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    January Surgery buddies

    My surgery date is tomorrow morning 1/20/22. I’m nervous and excited all at once
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    Doing it all wrong.

    I have a hard time burping sometimes which has a double disappointment for me as i could burp with the best of them before surgery and enjoyed a good loud burp 😀 now they get "stuck" and its really uncomfortable
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    January Surgery buddies

    Hi Dcsjoc, I myself just had the sleeve surgery on 1/13/22, and I can tell you the days just prior, I was feeling second thoughts. Mine I think was a mixture of two things. One was I have already been doing great losing weight on the pre-surgery diet so maybe I don't need to do it, and the second was the feeling of loss, anger, and frustration over all the things that I will no longer be able to eat and also the amounts. I realized that both (in my case) are due to fear and control. Fear of losing comfort and wanting to control everything. I have to keep reminding myself that I did not in fact have control and to keep out of fear I have to stay in the moment and not let my head think about results and the future. I have to stay in the process and simply take it step by step. Now that I am on the post-surgery diet it's funny how much I miss the protein shakes. The message boards/forums here on this site have helped me so much. I hope the same for you.
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    Loosing track!

    Hi everyone! Starting to lose motivation! Ive been sick on/off since just after Christmas. Its made my new job be put off as they are requiring me to have no symptoms for 48 hours before my start date. Ill go one day perfectly fine, the next feeling like death. Its been like that for almost a month. Ive done so many PCR tests in the last couple weeks and theyve all been negative for covid! Because with the increased covid cases here in Sydney i havent wanted to put my son or I at risk of getting it. My sons unvaccinated and although i am now boosted too, i have asthma and being so soon after surgery i wanted to minimise risk. Even put all the plans i had for school holidays off because of the rising cases. But then on Monday my son got his test back that hes positive for covid, he was really sick over the weekend. He caught it off his cousin who had been around one of her fathers family's kids who had covid and didnt let any of my family know about it until my niece tested positive and my sister let her husbands side know!!😡 Now im having symptoms again and going for yet another PCR tomorrow. Feeling like the new job will just find someone else at this point! Almost a month later from when i was supposed to start and i need no end to this. I cant even see my GP. Its just phone appointments and each time i have an appointment they just tell me to go for another PCR because its been a few days since the last one and i could have covid now. Its driving me nuts. I know this time i do a test its likely i will be positive because my son is and i cant exactly isolate him to one room but this whole experience the last month has really made me lost motivation. If im positive ill need to isolate for another 7 days from test result so potentially another 10+ days in isolation. Im now 8 weeks post op and wanted to be getting out and regularly exercising while the summer lasts but cant now because were in isolation! And because im a single mum this whole experience has been very isolating, because my family are also in isolation, i dont really have any friends to speak to either😣 Tips on keeping motivated? Any ideas for what i can do while stuck in isolation? All we seem to be doing is playing video/board games and cleaning, its getting boring! How to cope with isolation!
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    Queen ApisM

    BCBS Federal

    I feel your $20k pain!
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    Life Abroad with VSG

    Thank you for the suggestion! I have been looking at Pinterest and I think I may not have narrowed down my key terms well enough. I've also been looking at pre-op diets, but it's all Powerade, Jell-O, and specific brand beverages which seem to have electrolytes... I just haven't ever found anything like that here. I'll keep poking around tho for ideas. I haven't looked at skinnytaste much so I will have to check it out. I feel like I'm working from a bit of a disadvantage since most popular recipes books have a lot of ingredients I don't usually have access to, I got out of habit from hunting for the right recipes for a while. Also, thanks for the workout ideas- I'll take that advice Anyway, after perusing the site a bit more I think I might have made this post under the wrong forum- as I now see one more specific for food and nutrition. (Sorry, I'm a Newbie)
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    Don't be ashamed I gained 35 lbs back myself it sucks for sure. I started back on track about 2 weeks ago and so far so good.I'm not going to weight in but once a week. I have fell of the wagon and I need help as well.
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    Yes you are nuts!! You asked I gave you an honest answer. Why on earth would you try to keep your bmi above 30 just so you can have an unnecessary surgery with your low bmi. Bloody hell woman surgery is not easy or a quick fix, it's hard and some days just plain horrible. Go see a shrink about your weight/ eating issues. I doubt any surgeon would do you with such a low BMI anyway and if they do I would expect they are very dodgy
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    I've regained the weight I lost

    Thank you! Today has actually gone ok. I've slowed down my eating and actually felt the stomach restriction. You are so right about eating mindfully. I have made a point of slowing it down in order to give my body time to realize my stomach is full. Focusing on waiting between solids and liquids has slowed me down as well.
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    5 weeks post op and pregnant

    Yes, this happened to two different women at my church and they both had healthy babies. Just follow orders and vitamins. Congratulations and you can do this!

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