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  1. I am still basically stalled too. I fluctuate up and down the same pound over and over again but everyone keeps saying “you’ve lost more weight, haven’t you?” Ummm, no. It must just be shifting around. I know how discouraging it can be for the scale to not move especially after the quick initial weight loss right after surgery. I try to tell myself it’s a good thing because my skin seems to be bouncing right back and if I was losing too quickly it wouldn’t and then I would have the added problem of loose skin everywhere. I have about 25lbs left to lose so if we have a year to lose our weight I have 9 months to lose that weight. If you look at it that way it’s more bearable. Hang in there
  2. I have some resistance bands so I’ll have to give these a try. I have had them stored away in the closet forever. Thanks for the videos. There are so many online to try and weed through.
  3. I wish I had the motivation to get out walking more. I’m 45 miles from the gym and if I walk the roads I live on I’ll be dodging semi trucks soon during harvest. The treadmill has just not called to me. When I lived in Hawaii I would go out walking with my friends every morning and I was much thinner. I just don’t have people to walk with or work out with here and it shows. That makes it so much easier in my opinion. Right now my partner is an overweight English bulldog and she’s not much more motivated than I am. I keep telling myself if I just do it every day then it will become habit again. Today is the day right?
  4. This is not as easy as people think the weight really does not just fall off. I have been having to work for every tiny scale victory lately and if I don’t eat and drink right it creeps up the wrong direction just a bit. I‘’m sorry you’re at a stall too. I know how frustrating it can be. All I can say is that you have made so much progress in the last few months and you look amazing!! You are out there climbing cliffs!! No way would you have been doing that last year. This time next year all this stalls will be a memory and we will all have made it through it. Just keep doing what you’re doing and the scale will move again soon. ❤️
  5. Aww thank you!!
  6. Thank you so much! I have 4 kids. My oldest son is 30 and my youngest daughter is 10. Then 4 grandbabies. As much as I hated pictures I had to allow some in case something happened to me. Wish they would start them away in a vault somewhere though.
  7. I’ve managed to move the scale about 3lbs this week. Not much but since it wasn’t moving at all I’ll take it. I am down several Jean sizes though and the other day I put a shirt on that looked ridiculous it was so big. My hair has started shedding pretty bad so I’m really watching my protein intake and not missing any vitamins. Hoping it slows down soon before it becomes noticeable. It’s usually pretty thick so I have a little to spare. I think maybe I’ve managed to get rid of a chin or two also lol. Here’s a current picture I don’t have many from right before surgery but the one where I look like I might pop is at my granddaughters birthday present last July courtesy of my daughter 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  8. I’m with you on not wanting to spend much on clothes right now. I’m going over to raid my daughter’s closet because I had just given her a bunch of my jeans a few months back. I am down to a US waist size 29 in jeans right now and I had held on to a few of my favorites but given her most of them. I can’t sew at all so I have resorted to posting my bigger clothes online to try and get bit of money out of them that I can turn around and put into some new clothes. I do still have quite a few smaller clothes I never let go of though. I get my post op blood work done next week and I’m pretty sure it will show I’m anemic also. I’m covered in huge bruises. I started to have a small amount of hair loss the past week so I’m bummed out and I have started watching what I eat much better. I was slacking so now I chart everything and get my exercise in everyday. I’m getting my 100gms of protein, 64 oz of water, cut out any soda and sweet tea again and went back to zero sugar. I was on my second stall but I have started slowly moving again. I’m currently at 170lbs so 37lbs total lost so far and 25lbs to go. I don’t have much support. My best friend and my mother were totally against this surgery when I said I was going to do it. My mother passed away before I made it through all the hoops. It took me a year to meet all their requirements. My best friend still can not show any support but I am already 100% happier with myself and I feel so much better already even with the challenges I know we have all faced. This group has been a lifesaver even though I don’t always post I do follow. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories and all the support. ❤️
  9. I‘m so sorry you’re struggling with the cold. I’m afraid I’m one that also goes out in the winter with no coat, but mine is due to adrenal insufficiency. I’m always running hot which is a curse in itself. As RonHall said they do have the heated jackets etc here that a battery goes in the pocket. I bought one for my husband a few years ago and he loves it. They do come in black so you wouldn’t be stuck in camo or bright orange and I believe some of the women’s jackets are even fitted so it might be an option for you to stay comfortable. I bought one on Amazon. I hope you get some sunshine and warmer weather soon. Here in Kansas we’ve had several days of clouds and rain. I don’t suffer from being cold but it sure doesn’t motivate me to do much.
  10. @RonHall908 you look amazing!! What a difference. I didn’t take any pics before because I hated pictures so much. My kids had snuck a few and it seemed they were always the side pics that showed all my extra chins 🤦‍♀️ I hid from the camera. I’m feeling like I’m making progress but still hiding from the camera because I fear it will knock me backwards in how I feel I’m progressing.
  11. Thank you for the link to the pulled pork. I’ll have to give it a try. It sounds really good! I have some of the zero carb tortillas that I’ve tried with some beans when my hubby had chicken fajitas since chicken has been a no for me. The beans have been filling and haven’t caused me any problems.
  12. It is SOOO difficult. I have to admit I didn’t think it would be this hard. I had a Nissan wrap in 2018 and they said swallowing and eating certain foods would be an issue then. I was able to eat anything I wanted after brief dumping syndrome from dairy. Because of that I thought this was going to be easy. Boy was I wrong. I’m so thankful for all of you sharing your day to day experiences and diets to help make this journey easier.
  13. My energy level has finally increased some. Nothing too great but I’m not totally wiped anymore. Eating has improved the last few days or maybe I’ve accepted defeat on the chicken lol. I did mess up terrible Friday after we went to the zoo and I had raw onion on my sandwich. I can not even begin to explain the pain I caused myself. I thought I would die. Cooked onions are not an issue for me but I swear as long as I live I will never eat another raw onion. I have not felt this kind of pain since I had a Nissan wrap years ago and ate the wrong thing. I have settled in now to an egg for breakfast, more applesauce than I ever thought I would eat in this lifetime. I have no desire to eat any bread so I just don’t. I have some protein shots that are only an oz so they’re a good go to if I'm running short for the day. Variety is not so much a part of eating anymore but I’m good with just finding things I’m comfortable eating. So many things made me nauseated trying to eat them the last couple months so I’ll gladly take what I have now. Yesterday when I weighed I was down 33lbs. My post op appt is in 5 days. I hope it goes well and after my surgeon sees my progress I still walk away feeling like I’m doing a decent job. It has not been an easy two months.
  14. It helped me. So many things were just making me nauseous and I was struggling. Definitely need ice though to take a little of the carbonation out and just like everything else take it slow.
  15. I have had some soda and can tolerate it with ice. Some are easier than others. I tried it because I was so nauseated and sprite or mt dew settles my stomach.
  16. 😂😂 I’m lucky, I live in Kansas so I have no hills or mountains to get up to get home and if I walk the right way when I leave the wind will just blow me a k home 😂😂
  17. I bought a treadmill because the nearest gym is 40 miles round trip from me. It just took me awhile to regain any kind of energy to get on it. I had someone today compliment me on the amount of weight I’ve lost since she last saw me in January or Feb. it was great to hear because I don’t think I see it on myself the way others see it. I’m sure once I get down some more I will. WTG on your weight loss too!! Eating is definitely a work in progress and can be a chore now.
  18. I’ll have to try chicken salad. I do good with tuna and salmon and ground meats are usually ok as long as I take little bites. I’ve seen everyone on here not tolerating some foods and drinks recently. Mine is yogurt 🤢 I used to love it but I can’t stomach the taste right now. I’m going to try and keep moving a little more each week. The warm weather helps. I swear I like to hibernate like a bear when it’s cold out lol.
  19. I thought I was gaining ground and hadn’t thrown anything up in several days, but then I attempted to eat chicken breast for dinner last night and after only a couple bites I was sick because it felt stuck. I just can’t seem to chew it rough or eat slow enough. I only keep attempting it because it seems to be higher in protein than a lot of other meats. The scale is moving for me again so woohoo!!! I’m down to 176lbs. I was 207lbs when I started. I got a new ring that monitors activity so I’m up and moving now. Only 6000 steps a day but it’s a start! Thank you to everyone in my little group here for all your posts. My surgery was February 22nd. I have my post op appt next week on the 25th. I’m hoping my weight loss is on track.
  20. I haven’t had any blood work since surgery to say they’re working but all my bloodwork was off a couple months beforehand and I started them about a month and a half before surgery. My pre surgery bloodwork didn’t show any deficiencies in any vitamins or minerals then. I figured if the surgeon had them on her list of approved multivitamins then they must work but occasionally I do wonder how lol. My appt is next week on the 25th so I will let you know. Im one of those people that struggles with my levels on a good day so during this post op diet I’m sure I’ve been challenged. Amazing job on the weight loss and walking despite the knee pain. I often stay down because of pain or exhaustion and I need to get up and moving. I hope your knee surgery is in the near future!
  21. Interested to see what the dr says on this. I was glad my primary care didn’t do blood work yesterday because I know I hadn’t drank my water like I should. It’s hard for me to do on the road and my drs are 4hrs one way so I’m always slacking when I drive there. Messes all my bloodwork up. 🤦‍♀️ I’m hoping vitamin wise I’m doing ok because I use the patches so there is no issue with nausea or vomiting. They were on the approved list of vitamins from my surgeon and I’m loving them. I’m glad your vitamin infusion helped you feel better. Low energy is awful to deal with. It’s so challenging when you want to be up and moving to get your weight loss moving faster but have no energy to do it. I’ve injured my foot somehow and am supposed to be off of it as much as possible and icing it. I also had to go on a steroid pack for the inflammation since we’re allowed no nsaids. I swear my body is working against me at every turn.
  22. Awesome job on the treadmill! I bought one right after surgery but have not done great at using it. I need to try harder or just start one day at a time. I used to use the treadmill at the gym years ago with a friend so I know it’s doable! I was thinking about getting a sewing machine and taking the side seams in on my clothes when I lose enough weight so that maybe I don’t need to get rid of everything and buy all new clothes. Not sure how well this will work though. Of course I won’t have to buy ALL new clothes because I saved a lot of clothes waiting to go back to my normal size lol. This is funny because I have been overweight for at least ten years…I really should’ve given up my smaller clothes years ago.
  23. On the road today so eating out has consisted of two chicken nuggets for lunch and a few bites of a bean burrito for dinner and not nearly enough water to drink. I’m officially off blood pressure meds too!!
  24. That’s my surgery date too!! I spend more time reading posts than posting. How are you feeling?

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