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  1. SleeverSk

    EXTREMELY Late Period

    maybe you are entering peri- menopause, My periods were all over the place before surgery up to 6 months between then monthly for 6 six months then another big gap. Had a period immediately after surgery after a 6 month gap then fell face first into hot flushes mood swings etc , I thought righto menopause, got onto patches as I just couldn't cope with the surgery recovery and menopause fast forward 4 months and i have had 2 periods but yes all over the place ............ so much fun going through this 😜
  2. yes, all pretty normal but you might have to consider going to hospital for IV fluids if you are having a hard time getting fluids in. you really don't want to get to the point of being rushed to hospital because you have collasped
  3. I had GERD also, had the sleeve as surgeon said weight loss would help it. 6 months out its hasn't got worse it seems to be better still on meds working to come off them
  4. make sure you get adequate rest between workout days most people train 3 days rest 1, you will be able to gain muscle and tone up nicely providing you train correctly. you will need to lift the heaviest weight you can to build muscle and get that nice muscle definition, I would assume your gym would have someone there to guide you with this. It will take about 3 months for you to notice changes
  5. SleeverSk


    increased muscle mass
  6. SleeverSk

    Gastric bypass sleeve

    people will have pros and cons for both, talk to your surgeon and see what they say. I had reflux before surgery and many said a sleeve would make it worse, my surgeon said he believed it would resolve after surgery due to the weight loss I am 6 months out and haven't had any more issues than I had previously in fact less. I am to scared to go off my meds for it just yet but I hope in time I can do that. the reason I am telling you this is because reflux seems to be a reason people don't go for the sleeve
  7. I am sure you are not, what do your measurements show ? as increasing muscle mass can cause the scales not to move or move in the wrong direction, mean while you are still loosing fat
  8. if you have increased your exercise you may also have increased muscle mass which could be why the scales aren't moving even though you still could be loosing fat
  9. SleeverSk

    Drinking water gets tiring! 😪

    no thank goodness, this caused me distress early on too but thanks goodness i can drink a whole lot more now and easily most days, still have days like today where i just dont feel like drinking. I add a dash of anything to my water to make it sit better and also dissolving vitamin tabs are a good addition
  10. SleeverSk

    Back to ER

    Glad they finally found what the issue is, good luck with your surgery hope you feel better soon 💐
  11. SleeverSk

    Bowel movements

    Yes, every couple of days seems to be the norm now
  12. SleeverSk

    Loosing track!

    Just concentrate on being well. I was up and down after surgery too and I still have days where I feel like crap but not covid like symptoms just tired and run down and a bit of nausea. Oh no they let the dragon loose so to speak after 2 years of avoiding it
  13. Of course we did, it part of the reason we were in the position we are in. No self control . Me my last meal was burger 🍔 king along with a few other sneaky treats but in saying that I was at the lower end of the scale my surgeon didn't require me to liquid diet but My dietitian insisted
  14. SleeverSk

    Doing it all wrong.

    I have a hard time burping sometimes which has a double disappointment for me as i could burp with the best of them before surgery and enjoyed a good loud burp 😀 now they get "stuck" and its really uncomfortable
  15. SleeverSk

    Life Abroad with VSG

    Try pintest for recipes
  16. SleeverSk

    Low BMI pre op question

    Yes you are nuts!! You asked I gave you an honest answer. Why on earth would you try to keep your bmi above 30 just so you can have an unnecessary surgery with your low bmi. Bloody hell woman surgery is not easy or a quick fix, it's hard and some days just plain horrible. Go see a shrink about your weight/ eating issues. I doubt any surgeon would do you with such a low BMI anyway and if they do I would expect they are very dodgy
  17. SleeverSk

    Pain post op

    Once removed it can't come back
  18. SleeverSk

    Doing it all wrong.

    Don't worry you are not alone a lot of us feel like this, my dietitian said don't worry about calories at this stage as long as you are getting something in, however at this stage I would keep away from coke, maybe when you are 6 weeks out frozen coke might be OK. Maybe try sports drinks or water with disolveable vitamins in it. I lived of KFC mash and gravy during the puree and soft food stage I couldn't stomach anything else
  19. SleeverSk

    Revision because of Complications

    geez you poor thing,have the drs done anything to investgate whats causing this ? have you gone back to your surgeon and told him/her whats going on ? if you havent please do so asap.
  20. Maybe you have a tummy bug? Probably best to see a dr though. Probiotics might help too
  21. SleeverSk

    Do hiccups mean anything?

    Isnt it funny how we notice these cues now after surgery. Before surgery I would often get a runny nose and coughing after eating but never put the 2 together I just thought it was the food irritating my throat or something when actually it was my body telling me stop you are full. If only we knew then what we know now.
  22. SleeverSk

    Bad days

    Thank you for your kind words, living in a small town doesnt make it easy and I dont have many friends here either . Its the type of town that people come and go from quite quickly. I have been waking up with what i guess you would call restless legs. I have fibromyalgia but it was in remission before surgery but it seems to have flared up again this really gets me down because i guess i thought i would feel even better loosing weight but it hasnt been the case yet .

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