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    So I finally reached out my bariatric team and they said my post op appts "slipped through the cracks", So instead of having a 3 and 6 month appt I am have one next week (at 5months ish) that will combine my 3 and 6 month post op appt. ANYWAYS to my point! I got my blood work and everything is normal range! my A1C even went down from 5.6 to 5.3 which is pretty groovy! Also my iron is normal for the first time in my life! However my B12 is 1116 which from what I read optimal results are >500 for bariatric patients? So does that mean I am doubly good? My Vitamin D is at 119 and toxic levels are over 100. So my assumption is I could probably cut back on those vitamins lol. I feel great! I am down to 185 as of last week. Hair is still shedding but tis life. Thanks for coming to my ted talk!
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    When I first read this at the end of April, I laughed thinking there's NO WAY I'll ever fit into a 36" waist, never mind a 34". I recently bought a pair of shorts at a thrift store (I don't want to spend a fortune on new clothes while I'm still losing and it's tough to beat $6 for a pair of shorts that only need to get me through this summer) that are indeed a 36" waist. Stepping on the scale for a second, I broke the century mark a couple of days ago; I'm down 102 lbs since my September RNY, so maybe you're right, though while my head says not a chance, my clothes are telling me otherwise.
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    Congratulations on your success for starters! I would not say you are weird, the excess skin is a badge of honor and proof of your hard work. That being said I completely 100% understand feeling self conscious of it. I am not a fan of the stomach folds and flappy arms on myself either. However, once you meet the right person, they will look past that to the person that you are. Yes it will take effort and bravery on your part to put yourself out there, but you've been on this journey I'm sure to live your best healthier life to the fullest which includes companionship. Maybe also seek out some therapy or a bariatric support group that can help with your anxiety. You are not alone in your feelings. I know plastic surgery here in the US is quite expensive, but I definitely will be looking into it when i'm closer to goal. If that is something that is attainable for you, may be something you can work towards. But in the meantime try not to hold yourself back from enjoying this new lease on life.
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    my B12 is always above 1000 (I'm nine years out). My team never said anything until it once read over 2000. At that point, they just said to cut down on my supplements a bit. High B12 is pretty common with us and not really an issue. I've heard some WLS patients say that feel better when it's above 1000. High vitamin D would be more of an issue since it's a fat-soluble vitamin (the B's are water-soluble so not usually toxic when they get high). 119 isn't that much above normal range, though, so they may just let it go for now - but worst case scenario, they'll just have you cut back on your supplementation.
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    vegetarian collagen?

    Vegan collagen is available but it is made from genetically modified yeast & bacteria. There’s little research into its efficacy though. Collagen is only found in animals (it’s a form of protein specifically the amino acids proline & glycine) & not vegetables.
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    Dating with excess Skin as a Man.

    Thank you so Much for your Answers! Both of you <3, yes i am seeking Therapy and be open about it, its sometimes that lingering fear of things not working out for me, in Germany i can get Plastic Surgery, and if the Documentation work is good the Health insurance would cover part of it. I also agree with, there is maybe a Special person who doesn't care and Loves me for who i am a Man can Hope. And Push forward.
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    My b12 was over 2000 at one point. Definitely cut that down. No need for it to be that high. I get what I need from my multivitamin so I stopped taking extras and after a few months it was down in the normal range and has stayed there. As for the D vitamin, yeah definitely cut that down, too. Other than that, you're doing awesome and your A1c is amazing!!!
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    Let's Collect Some Data!

    so heres the funny thing: my original goal was 120 lbs, but i actually called goal when i got to 127 lbs cuz i felt like i was looking too skinny/sickly. this was as 7 months post op. as time went by, the lost a bit more weight, the gained a bit of that back. im 5.5 years post op today and weighed 119.5 lbs this morning....which is roughly 7 lbs LESS than when i thought i looked like dead man walking all those years ago....BUT....honestly, i feel like i look waaaaayyyy better and healthier and fitter now, at a lighter weight! further, there are some days when i legitimately think i could lose 5lbs for effs sakes. things tend to shift around and settle and regular exercise does WONDERS for one's physique. long story short: a particular weight can look totally different on you at any particular time in ur life. dont worry so much about the number on the scale and trust what you see in the mirror or how your clothes fit and how you FEEL. Good luck! ❤️
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    how do you know ....

    I didn't have mine weighed after it was removed, but a lot of people claim theirs only weighed 4 or 5 lbs. I guess if you have a lot of liposuction you could lose more than that. I don't think my weight went down much. I looked about a zillion percent better, though!
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    Choosing a plastic surgeon

    Yes - Go to realself.com

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