we have that extra treat. && maybe they are using there phone, not the computer.
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    On my Waaaay reacted to pooh in Any June Sleevers?   
    Had mine on June 5th start weight was 240lb now 197lb. I know it is slow losing but I know that is 40lb that is not coming back. Yeah for me...
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    On my Waaaay reacted to IrishSoul in Spicy Food!   
    I too can eat spicey foods. I was putting tobasco in my v8 during my liquid stage. So far nothing I have had, has bothered my sleeve........ Just tried steak, tuna, lobster, asparagus, chicken, and scallops......all good!
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    On my Waaaay reacted to barrbdoll in I Miss Oatmeal   
    I eat oatmeal almost every morning for breakfast... Its a good carb!! There is just no way around NOT eating carbs.... You will still lose weight if you eat oatmeal, whole grains, etc..... It's not like you can never eat them again... It's the bad carbs that you should steer clear of... The white rices, potatoes, enriched pastas, etc.... that really have no nutritional value.... I don't even count carbs but that's just me... Personally, I didn't have this surgery to diet the rest of my life... Being that we fill up so easily all of us should be mindful of what we eat and make sure we are making healthy choices. If you are 4 weeks out then you should be able to eat oatmeal.. Of course it seems that every Doctor/Nutritionist has their own rules but do what you feel is best.
    Good Luck!
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    On my Waaaay reacted to PEvette in Hoe Many Carbs?   
    I limit my carbs to 40 a day...when I know I'm going to go over my limit, I try to workout on that day...I usually go over during TOM

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