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    Need Encouragement!

    I need to lose 15lbs before getting to the next step for the surgery on my sleeve. I am just feeling discouraged about it. I weighed myself this and I am down some weight but not as much as I would like. I know this is a lifelong thing and I will always struggle with this. Can you guys give me the pros and the motivation because right now I feel like I cant do this.
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    liquids move through you really fast. Food doesn't. You'll especially feel restriction when. you get on solid food (maybe not purees - but you probably will once you move to solid).
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    Shanna NYC

    I need help

    So it looks like your question was added in as a tag. 'I am 3 weeks post op and it is really hard to get in protein I was reaching out to see if there is any type of hacks on how to get it down I have the powder kind also can someone explain to me what will happen if I’m not getting enough protein in There are a variety of ways to get it down. Make it as is and break it down to half a shake twice a day. Make it more liquidy and sip on it throughout the day. Use unflavored protein powder and sprinkle it into other foods, such as broth or applesauce. Try protein water which is thinner and comes in a many fruity flavors so it's not just the milky stuff. You can also boost the protein in yogurt with adding protein powder. If you don't get in enough protein, you run the risk of losing muscle and not just fat. Losing muscle can also slow down weight loss. Also leaves you with less energy. Even though hair shedding is par for the course, having enough protein can lessen the shed and support healthy regrowth. It can be difficult to meet the protein goals in the beginning, just try to focus on getting better day by day.
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    Olive Oil and butter

    I have at most, two small slices of bread a week so I have butter on it. I fry my one egg a week in oil. I am not on a diet. I have just changed the amount that I eat
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    I'm not familiar with the Omega-sleeve - it could be that that's more common in Europe than the US. I'm eight years out and focus on calories more than portion sizes at this point. I can maintain my weight on about 1600 calories a day. I can eat more if I'm doing heavy exercising.
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    New To This23

    Ibuprofen 1 Yr Post Op

    Definitely ask your surgeon. My book from the clinic says I can never have it again. I spoke with my surgeon and I told him I really only take it about 4 times a year and he said it would be fine for me to take it then, he told me if I was taking it every day or a few times a week then it would not be okay. So I think how often a person takes it is a factor.
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    Ibuprofen 1 Yr Post Op

    I have a sleeve & my surgeon did allow me to start taking NSAIDs after he removed my gall at 2 years. Though he did give me rules to follow. Half a dose only, one a day, not on consecutive days & only take after eating a meal. I rarely have need to take pain relief, but I find paracetamols do nothing for any pain I may have. I’ve probably had five NSAIDs in the last two years. It has to be real pain (like back pain from my oozing discs) to take one. Actually had to throw out a box as it had expired! If it is just a head cold I’d stick with a paracetamol/acetaminophen like Tylenol which will help with any fever & general flu like aches. If your surgeon allows you to take NSAIDs, keep them for more severe pain. But give your surgeon a call or send an email asking if you can take NSAIDs & how best to take them. They might have totally different advice.
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    This week we have a lot of visitors from the head office (I work in a remote site) and I've not seen some of them for quite sometime. Some even before Covid hit. I was the star of this week with everyone talking about my weight loss and all kinds of praise and encouragement. Almost everyone asked me how did I lose the weight including the big bosses from the client and the contractors. I've only told my direct boss and the company managing director about my surgery. I took time-off to do it and told everyone else that I was going on vacation. It helped that we were still working from home while I was recovering so nobody noticed any change during that period. I chose not to tell my coworkers because I didn't want the unsolicited advice and opinions some might have about the WLS and also the follow-up questions. I learned that from when I was on KETO and made the mistake of telling a few coworkers about it. Suddenly I would have people come over to talk to me about it or advising against it etc. It was too much. One guy in particular would come in a for a weekly update on how much weight did I lose etc. Outside work, only my wife, my direct family and two of my closest friends know about my WLS. They have been very supportive and helped me throughout. I've been telling people that I was on KETO, then started a low-carb diet and exercising. I even have a photo of me on my maintain bike to prove it 😂. I would love to hear how did you respond to such questions / remarks?
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    I don't tell people and didn't tell many people beforehand. Maybe 5 people know (at least directly know) Who knows what rumors have traveled or who ran their mouth. haha Anyway, I get asked "what is my trick", "how are you loosing weight" ETC!.... A LOT, I simply say, "eat less and count calories". Which is exactly what I am doing.
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    Cabbage soup?

    Absolutely, you can mix up the veggies to your own taste and with what is abundant. For example, I like canned "fire roasted" diced tomatoes or even fresh cherry or grape tomatoes. Two cups of this soup is only 114 calories and very filling for even dinner.

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