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    Experience with transfer addiction

    i think awareness is the key. If you check in with yourself regularly and are honest about your patterns and internal pain, you can keep from going down a bad rabbit hole. Food was my transfer addiction. My family has a strong genetic disposition for alcoholism, so i was always paranoid and over cautious when it came to alcohol. Instead I was blind to how i was binging on food instead of alcohol. Making that connection along with some other circumstances has helped me be in “remission” with binging. There are still urges, but I can be in control. I am aware now and regularly look at my life if anything is going down an unwanted path.
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    14 lbs in two weeks is excellent. I lost 16 lbs the whole first month! (not a revision - I have a virgin bypass). people tend to lose slower after revisions than they do a virgin surgery - but again, 14 lbs is quite a lot. I wouldn't throw in the towel yet...
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    11 days post op, and I'm not sure if I am either doing something wrong, something is wrong with my body or both. Whether I'm resting, moving or sitting all I feel is a need to throw up (and I do puke a lot, needing a bowl around me 24/7). My body heats up rapidly along with a very rapid heart beat from minimum activity or even being just sedentary. I do take in the fact that I am obese (313 lbs right now) and physical activity has easily excited my body, but this level of just walking across the room feeling my heart pounding and needing to puke out my guts. Despite all this I try to (following guidelines on how to lightly consume and time between) injest my needed liquids and proteins. It's just incredibly frustrating and scary feeling the need to throw up all my liquids just from lightly sipping my water or protein shake. In fact most of my activity is laying/sitting trying to keep down and sip my needed fluids. My family has highly advized me to keep being active, and I try but not as hard as I should I know. They think all this is something I need to just push through but I'm just not sure if that is right. For my surgeon, Dr. Turnquest, I had my virtual checkup with him yesterday and did inform me it's highly unusual for the puking, and after giving me a prescription to help keep fluids down, said to keep in touch within 48 hours about this. Just wanted to flesh out my entire situation right now, so if anyone can tell me if it's something wrong, me being too sedentary, etc. I'd like to know.
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    I did do a “last supper” because I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to eat the foods I love ever again. It was all sorta silly now looking back because I can eat anything I want. I don’t have anything I cannot tolerate in moderation. Basically it was just that much more I had to lose post op. I didn’t go crazy though thankfully so it wasn’t like it was that big of a deal. Just remember the more carbs and stuff you have the more you crave them. So if you have that junk the last couple nights before your pre op diet it will be that much harder to stick to the pre op. I had my last supper a week before so that I could detox from the carbs and stuff BEFORE I had to start the pre op diet. Something to consider.
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    My advice- get an ekg done by your primary doctor or even urgent care. You heart feeling like it’s thumping out of your chest is called palpitations and could be a sign of something else. Better to be safe than sorry. (This suggestion is bias in that I work with cardiac patients and would rather you be safe.)
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    I have had a few dalliances with what could be "transfer addiction" both good and bad...I definitely have overindulged in cannabis a few times since my surgery to a point where my fiance was asking me if i was "self medicating", and I also feel like I am somewhat dependent on riding my motorcycle as a dopamine fix...which isn't bad, it works out my shoulders/hips/core and gets me some sunshine.
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    Post Op Food List

    I found this Gastric Sleeve Food List By Stage that I thought that may be helpful. It’s close to mirroring what I received from my nutritionist with a few little exceptions (each plan can be so different!) Figured it might be a nice guide to refer to - might give you ideas for each stage to have variety.
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    Irish jay

    September surgery buddies!!

    Thank you so much, it’s all a bit daunting really, I thought having the op would be the hard part but preparing for life after seems very complex. I will make sure I get the vitamins as soon as. Much appreciated 👍🏻
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    Before and After Pics

    80 pounds gone
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    Before and After Pics

    This is a month difference. Still a very long way to go but good progress so far!

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