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    Bari things that give you the ick

    ^This. All this. Especially the bolded. I get that confronting your own weight isn't nice, I get it. It's not nice to hear you're obese. But certain people on social media trying to insist it's a "slur" just makes me livid. I have NEVER had people yell "Eat a salad OBESEY!" or yell "OBESE!!!" at me from a passing car. It's a medical term. What hand-holding gently-gently kid gloves term is permissible now that everyone's offended by everything? Had to rant. It really really gets on my wick.
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    I am going crazy

    Stalls happen & they will break in their time. Think of them as your body being stressed (it’s going through a lot of change at the moment - surgery, weight loss, change of diet, etc.) & it just wants to shut the door & pull the covers over it’s head until it’s ready to deal with the changes & stress. You just need to ride it out. Don’t stress yourself or your body more. Follow your plan, meet your protein & fluid goals & your weight will start to drop again.
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    Post op day 1 vsg to bypass

    Surgery went well. Some pain in the larger 4mm incision where he put in the stapler but Tylenol and some IV pain meds and I’m ok. Heading home now (1 overnight) have a timer set for every 15min for my Fluid. A bit scared I’ll burst my pouch (I can be a worrier) but so far so good. Gonna miss taking big slugs of Water but not going to miss the GERD.
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    Bari things that give you the ick

    "journey" "new me" "and then life happened" "back to old habits" "a tool" I can't stand these anymore.
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    New AAP Obesity Guidelines

    back then, no. I was "overweight" as a teen, not obese, and the surgeries back in those days weren't nearly as safe as they are today. If I was a teen NOW, with the safer surgeries, I probably still wouldn't since I wasn't all that overweight. If on the other hand, I was really obese (and we're talking really obese - not 20 or 30 lbs) - not sure. I doubt I would have had the discipline to stick to the rules and guidelines at that age, so maybe not.
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    Yes! It's used by hospital support personnel much too often. I feel it's a form of degrading, bullying by people who have no understanding or compassion over patients physical struggles. Instead they hold judgement over those patients and have a word they can use without the possibility of being accused of bullying because it's an accepted term.
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    Bee kami

    Regained it all

    I am 20 years out and have experience just about everything that comes with having weight loss surgery. I am also a pharmacist and have been like a community resource for the docs in my circle. It was a struggle to keep the weight off and to get back on track after regain. sw 296 lw: 126 regain weight 177 cw 145-150. But it is possible.
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    Bari things that give you the ick

    I also hate the word "obese". High cringe factor for whatever reason.
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    I would like to emphasize that we should distinguish between the concepts related to street drugs, illicit cannabis trafficking and medical cannabis, from which medicines are made. I liked https://highthc.shop/product-category/thc-vape-pen/, too. There are studies confirming cannabidiol properties as an anti-inflammatory, its effects on pain relief, nausea - especially in patients on chemotherapy. Cannabidiol may be a good solution for patients for whom nothing else works.
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    Regained it all

    It sounds to me like you've already identified some things you know you could change. I'm a big believer in making lots of small, but sustainable changes, rather than huge diet "resets". By that I mean, maybe for the next couple of weeks, you simply make sure you stop at only one glass of wine at night. Then maybe it's cutting the wine down to every other day, or maybe limiting yourself to 1 or 2 bags of chips a week. Try and make just one small change every 2-3 weeks until each small change becomes the new normal for you. Only then, add in another change. I think most people try to drastically change everything all at once and that rarely works. Again, I think you know what you need to do to get back on track, the trick is taking it step-by-step and turning the "bad" habits into good ones.

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