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    3 month vitamin blood test

    So i had my 3 month blood test for vitamins and such. I got the results early this morning and everything is in the green. Only small issue is my iron saturation is just 1 point below normal. But iron total levels are good. Other than that every other vitamin, protein, calcium ect... are good. I thought this blood test would have had my cholesterol checked as well because it was high before surgery but i guess not. I will go ahead and order my own cholesterol test here next week to see how it is.
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    Eating disorder

    Try adding snacks. It was the only way I could slow my weight loss after I reached my goal but was unable to eat a recommended portion size. I did it with the support of my dietician & chose foods that were nutritionally sound. I still snack to reach the calories I need to maintain but not as often as I did initially because I can usually eat a portion size now. So snacking would help you increase your calories to gain. You could also graze on your left overs - finish your lunch portion for afternoon tea - which would satisfy your dietician’s advice. Try adding another serve of whole/multigrain carbs, another serve of fruit, a protein bar, cheese, yoghurt, chia pudding, hummus, etc. You can snack on raw vegetables too. I found some baked fava beans & chick peas snacks (which are handy when travelling too). I added powdered milk to milk to enrich (it becomes sweet though so I only did it when making chia pudding). I also used non diet dressing on salads. I know it can be challenging because you may not feel hungry or feel like eating & you likely don’t want to establish bad food & eating habits again either. I know that’s how I felt & still feel. Ask your dietician for more specific suggestions than just eat more especially when you physically can’t. All the best.
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    I think when I start introducing more fiber into my diet by way of complex carbs I'll be able to trade off and lessen the "helpers". I'm only 6 weeks out and can start introducing different solids on Thursday. Honestly I'm going to avoid pasta, bread, rice etc. Cause they will be my undoing and I fear dumping and going back. I will be introducing more veggies though and that should help with moving things along more naturally. There are worse things to have to do.
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    Low weight loss

    Don't feel bad it will come off. I loss 15 lbs my first 3 weeks out. I started at 264 and was 249 at 3 weeks and I lost nothing before surgery.
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    Best tips for preparation?

    I’m at the very beginning, just wondering what tips you followers pre- surgery that made things easier afterwards?
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    Gonna make sure I follow the rules

    I am able to eat fast without any issue and idk if it’s a blessing or a curse. I think it’s good that your body reminds you to eat slow so you can feel your full cues. I try to eat slow but I don’t get the painful reminders that I’m sure I would be more likely to do it for.
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    What do you do instead of eating?!

    I’m coming to really really really realise that my whole life used to revolve around food and now I am in limbo. Just 6 weeks post op. The other day I went to a flower festival - all I could do was watch people eating and want to eat all the yummy BBQ, burgers, crepes, etc etc. I realised that I have never been to a festival or park event without going primarily for the food on offer. Then I’m getting to realise that I never really go anywhere that doesn’t have a food element. I get slushies and chocolate and crisps etc if I go and fill the car up or stop at the station on the way from A to B just for food and no petrol. Meeting friends - all about eating. Maybe not for them, but for me. Staying home is take out. Has anyone ever found something like that out about themselves? Anyone else “lost”? I have not idea what I’m supposed to do any more - and I’m realising why I’m so frustrated … all I ever used to do is eat or look forward to eating. It’s sad. I’m sad.
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    I was told that it was less likely to happen with sleeves, but I can attest that my tastes are DRASTICALLY different. I can't tolerate pickles anymore, can't eat salt because it's so intense I can't stand it, I have ZERO sweet tooth and actually am turned off at the idea of eating sweet stuff. Sour and tart stuff now tastes sweet to me. I don't like bacon anymore. Cottage cheese is HORRIBLE now. It tastes like it went bad to me, even when it's new (used to LOVE it). Lettuce doesn't sit well with me. It tastes fine but my stomach doesn't like it. Feels very heavy and uncomfortable. I used to be obsessed with fried foods, now I don't even think about it. I didn't go out of my way to avoid it, I just don't want it. I used to kind of be "meh" about hummus, but now it's literally my new obsession. Avocado was something I really liked, now it's "meh". My husband thinks it's so weird lol And now, before we buy anything I used to like that I haven't had since my surgery, he gets a tiny bit for me to try first because there's no guarantee I'll still like it lol
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    Post op sleeping

    I slept (propped up with pillows) on my back for the first four nights because I had a JP drain and I couldn’t sleep any other way. A recliner was more comfortable those first couple of nights. After that I’m right back to sleeping on my back and side (I move around a lot at night) and my sleep is the same quality as it was before surgery.
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    I brought my phone, charger and a toothbrush. Only thing I wish I brought was a robe. I was sometimes giving a free show to the nurses as I was walking around. (was wearing two gowns butttttt) LOL

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