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    Jonathan Carlson

    Looking for a Bari-Buddy!

    You can message me if you want. I live in Massachusetts and had RNY a month ago.
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    I haven’t found a protein water i like yet- but will keep trying. The shakes taste good and dont make me sick, just feel like lead in my stomach right now. I’m going to try thinning them with milk or water,and may warm them to see if that helps. Wish me luck.
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    Baby plates

    I also just use salad plates but whatever helps with motivation is a good thing to me!
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    How did you break a stall?

    All you can do is wait. A lot of people have superstitions about how to break a stall, but the truth is that it all comes down to waiting it out. If you continue burning more calories than you eat, your stall will break and your weight loss will resume. Superstitions are usually based on the logical fallacy of equating correlation to causation — I increased/decreased my carbs/fat/protein/exercise/water and my stall ended! So they assume that whatever they happened to change was the cause of breaking the stall, even though it would have happened whether or not they made the change. TL;DR - you’re doing great, so keep it up and you’ll be successful.
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    New coworker

    I had a similar experience. I have a client that I print material for and last year I was out for my surgery around the time she let me know what she needed printed. When I returned to work, I was talking with her about the order and mentioned the surgery I had. Turns out we both had gastric bypass. She gave me a few tips and reminded me that while it was rough in the beginning, it would get easier.
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    Struggling to envision weight loss

    You are very wise and are doing all the right things. At our age we cant rush into exercise or anything for that matter. I took a while to get my stamina back. It took me 8 months to eat enough calories to exercise. Now I feel like a Spring [well winter] chicken. A new life start How good does it feel to weigh a hundred pounds less than before. I was on cloud nine for days
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    Sleeve surgery March 13th 2023

    me! I'm nerv-i-cited!
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    Jealousy from others?

    I will soon be seeing my family for the first time in a long time. Some haven't seen me since I was 295lbs (136lbs ago) & this is what I'm worried about. I assume a lot of my family will be supportive but I think the ones I'm not as close to might talk behind my back. Ugh I'm worried. I'd also love to hear other's stories
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    Jealousy from others?

    My sister and a very close friend, both of whom were also morbidly obese, were extremely hostile and unsupportive about my decision to have surgery. I interpreted it as their being threatened that I was doing something to take control of my life. My relationship with both of them has suffered as a result. They both continue to say they would never want to give up wine and good food and say that it must be awful for me that I can't enjoy eating. (I actually do enjoy eating now.)
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    Jealousy from others?

    I’m struggling with this right now, too. My brother, who is 16 months older than me, doesn’t approve of my choice to have VSG and told me I’ve obviously “convinced myself” and “let the doctors convince me” that I need something I don’t, as if I’m not capable of researching and making an informed decision about my own health. He refers to it as “drastic” and told me I have zero self discipline. The worst thing he said, though, is that he feels sorry for me. I’m capable of brushing this off, but I’m hurt because he said all of this the night before my surgery. I was so excited and he nearly stole that from me.

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