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  1. I had VSG in 2017 and found myself pregnant with my first! I have not taken vitamins as I was supposed to post op. But I have been taking prenatal vitamins since finding out. I lost a total of 150lbs since surgery, and this last year another 20 due to stress. I’m concerned the weight loss will continue (I know I’m just stressing more, it’s kind of my thing) For you bariatric mommies, were you able to hold enough food for you and the baby?
  2. This was the best thing I have ever done for myself. A true act of self love and discipline. With no regrets at all. I used to kind of roll my eyes when people would say weight lost “journey”. But it’s truly what it is. Loosing the weight gave me energy and confidence that I can’t even describe. An old friend reach out to me, as she is about to start her journey, after recommending this app I started going through my old posts. I just want to say this community is an amazing place and I am forever grateful. VSG: 3.14.18 Highest weight: 285 Surgery weight: 248 Current weight: 175 I love the new me 💕
  3. katibugg

    Loose skin and sex

    I’ve lost 145lbs to date and feel great. I’m also single for the first time in my life, and have been on the dating scene for about a year. Dating has been a struggle because I am very open with my journey. I have lots of before and after Instagram pics and talk about it frequently. Weight loss is definitely my biggest personal accomplishment. It’s always a tipping point when I’m out with someone for the first time, trying to explain it to people who haven’t been or knows anyone who has gone through it. The loose skin has become a mental block. I feel like I look one way fully clothed and it’s a “surprise” when things take a sexual turn. I’m very self conscious about it. Most people I’ve been with don’t seem to care or at least pretend that they don’t. But I can’t help but feel like I’m in a “fraudulent package” if that makes sense. Anyone else feel this way?
  4. I’m at the point now where I’m looking at skin removal. I started at 285 I’m down to 160 and have a lot of extra skin on my stomach. It’s been a confidence low point for me, especially being a single woman. I feel like people don’t know what they are getting into with me and definitely don’t feel comfortable with the extra skin. Anyone else have skin surgery? What can I expect? What’s the cost like?
  5. I needed to share; I’m finally out of the 200s and feel amazing! I went from a size 22 to a 10, and today I got an 8 on but not comfortably yet. I even started training for a 5k which I would have never done in a million years. Best decision I ever made! VSG 3.14.18 Highest weight: 285 Surgery weight: 248 Current weight: 199
  6. katibugg

    food in throat

    I had the same issue with that stage. It goes away. Use baby spoons and chew 50 times before swallowing. Stop when you get that feeling and go back once it clears. I ended up putting chicken flavored protein powder in mashed potatoes and made them extra runny. In about a week or so you’ll forget you had this issue. Your body pretty much had liquid only for a month if you count pre op diet. It’s just readjusting.
  7. Im slowing down a bit with weight loss but I’m living the results, 30lbs down
  8. katibugg

    50 days post op

    Yes! I’m officially the smallest size in the plus size store I used to frequent. It’s a whole new world being in regular sizes. I’ve never had choices before. It’s fun and also kind of scary
  9. I am a season ticket holder for a local sports team. I used to be able to smuggle booze into any place I was going, but I find myself having to smuggle food in since the food at the venue is all fried or full of fat and sugar. Anyone else have to be creative with food smuggling? I welcome new ideas
  10. katibugg

    Time off from work

    I work as a key holder at a retail store, because of the physical demands my job presents, and there not being a light duty or part time option... I’m out until my 1 month follow up. I think I’m an office setting I would have been back way soon... thank god for short term disability pay!! Ps. If your starting a new job double check your insurance didn’t change to something that required more to get surgery VSG 3.14.18 Highest weight: 285 Surgery weight: 248 Current weight: 229
  11. I have had my IUD for 3 years now, causing my period to stop completely. I am one week post op. I have lost about 11lbs, and today I got a full blown period. Complete with cramps on top of my healing pains. I feel like it could be from hormonal changes, or extreme weight loss. Anyone else with an IUD have this issue?
  12. Yes! Helped me sooo much
  13. Walk as much as possible. It will help the gases from laparoscopic surgery absorb and make your back hurt less. My surgeon said to use a heating pad on your stomach for muscle pain. I’m 1 week post op today and it helped soooo much
  14. Walk as much as possible. It will help the gases from laparoscopic surgery absorb and make your back hurt less. My surgeon said to use a heating pad on your stomach for muscle pain. I’m 1 week post op today and it helped soooo much
  15. katibugg

    weight gain

    Yeah, like the pre op diet all over again. 3 shake s a day
  16. katibugg

    weight gain

    Everything I have read and been told, they say if your falling off the wagon to do a week of shakes and start over
  17. My surgeon said since VSG is laparoscopic they fill you with gas, and most patients will feel sore in thro upper back and shoulders. Mine is excruciating, more so then my belly pain. Anyone know how long this will last?
  18. katibugg

    1 day post op question

    What about post surgery hiccups? I have had them since I got home. Any cure?
  19. I got the call I have been waiting for today.. match 14th I get this surgery. I am 28 years old and my fiancé is my complete support system. My parents are more in the old school frame of mind and think I’m being ridiculous. So it’s been hard in that aspect. I have told most of my friends about the surgery but I am being selective because I feel like there is a lot of unwanted opinion when it come to weight loss surgery. I am not ashamed of wanting to better myself, but I am trying to keep it low key. Anyone else in the same boat? What do you tell people when you start to loose the weight?
  20. katibugg

    Low Key about Surgery

    With my surgery date quickly approaching, the people who do know are critics or super supportive. I live with my best friend. When it was an idea she was on board. Now that I have my date, it’s like she would rather talk about anything else. Because of the negative energy I get from her I have been trying to find good vibes from any place I can and cautiously branching out, as I don’t want my business out there. I found a woman at work who has been my Guardian angel! She had the surgery 12 years ago and couldn’t be more happy for me. I’m slowing building a support system.
  21. I know I’m jumping the gun but I meet with the surgeon in a week to (hopefully) get my surgery date since all my other testing has been completed. In the time since I have made the decision to better myself I had gotten engaged and am now planning a wedding. My hopeful surgery date would be January/February and my wedding is scheduled in April of the following year. I’m anxious about wedding dress shopping post weight loss. I know with continuing to drop weight it will be hard to be fitted. Anyone else have this issue?
  22. katibugg

    Post op wedding

    My worry was that most dress places want to measure you 10 months out, I have a feeling I will have to get something off the rack
  23. Contact insurance and ask. My insurance covers it but it’s because of my employer.

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