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    Post Op Bra Size

    Can I just say I never thought I’d be going from a 38G to a 32D? 32 band size, what? 😳 But rant wise, I’ve gone through 4 sets of bras since starting this journey 9 months ago. I just bought 3 new ones in the hopes the girls are done shrinking at 5lbs from goal 🤞 But when the bra gap game gets too strong...gotta cave and shop! Anyone else enjoying the shelling out for new bras every 2 months or so? 😂
  2. redhead_che


    I never thought I'd let myself get to goal (120) and then regain. But like so many others before me I know what I have to do to get back on track. As of now I am 170. 2 years out last month. January last year I was 125lbs and loving life. It has been an incredibly rough year, but I can't let that be an excuse. I'm no expert, but that's pretty significant regain I had the surgery for my health and now I'm getting back to where I was at the beginning at an astonishing rate. My food choices are terrible, I put alcohol and soda back in my "diet" and I went back to snacking. Ugh! Anyone else in a similar boat? What has helped you besides getting back to the basics? Is there anything in particular that has helped you the most with losing the regain? Any support and encouragement is welcome--I've been pretty down on myself lately. But I know I can get back to at least a healthy weight. This time I'll probably aim for 130-135. I came back here since this community was so incredibly supportive to me early post op. And for that I thank you all!
  3. redhead_che

    Weight on License

    Can't wait to renew mine...I lied the last time and grossly under-reported my weight (I was 225 ish and said 165) 😐 So now it says 165 and I'm 123 July '19 come onnnnnn renewal!
  4. redhead_che

    Hair loss!

    I had hair loss up until 11 months, but I had thick hair to begin with and I feel like it actually improved after the LOSS process stopped and I kept getting healthier. I'm over a year post op now.
  5. This may be too far out for you, but people come to this facility from all over for surgery so I'll throw it out there. I went through The Bariatric Center of Kansas City and had amazing success and I was also self-pay and it was easy breezy. Started the orientation process in mid September '17 and my surgery was November '17
  6. redhead_che

    Post Op Bra Size

    I would describe mine the same way! Definitely deflated balloons....but still I remain much happier overall. Victoria's Secret makes me forget about it until I take off the bra at the end of the day
  7. redhead_che

    November sleevers here

    I did not. I am now about 123
  8. I’m back too. Not dead! But I also trashed my scale this morning. 😂 I’ve been so ridiculous with my food choices. But I’m starting 16:8 again today and since that’s what was working for me. My one year surgiversary is next Wednesday so I need to be very good!
  9. redhead_che

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    I’ve always had flab arms so yea I have a little there. The boobs have not recovered nicely in my opinion. 38G to 32DD though is a big shrink. Hello arm and boob plastics at some point!
  10. I’ll be going back to my 16:8 I think. I need more practice. Or willpower. Or both. I caved. Good luck Fluff!
  11. The hunger is ever present....but it's in my head now. Keep thinking about all these awful things I can't have. And shouldn't have anyway.
  12. I've got coffee in my hand right now and I'm begging it to work!
  13. Can I have a date too so I can stop 😂 I’m being a huge wimp today.
  14. I think I’ll take everything as usual except omeprozole which is as needed anyway. I take a vitamin, calcium, and two prescriptions.
  15. I took 3. My job involves walking/standing for 3 hours in the morning and sporatically in the afternoon. I took 3 weeks off, 2.5 might have been enough--those last few days I was like COME ONNNN xD
  16. The scale was cruel to me this morning, but I deserved it. I also started eating breakfast forgetting about my 48 hour fast! So as soon as this real coffee and sausage scramble are consumed...it's on! xD My fast will just have slightly different hours. The willpower will be strong in this girl!
  17. I'm in! I was HORRIBLE this weekend. H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. It will suck. A lot. But I will cleanse all the nonsense from my system.
  18. I'm also seeing a lower middle finger "eff you" in this delightful piece of artwork
  19. Thank you much 🙏 but it’s you guys I owe for helping me at this end stretch. Like I said yesterday I’ve just been reading the thread for months never actually trying and wala! Next time trust the regular posters faster 😋
  20. Ask and you shall receive! This is from 225 and 127. I’m going for 115-120 now with IF. 💪 I do 99% of my progress photos in that silly little bikini just to track where work still needs to be done. I promise I do wear clothes 😂
  21. redhead_che


    Just dry, like a weirdo
  22. redhead_che


    Fiber one cereal. Half a cup has basically a woman’s daily requirement
  23. redhead_che

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    I'm 28, and thank you!
  24. redhead_che

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    Going for 115-120 now that I met and demolished my 127 goal 😂