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    My surgeon told me at my 6 week appointment that I needed to start doing more exercise. This week, I'm happy to say I've gotten out my little walking pad treadmill twice in the evenings and have been walking while watching TV. I've gone from a daily average of about 3k steps to more than 5k this week, and I'll be working toward 10k steps each day for the coming month. I can hardly wait as the weather improves to allow for more outside walking. I'm really hoping the additional activity will give the scale an added nudge in the right direction. Once I can hit 10k most days, I will start looking at ways to add resistance bands to build muscle, but if I'm honest, I have been almost completely sedentary for several years and need to pace myself for it to be sustainable. Today, I am less than 4 lbs away from the lowest weight I've recorded on my app in the past 7 years (which was 203.8 after doing the nutrition program at my old weight loss center). 203 lbs is the next milestone I have my eye on, followed by making it to 199 lbs, and then hitting 185 lbs to officially no longer be obese. I chose my weight goal of 155 lbs somewhat arbitrarily, though it's the lower end of the estimates I saw for how much I could lose on various calculators. But when it feels impossibly far away, it helps to have some smaller goals to focus on. Oh, and it's almost time to swap out my winter clothing for spring stuff, which means I will have a lot of items to take to the donation bin. Many of my long-sleeve tops are swimming on me and several pairs of jeans are hopelessly baggy. Purging my closet will be an awesome feeling!
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    Did the bariatric team give you the variable calories? The "800 - 1200" A day? Normally, its a set amount... I'd contact your bariatric team/dietician..IF you're not cheating you should be losing more than 4 lbs in two months.
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    Mine never would. None of those are as good as broccoli or cauliflower, cucumbers, when it comes to nutrition. The amount of protein, the reason why I said measure it is because you'd see a lot of calories in there. The chicken isn't plain, so there's calories in what it is cooked in. Mozzarella is never ever recommended for us because its a lot of fat. That's another reason why I said measure in 1 ounce cups. You need 60-70 grams of protein a day. 2 eggs in the am is 14 grams. 1 ounce chicken is 47 calories if boneless, skinless. 8 grams protein. 3 ounces or even 4 ounces is about 150-200 calories and 24 grams of protein. 30 at the most at one time. So there's where your calories are coming from. That doesn't include anything else on the plate. This is why I said measure your food. The calories are coming in there and I bet those sticks are also contributing to potential fat and the like. I have carbmaster yogurt. Don't see that and it is 3-5 grams fat, lots of protein, w/no carbs. That's another low calorie option - 70 calories that works too.
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    5 years out not losing weight

    Personally I would think cheese only once a day (if even) and no need for both chicken and fish on the same plate/meal in those portion sizes anyway for twice a day. I would think the size of the chicken breast alone would be sufficient with just some veg and a carb. Having the same for lunch and dinner of that style plate is just repeating too much of things that are not necessarily doing you any good. Also maybe vary it a bit with possibly a high protein yogurt and some fruit for breakfast? Chicken or fish, maybe with some green beans or cauliflower and no eggs other than at breakfast? If this is how your plates are looking - size and mix of food I think maybe you should reach out to a local dietician to go on a reset, back to the basics for a while if you can stomach it. Also, don't always listen to what others tell you about how you look - you didn't do the operation for them, you did it for you and you need to be happy with yourself.
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    That isn't measuring the amount of food so you know the breakdown of the calories in it. I still don't see where the veggies on this plate are. My dietician wouldn't go for this. Too much protein, too much cheese, and not the nutritious veggies. Even then, there is no 1 ounce of fruit or so on here.
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    Feeling regret

    Congrats on the surgery and taking a huge step forward in improving your health! Also, welcome to the post-op malaise phase of the process, haha! I was there a few months ago, and I think its a rite of passage to be like "What have I done?!!" somewhere in the first 6 weeks. It does get better gradually, but the first month is the roughest. You will be able to eat "normal" foods again soon. I think I was able to eat most things again around the 3 month mark (mostly excluding carbonated drinks and alcohol). Just take your time and listen to your body. Some things will fight back, and if they do, just wait 3-5 days before trying again. I had a lot of trouble with green veggies initially, but was able to handle them around week 6. Also remember the weight loss pattern will resemble stairs and not a straight line. You'll have periods of weight loss, followed by a couple/few weeks of stalling and slight regain. This is just your body recalibrating itself after a large loss to ensure its safe to continue letting go of fat reserves, because it mistakenly thinks you're in a survival event and doesn't want you to starve to death. Just remember this is part of the process, and its not a failure. This really got me down initially and compounded that regret feeling, but after a long stall I'm making progress again. Also, Cipro is very likely the culprit in making you feel sick. it's a very strong antibiotic, and good at its job, but the side effects can be harsh. I've developed some partial hearing loss because of it after years of taking it for recurring Diverticulitis. Ask your doctor if there is another antibiotic that can do the job, but with fewer side effects. Good luck, and I wish you luck on your journey!
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    Raw vegetables?

    Raw veg still fills me up very quickly and stays a long time in my stomach. Especially carrots. I do like a salad though so I eat half and about 3 hours later I can finish it.
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    So many things to learn

    I taught Kindergarten for 23 years, first for 5 years & also technology for 5 years.... a total of 33 years. But in this order.... 1st/K/1st/TRT/K
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    As I read through your comments I am wondering if my weak hands are also from the surgery. I always thought it was carpal tunnel and old age (almost 60). I just keep on learning as I read posts.... 🤯
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    May 2024 Surgery Buddies 😁

    Hi, I'm Sandra and I am having a gastric sleeve on May 6th! I have been lurking here reading as much as i can of other's posts and have learned a lot. My situation is a little different as this is my second bariatric surgery. I had lap band surgery in 2009 and now am having it converted because my band stopped working for me. I did lose weight but then gained a lot back and recently have lost some again but need to lose more. My reason for surgery is to be healthier and hopefully improve my arthritis pain and mobility. My emotions are currently all over the place, anxious, worried, happy and excited. I will start my liver prep diet in 1 week. Not looking forward to 2 weeks of shakes only. I really am not too concerned about the surgery itself, as I have had several surgeries, and the pain has not been bad afterwards. As for my overnight hospital stay, I plan to pack as little as possible. I will plan on wearing home the clothes I arrive in. I think moisturizer and lip balm are good ideas. I may take a light robe. Someone mentioned a heating pad, but I don't think most hospitals allow you to bring them (coming from a retired RN here). They can be a burn hazard if they malfunction. If I am only staying overnight, I may not need reading materials. I will likely watch TV and nap. Slippers to walk in will be needed. I wish you all the best of luck for an easy surgery and pain free post-op course!

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