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    29 and here

    Single I have my surgery on May 23rd just want a loyal friend to converse with Sent from my SM-N975U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Help! I need advice!

    It may be that she's worried about me, but she also has a very long track record of not hearing me. I guess I'm just very nervous about my upcoming surgery and until I know how I am and how I feel afterwards, I don't want to commit to having any one of my home. I do like your advice though. I can feel out the situation a little more and see if that's the case. Thank you so much Sent from my moto g stylus (2021) using BariatricPal mobile app
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    If you've accepted the risk then you wouldn't be prepared to beat yourself up for making a decision that resulted, completely out of your control, in a less than positive outcome. Accepting the risk means making the best of any result. I don't think you realize it but you are loaded with conflict, the result of which is you can't win: "I have been blessed with good health, despite obesity" except: "I want to get healthier, " and "I want to be able to exercise without getting so winded," and " I had to run to catch a plane a few weeks ago and I just couldn't keep up with my family," and " I want to be able to roll over in bed without it causing earthquake motion", and " I would love to get off of my CPAP." Are you "healthy" or not? pick one. Then there is your selfish desire to "My husband and I go to Disney all the time and I would like to take them [the Grandkids]" You've talked yourself into a fine no-win scenario: You talk about surgical horror stories you've read that lead to death, stroke, being sick forever. Not unsurprisingly these are also major complications of morbid obesity. You can kick yourself for getting surgery and not getting surgery! Which path will you regret more? Trying and failing or not trying at all. My philosophy is that the path I choose will work out for the best. It's this philosophy or living in regret. Good luck, Tek
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    Help! I need advice!

    I'm having my gastric bypass surgery on June 4th. I currently watch my daughter's children ages 11 9 and 3. I told my daughter when I started this journey, that after my surgery, I wouldn't be able to babysit for quite some time. My thought process behind that was that I would need time to get acclimated to my new normal. So I wouldn't have to worry about cooking meals, or having foods in the house that I shouldn't have. It's bad enough, that I'm going to have them during my two week liquid pre-op diet. I thought this was all ironed out, but today she said to me that the baby was going to be in daycare and possibly the 9-year-old, but the 11-year-old would be staying with me in case I needed help. I love my grandchildren, but this really concerns me. I feel that it'll be more stressful than helpful and I'm really stressed out about telling her again that that's not a good idea. Any input that you can give me would be amazing! I've come too far to let anyone sabotage my journey. Sent from my moto g stylus (2021) using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Restaurant workers

    That’s a good point too about the drinking. I am guessing the OP will have to take more breaks somehow. Maybe split it into two so it’s not AS bad. This will be less of an issue the further out you get when you can drink a glass of liquid in a reasonable amount of time.
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    Restaurant workers

    I second the protein shake. Or maybe meat and cheese squares. Everyone worries about “grazing” but I’m not sure if it really is bad if you actually portion out a lunch or dinner and only eat that amount just over a longer period of time?? By definition it may be grazing but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily problematic?? It could be but I would ask my surgeon about this. Given your schedule it may be the only way you can get in enough protein.
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    I ate a lot of ground turkey taco meat with refried beans.
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    When I had my surgery done, I knew I wanted it and it was almost a life or death decision for me. I wanted a life that did not include bad knees, breathlessness and diabetes. I was so embarrassed of my weight that I never went outdoors. For me it was a no brainer. I paid as quick as I could. I had a rough ride in the beginning but I am over it now and away and pacing. I am so happy with my choice. I cant make your fears go away but I can show you some more success stories. Go and look at the before and after threads. They go back 20 years and give wonderful motivation. Millions of people have had this done and very few of them have problems. I don't know the numbers. All I can say is if you have doubts, wait until you are 100% ready. You know when you know !
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    When I had the surgery, I was 41, 6'1", HW of 505, CW 490, surgery day weight of 460. I had sleep apnea, prehypertension and a BMI of ~60. I also had to take blood thinning injections post-surgery. I also had bypass surgery (which has a higher risk of complications). So you and I are/were in roughly the same ballpark. I came through the surgery fine. Definitely sore. But it drastically improved my life and I would make the same decision in a heartbeat. Heck, I was able to look down today and see my toes, instead of them being covered by stomach. I've gotten to experience stepping on a scale and having the first number be a 2. I am approaching the nine-month mark and I weigh 295 and wear 2xl/3xl shirts (I'm like a 2.5xl at this point, I was a solid 6xl pre-surgery). Do you have risk factors? Yeah. But here is what I noticed from that list: you don't have a major condition that will obviously cause complications (like some disease that makes it difficult for your blood to clot or something like that). Do you have a higher potential for complications than someone who only weighed 400 pounds? Yeah. But its a generalized risk, not a specific risk. My recommendation, if you are still interested in the surgery, is to determine right now that you are going to follow your surgeon's post-surgery advice to the letter. If you need 28 days of injections, decide right now that you will do all 28 days. Whatever meds or vitamins he tells you take, take them. Commit right now, "I am not going to disobey my surgeon in a way that increases my risks." You cannot eliminate the risks entirely and if I am being honest, those risks will come to mind when you are being wheeled around on the gurney. You have no guarantees about what the other side of the surgery will look like and feel like. And you will wake up from the surgery in pain. But if you decide that you will do everything you can control to minimize the risks, I think you will be happy with a decision to have the surgery.
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    Alcohol 3 weeks post sleeve op.

    Rude comments are unnecessary. She asked a question in a forum made for ASKING QUESTIONS. If you don’t have anything helpful to contribute to the post then move along. I personally don’t see the issue with having a drink. I would suggest starting with 1 drink and seeing how you feel. Remember to sip slowly as it will hit a lot harder than what you are used to and worse case scenario if you do dump you’ll be able to feel it coming sooner if you’re sipping versus drinking faster. I hope you enjoy the wedding and spending time with your friends! ❤️

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