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    I had SADI on 8/15/23. I have had wonderful results. I was a type 2 diabetic with and A1C of 9.5 at the time of surgery, two weeks post op I was taken off meds my last A1C was 4.9. “Normal”! I have lost almost 100 LBS since surgery. I was also very nervous and scared of all the “what ifs” but I was also on a fast track to “what if’s” if I did not have the surgery. I agree with the above recommendation to follow Laura Fluschee on instagram. Wonderful account for SIPS/SADI patients. Best wishes!
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    I'm so weak!!

    I completely understand, I was the same way until about a month ago (I'm at 6 months now) and all my labs came back great too (other than my white blood cells/lymphocytes being elevated)! I still struggle a few days a week; really tired, ache in general plus I'm weaker, like I have difficulty opening things that used to be easy, lifting things I used to be able to lift with no problems, is a problem now. Some people just bounce back slower I was told by my dietician and doctor who didn't seem overly concerned. My B12 was great as well... I wasn't getting as much water as I should, still don't but I'm trying. How is your water intake? Other than my water consumption everything was right as it should be, so yeah I feel you. Let us know how you're doing and if you figure it out! I never have..
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    i've been buying creams, lotions, botox, masks, fillers, microneedling, morpheous8, light therapy, RF treatments for the past 4-5 years. i apply moisturizers and sunscreen and masks like its going out of style. honestly, i probably could have had 2 face lifts with the amount of money i've dished out so far. nothing stops the effects of aging (nor weight loss) permanently, and few things effectively pause it. surgical face lifts are the most effective (and longest lasting) defence against aging, sagging, wrinkling skin. i'm seriously contemplating getting one, but i scar horribly so im hesitant. long story short, creams and moisturizers will do little for damage already done, but can assist in keeping future damage at bay. microneedling, morpheous8, light therapy *may* work, but you require several sessions to determine if it will even work for you. botox and fillers have immediate effect, but don't last long and require ongoing treatments to keep up. face lifts are expensive (and surgical!) but will probably make you look 10-15 years younger for about 10-15 years...but then you'll need another one for touchup or upkeep. ....or we can embrace our aging faces (something i personally would love to do, but honestly am not ready to do yet hahahhahaha) ❤️
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    I'm so sorry you are struggling with this still and that you aren't able to get in with a specialist. Post viral issues are both literally and figuratively exhausting. What you experienced with the walking 4 miles and not getting out of bed for 3 days afterwards is caused "post exertional malaise" and it is common in long covid as well as things like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I experience it a lot. That device I linked to earlier is supposed to help you gauge where your body's threshold is regarding this and keep you right under it so that you can still be physically active without triggering that backlash. It is a really frustrating thing to experience, especially when a few months ago you could have walked that distance without issue. I experience this still every time I try to push beyond 5,000 steps a day. This is a vast improvement over what triggered it pre-op, but it is still nowhere near where I want to be. I'm going to add in some strength training components to see if strengthening the muscle function in my body will help me be able to push the threshold up a bit, but if not I'm going to find a physiologist who can help me figure it out because I hate the physical limitations that come with these viral conditions and general deconditioning.
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    Surgery was Mon 3/18.. questions

    2 Tbsp in one sitting is a reasonable limit since the stomach capacity right after surgery is somewhere between 2 and 4 Tbsp (although 2 Tbsp is only 1/8 cup, not 1/4 cup). But the OP said she was only told she could eat 2 Tbsp in an entire day, which I've never heard before. Usually programs will say 2-4 Tbsp per meal, and then recommend somewhere between 3-6 meals spaced evenly throughout the day, with protein shake supplements to make up the difference. It just seems unusual compared to a lot of other programs, and the fact the discharge papers told her 1/4-1/2 cup per meal (which is too much) and the dietician said 2 Tbsp per day would definitely have me wondering if one hand knows what the other is doing in that program. I mean, it's possible the dietician has a good reason for the once a day limit, but it's also possible they misspoke or had a typo and it's supposed to be per meal (and they really need to address the discharge instruction packet). It's certainly worth clarifying, at least.
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    Belly fat problems after surgery

    my stomach was the last place I seemed to lose my weight (probably because I carried most of my fat there before surgery). You may end up losing more in your stomach with those last few kilos. I think you look great, though!! (and you've definitely lost weight in your stomach!!)
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    10 Year Mark

    I’ve been gone a while from the forum. life has just been busy and I guess time just gets away from me. It’s like I turned around and I’m old 😂 not really old but you know what I mean. looking at my profile it’s hard to believe I’ve been banded since 2014. I can only imagine where I would be if I never had the surgery. Or if I had done it sooner…. today I’m probably the healthiest I’ve ever been. I’ve got to be the mother and grandmother MY parents and grandparents never were and it’s because I changed. My career my marriage and my family has all flourished! is it all because of the surgery? Maybe not. But I definitely attribute a lot to it! the way I feel, the activities I can do…my overall mental health….i still deal with body image issues….still that chubby woman in the mirror, stuck episodes and bad days. We all probably do. But the good definitely outweigh the bad! I recently went to the dr for a horrible sting and when she took my blood pressure it was 55bpm I said “isn’t that too low?” she said “honey, you are almost 44, sitting cross legged on my table and just told me about your 20 mile mountain bike ride. Just looking at you I would say other than this sting you appear pretty healthy. It’s just fine.” coming from a family tree with tons of health issues, cancer and obesity I felt a huge win! so here’s to hoping the band holds up another 10 years😂 (I see a lot of horror stories) she has been a lifesaver and a huge help. Without her I don’t think I would be where I’m at! cheers to you all! Wishing you all the best of luck on your journey!
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    Why do you think its you who should change ? Its not you saying these things. Its people who should know better. They are your beloved family after all. TBH I would have come back with something like - well if I am a pig what does that make you ? The big bad wolf ? I am older and have developed a thicker skin. I may be delusional but I always think that if someone is looking at me, its because I am gorgeous haha. I smile, flash my lashes and laugh. A woman stared at me for so long once, I went over and asked her was she waiting for my head to fall off. I know counselling is hard to get here but it would help you, it did me
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    Finally reached goal!

    Congratulations but also gracious what an experience. How fortunate you have such a wonderful & caring surgeon who was on top of your symptoms straight away. Hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly. PS: Realising you weigh as much as you did as a child is a head trip. I remember when I realised I must weigh what I did when I was 12. Twelve! Back in the seventies! OMG! And I was just a normal sized child then (before puberty hit.) I actually dug out my tutu from then & it fit (actually was a little big). Freaky!

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