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  1. Not sure if you would like it but you could add high protein/greek yogurt to the jelly, before it sets, so that it sets like a pudding texutre. You would get a higher protein amount if you also included some protein powder into the mix. This is how I have made it; 1 packet of sugar free jelly 250ml boiling water 300g greek yogurt 30g protein powder (I alternated between vanilla and natural) To make: In a just/bowl add the boiling water and jelly sachet. Mix until well combined and set aside, just to let it cool for a couple of minutes. In a blender add the yogurt, protein powder and jelly mix. Blitz until smooth. Pour into ramakins /small bowls and cover, let set in the fridge for at least 3 hours. One large bowl is about 50g protein so it will then just depend on how you portion it out but MyFitnessPal (or similar) can calculate that for you. I found the above one on Instagram and I am sure you could find similar if you wanted to have a look. The rest of the time I just had broth, made out of stock cubes with protein powder in it. The liquid phase isn't that bad or too long (if you only have to go through it once, I had to do it three times) so I just had the yogurts. puddings and broth/soup.
  2. FifiLux

    Hubby said I can share this

    Well done to both of you, looking great. It is great that you have each other for support on the journey.
  3. I was trying to find a way to introduce eggs into my food intake as I dislike them and hadn't eaten any in about 30 years so I tried savoury muffins in my air fryer and they were very tasty, so much so I made a second batch 4 eggs and then whatever I have as left overs so the most recent batch had small bits of red onion, green pepper, green beans, cherry tomatoes, bacon and then a drizzle of siracha sauce.
  4. I used this recipe https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/spiced-carrot-lentil-soup without the bread obviously and didn't bother holding half the spices back for toasting, I just bunged everything into the slow cooker for a few hours. Once cooked I blended it and added the yogurt. Then when I moved on to the soft stage (and going forward now), after the blending I add in a few extra pieces of carrot and leave it for about 30 minutes to soften them so it gave a bit of a bite before adding the yogurt. I like spice so I used a tad more than a pinch of chili flakes, I probably have that in each portion Think I got 9 or 10 servings out of this
  5. Once I was through all the phases and it was ok to eat 'normally' I started to allow myself a 1/4 of a protein based pizza once a week as Friday's is my pizza night if I am not out out so I have gone from having an entire pizza and garlic bread to 1/4 (at most) of a pizza. I try to be good most of the time and even my little bits of 'boldness' are minor by my pre-op standards, in that I know I probably eat too many nuts at times but they are yummy and I am probably having a couple of squares of dark chocolate (good for the heart ) a bit too often but they stop me feeling like I am being restricted. If I felt I was living too restrictively food wise I think I would just go back to bad habits again. I do try to avoid potatoes (a love of my life), pasta and bread when at home but if out for a meal I may have a small amount, or take a few fries from a friends plate (with their permission ) I didn't go through all of this to be miserable for the rest of my life so just have to know my own limits and make the best choices for myself.
  6. I varied between protein shakes and soups mainly. I made a lentil and carrot soup with a kick of chili that was delicious and got me through many meals. Reminds me that I must make it again I also just had a low sodium liquid vegetable stock pot/cube a couple of times.
  7. FifiLux

    An interesting week

    I have the lemon and lime and it is fine for what it is. I tried the pre-mixed/made (found it weird that it was pea protein based) one first and once I could stomach it I then ordered the clear whey powder. I must get back to using it again, I have the little Robinsons no added sugar lemon pots that I carry with me everywhere that way it makes me drink water. I also use the MyProtein pancake mix, maple syrup flavour, as I find a couple of small ones with a bit of fruit is a nice sweet treat every now and then, though I use half their measurement advice as I can only eat two small pancakes. I then also use their crunchy peanut butter in some of my foods - satay chicken, homemade protein bars etc. In my next order I am going to get the peanut butter powder as I think it might be easier to incorporate.
  8. FifiLux

    Best or Favourite Protein Brands

    Yummy. I was just back in Ireland at the weekend and found some mint chocolate ones so bought what the store had left (5 bars) and keep them for a special occasion.
  9. FifiLux

    Where to start (in the UK)?

    Yes, I was one of the few 0.01% unlucky ones who suffered post-op complications. 4 months spent in hospital and even though I am 11 months post-op it really only feels like a few months as I didn't start to feel well until Feb/March so about 9 months post-op. I couldn't fly home to see family until December (6 months post op) and work couldn't pay me most of my annual bonus as I was out sick for 6 months, instead of my expected two weeks!
  10. FifiLux

    Best or Favourite Protein Brands

    You can get Fulfil in the US? Wow that is great for a little Irish brand . I love their salted caramel. I make my own but have Fulfil as my fallback, as in I always have a bar in my handbag for emergencies.
  11. FifiLux

    Where to start (in the UK)?

    I didn't have to pay for my surgery (financially anyway, just with lost months in hospital, lost bonuses from work, lost time with friends and family!) but look at it this way... think that what you will save on food post-op can go towards monthly payments
  12. FifiLux

    An interesting week

    I have an unflavoured protein powder that I put into soups etc. but not sure what countries it can be purchased/delivered in - https://www.barinutrics.eu/fr/produits/barinutricsr-whey It doesn't have a smell (just double checked) and once it is blended/mixed in I have had no issues but it can clump a bit.
  13. FifiLux

    Exercises for those who hate exercise?

    That is crazy. I just had to pay about €80 for the year to join the once a week class. If you haven't checked them out yet on YouTube you should look at Meredith Shirk of Svelte Training in case there are some exercises they have that you might like. They do lots, free to view, and a lot of them can be modified depending on aches and pains like knees, back etc. some are seated or on the bed - https://www.youtube.com/@MeredithShirkandSvelteTraining
  14. FifiLux

    Dating with excess Skin as a Man.

    You are looking great, well done. Not a man but feeling the same way and have a lot of self doubt about starting to date (my friends are trying to push me to it) because the excess skin is all fine when it is hidden under the clothes but God forbid anyone was to see me naked, it is bad enough when the good looking doctors have to take a peak! I realise that a lot of my fear is in my own head and of my own making but not helped by social media etc.. At the moment I am trying to focus on the mental side of things and practice a bit of self love (no not masturbation 😂) by reading books on finding happiness and learning to dampen my own negativity. I never thought it would be something I would read and try to act on but I am trying my best to put positivity out into the word and hope it comes back. I am learning to have a smiling face instead of resting bit*h face, it is hard work 😂 Not sure if or when I will ever put myself out there but the positivity is good to give and get. Anyway, I just wanted to say you are not alone plus everyone (not just bariatric patients) is weird in their own way and we just have to try and embrace it and find that other person (persons) who get us.
  15. FifiLux

    9 Month Post Op Fears and Worries

    Like the others said before me, I think it is highly unlikely that you have stretched your stomach. Weight will fluctuate (annoying I know) as your body copes with the changes. Please try not to stress yourself out unnecessarily. I think try to find a resource of a dietician, maybe even one online if that is quicker than a local one. Did your care team, at the time, give you any reading material for post-op foods etc? I didn't get much advice for long-term from my team so I spent a lot of time online and found some good online reading material at 'Bariatric Meal Prep', 'My Bariatric Dietitian' and a few other sites/blogs.
  16. FifiLux

    Taking Tablets?

    I started out with some chewable vitamins as it meant they were easier to swallow and it meant it left fewer tablets for me to take during the day especially as Summerseeker says, having to space them out between eating. drinking etc is exhausting to plan. I can gulp, not by my pre-op standard but when compared to the sipping of the first few months post op it is now a gulp or double sip 😀. I have moved on from the chewables and now have five different tablets to take during the day and as I can now drink larger volume of water in one go it is easier however last night for the first time in many months I had a problem swallowing the calcium one, I took a few sips of water to go down to the point I couldn't take on more water but it was ok in the end.
  17. FifiLux

    New Beginnings

    Welcome and it sounds like you are ready to start the journey in the best mindset.
  18. FifiLux

    Exercises for those who hate exercise?

    If you have access to a pool and don't mind being seen in a swimming costume aqua aerobics is nice and easy to get the body moving and help joints. If you have a yard/garden even just walking around it would be good to help get you moving, or stairs if you are in an apartment complex. I am not the best when it comes to exercise but I can certainly feel an improvement in my interest and energy levels as the weight comes off. I start each day with good intentions but often procrastinate or find something else to do but I do go to aqua aerobics once a week since February and since last month I am doing pilates once a week. I believe in turning up if I have paid so signed up for a year of the aqua aerobics and doing the pilates in 10 block sessions. At home I do the One and Done program, seven minutes every two days or three days depending on how I am feeling. Again as I paid for it, think $30, I use it and I can feel the difference. I also have an stationary bike that I use once a week or so if I haven't done any other exercises. I just do about 5km at a time as I find it boring but I am sure any little helps. My main problem area is my legs (ankles to thighs) as I have bad lipedema and while they have gone down in size since my sleeve surgery they still do me no favours in the appearance department so I am just trying to target them as much as possible.
  19. FifiLux


    Yes the surgeon I met pre-op warned me at the time about hair loss but I was a bit dismissive as have (had!) such thick hair that I didn't think I would have as much fall out as I did. I am thankful for the thick hair as I think it is how I coped with it not being noticeable to others. My hair loss stopped after month six and the regrowth is strong and thick again not sure if that is luck or down to the fact that I added in the special bariatric hair vitamin, plus collagen on top of the other bariatric vitamins I take. I just don't know where the curl/kink is coming from now in the regrowth underneath. My hair is now long enough to tie back a bit but I will be getting it cut again next week to try and get closer to it all being one length at the back.
  20. FifiLux


    I don't think it made a difference to how much came out but it made my hair softer and kept it in good condition which meant I could go longer between washes. I was taking collagen every day as well, still do. The only vitamin I am no longer taking is the bariatric hair one as felt I did well with the three month supply.
  21. FifiLux


    I don't think you are going bald, just going through what so many of us have had to cope with. I had long thick straight hair pre-op and thought I was doing really well when I got to month four with no hair loss and then it was like a horror movie for two months. Clumps would come out if I washed my hair, I would cry in the shower when I saw what was in the drain and my hand after just a light touch wash. I kept my hair tied back and washed just once a week during the two months but you could tell where I had been by following the trail of fallen hair, I seriously shed more than my cat! I was so self conscious about it as had bald patches but thankfully others couldn't tell it was mostly underneath. I ended up cutting my hair up to chin length so it was not as obvious. After six months the hair loss stopped and now it is about regrowth, it is nearly as annoying though not in anyway upsetting. I have been getting my hair cut every couple of months so that my existing hair is as close in length to the new hair (which is coming in with a curl) and I have to put mascara in my hair if I go out in public as there are baby hairs sticking up all over the place, looks like static hair. I took special bariatric vitamins for hair for three months, no idea if it helped but I was prepared to try anything. I also got a couple of wigs but ended up not needed them. For washing my hair I used a really soft shampoo made from oat milk. Basically I just want to let you know that what you are going through is normal after the surgery, you couldn't have prevented it, it just happens to most patients as the body is coping with the weight loss and it will get better.
  22. I had sleeve surgery July 2023; 1. What was the best part of surgery for you? Everyday things, like my backside no longer taking up more than one seat on the bus, being able to comfortably close belt on plane seat, being able to walk with a bounce in my step, I now love clothes shopping etc. 2. What was the worst part of surgery for you? Severe complications from the day after the surgery which went on for months 3. Did you have any complications (minor or major) during or after your surgery? Yes, suffered from severe pancreatitis, had a leak in my stomach (twice), allergic reaction to medication given to me in hospital, blood infection. Ended up spending three months in hospital over a period of four months. Had to have another procedure last month also. 4. How has adjusting to your new life been for you? Life after so many months in hospital meant it took a few months to get energy back and was on a sick cert so not able to do anything but rest. Now almost 11 months later I feel great for the most part. Have found it difficult at times to cope with the food choices but now that I am on regular food I just have to try and stick to the smaller portions, eating slower and only an occasional alcoholic drink. I don't let anything stop me now, always carry a protein bar with me just in case I end up some place where the food isn't suitable. 5. How long did it take you to feel comfortable eating food? Months as I was on a feeding tube in the hospital and then the times they took me off it I had to go back to liquids and start the reintroduction phase all over again. Since February really that I am comfortable and now I am even trying foods I never ate before (I had homemade egg muffins today - used to hate eggs). 6. Is there anything you can’t eat anymore that you used to enjoy? I used to consider popcorn a food group in its own right and ate way way too much of it so now just have had it a couple of times. I love potatoes but try to stay away from them. But these are my choices, not a case that I can't tolerate them anymore 7. What was your recovery like? Any vomiting or dumping syndrome? Vomiting a lot when ill, couldn't even hold down water, but as part of eating only a few times and I know that it was because I ate too quickly. No dumping syndrome. 8. How long did it take you to feel semi-normal after surgery? 10 months 9. Did you experience higher energy level post surgery? Yes but only now 10. Did surgery affect your mental health? Yes, I fully believe I suffered PTSD as a result of the complications 11. Do you regret it? Would you recommend it? I regretted it for approx 9 months post op and was very annoyed with myself for deciding to have the op but that was only because of the complications and crap-fest I went through. Now I am through the worst of it I am starting to feel better about it all, I no longer blame myself (but haven't really forgiven the doctor yet) and I would recommend it if it is something you need in order to achieve a healthy long life.
  23. FifiLux

    I did it!!! OMG I really did it!!!!

    Woohoo way to go, great end to the week.
  24. FifiLux

    weight stall

    Don't think of a 39lb loss as 'only', that is really good going in under three months. If you do a search in the forum you will see just about everyone has experienced a stall after a few months (some a few weeks) post surgery as our bodies cope with the changes. It is a question/concern that is raised almost weekly, if not more frequently, so you are not alone by any means. My stall lasted approx. 4 weeks and since then the loss as continued as a slow but steady pace, some weeks I lose nothing but I know I have done nothing wrong with my meals and it is all about the body trying to cope with and working out what is going on. I am sure this stall won't last much longer for you so don't worry and also don't worry if you have another stall in a few months time again.
  25. I realise that, I've asked plenty myself, but I've not come across anyone that doesn't share part of their story back and deflects so much. You've done it again in your response. Everyone has different stories but this is supposed to be a safe place for those of us considering, going through or had surgery. Your numerous questions don't strike as someone in the same position as most of us and just seems off.

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