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    The MBSAQIP Bariatric Surgical Risk/Benefit Calculator (A tool clinicians are using to estimate progress) Hope it helps someone! https://riskcalculator.facs.org/bariatric/?_ga=2.112690692.1282950073.1698781773-393992475.1698781773
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    November 2023 buddies

    Thank you everyone!! Surgery went well and Im in my room now... We are having a hart time controlling my pain and nausea, not unusual for me. Water is going down relatively easy though... I'll be here at least overnight!
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    I had surgery Friday also. Everything went well, but I have this pain in my shoulder/neck. I am far enough out that I do not think it is gas pain. Has anyone else had this kind of pain? I am guessing it might be from how I was laying on the operating table. I feel pretty good. I am not having trouble getting water or protein shakes down (though I definitely need to drink more as it is slow going). I haven't had to nap today at all. The first two days were a bit rough as I am pretty sensitive to anesthesia and the medications are too much for me. Now that it is over, I am doing okay.
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    8 days post op

    Those are all great suggestions; thank for telling me. Since last commenting back to you, I have been slowing down. Your tips will help.
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    Longview Lady

    Movement and liquid diet ideas

    Hi Shanna. Great idea to add some protein powder to bone broth. I have been using Isopure vanilla protein powder since beginning of this year. I decided to get Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth Chicken unsalted. $6, from WalMart. It has less sodium than K&F, a little less protein by a couple grams than K&F, has less sugar then K&F too. And waaaay cheaper. I'm going to give it a try.
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    WLS + GLP-1

    I never knew the reason for the BMI of 40 or over until reading this, but it makes sense. Back in the 1990s, gastric bypass was an open surgery with a whole lot of risk. You just wouldn't do that unless you were in dire health or the future risk of dying prematurely was great. It's such a different surgery, or surgeries, now, yet the guidelines remain the same. Sometimes I wonder if more people would get bariatric surgery if those who had it talked more openly about it. Not to blame anyone who chooses not to, because people can be awful. But I wonder how many people in part believe they or others can diet and exercise their way thin if they really try because that guy they work with did it...except he actually had surgery and just doesn't say it. Only 2% of people who qualify getting the surgery is so sad. It kind of makes me mad that I would have qualified a while ago but no one told me until I hit that magic 40 BMI on the doctor's scale, even though I have other conditions that meant I would have met the requirements probably 10 years ago. Instead, I was put on Saxenda and Wegovy at different points, and neither one was a real miracle drug for me. Plus, my insurance only covered them for about 6 months, so nowhere near lifetime like you need. I think there's a lot of education that needs to happen out there on every level.

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