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    Finally seen someone

    I finally got to see a Dietician yesterday I'm 45lbs down from Aug 23rd gastric bypass feeling great and cant wait to lose more he said it seems I doing everything ok
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    Anyone else terrified?

    Surgery is always scary especially being your first one, but you will have so many medical professionals looking after your every breathe to make sure you are ok! I was more afraid of dying unexpectedly from a medical complication from being obese then I was from the surgery. You will do great and it will be over before you know it. Surgery anesthesia is the best nap ever haha! Good luck!
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    I wouldn't worry about it. I eat more than that at a sitting 2.5 months out and I've lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks.
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    Comically small sandwich

    It's so dainty! I hope 30 minutes later you took some tiny sips of tea.
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    I Finally Threw Up

    It took almost two years, but rice did me in. My friend, who had gastric sleeve two years before me, said I would throw up in six months. It took a year and a half, but it was rice. I had a great time at a sushi place and paid the price dearly. Rice expands. I should have know this, but I threw caution to the wind. Fair warning to those who eat something that is a carb. Lesson learned!
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    Hi @AjaSlimtone, I think each person is different and there are so many factors that can affect how much you can eat, for example, how much of your stomach was removed, the elasticity of your stomach, the types of foods you’re eating (soups and soft foods will likely go down a lot more easily than chunky/dense foods) and also what foods are a slider for you. I’m 8 months out and find I can eat about 5oz high protein cottage cheese and am full but can seem to eat double that when it comes to salad as it seems to be a slider food for me. Mince is another slider food whereas I’d be lucky to get through 2 to 3oz of steak. If you are concerned then I highly recommend speaking to your doctor or nutrition team but as long as you are sticking to your plan and only eating until you’re satisfied, I wouldn’t be too worried. Best of luck with it all and congratulations on your progress so far
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    Super helpful to see that - hoping that'll be my life in a couple of months. Just have to get there in one piece!
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    Alcohol For The Holidays

    Have a chat with your team. The no alcohol advice tends to be for two reasons: one the calories & poor nutritional value (& no it doesn’t count as a fluid 😉). Two, the more important consideration for many is the addictive nature of alcohol. If you are someone who has a food addiction, post surgery you can’t satisfy that addiction so you turn to something else & alcohol is usually the first place people go. At about 6 weeks out I nursed a gin & tonic for hours. It was my cousin’s 40. I think I had another g&t at about 4 months, then 6 (girls weekend & at goal) then 7 months (Christmas - though was champagne). Same story sipped for hours. The tonic would be super flat & I could tolerate the bitterness. I still usually only have a glass of something about once a month or so, occasionally more often depending on what’s happening (special events) but am happy with just one glass. I used to drink one or two glasses of wine, gin or whisky every night. Don’t miss it. I go for quality now not quantity.
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    I am not sure if I replied to this or a different one- my surgery is scheduled for December 14th!
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    What you will have to do will vary based on surgery center, insurance, and starting BMI, as well as any co-morbidities. I started in January with a BMI of almost 50 and no co-morbidities, so I have been trying to lose weight, although now that I have had to wait so long (insurance required 4 months of monthly nutrition classes, and now there are delays due to staffing issues and backlogs due to COVID), I've lost 42 Lbs and my BMI is getting to the point where I'll have to stop losing weight. However, I don't have to have EGD or EKG or sleep study. I did have to meet with the psychologist and nutritionist a few times and have their sign-off.

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