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    Abby Lanr

    Weight Progress

    Sleeved 07/07/21 2 weeks / 3 days out Weighed today Lost 15# since surgery date [emoji3060]
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    In short, yes! I follow the guidelines I was given. Very strictly at first. Now at nearly two years out and at goal not as strictly, but still within my maintenance calories. That doesn’t mean I didn’t ever “slip” but it was rare during weight loss phase. I figured I did something drastic, went through a major surgery and I wasn’t going to mess it up. I’d suggest tracking what you eat vigilantly, making an appointment to see your nutritionist to review your plan and come up with options that work for you, and consider therapy. Come here often for support! Best of luck to you ❤️
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    Very discouraged after sleeve

    Hi everyone! I would really appreciate some help. I am 6 weeks past my sleeve surgery. I'm am very discouraged and disappointed. I lost about 20 lbs in the beginning, only because of the pre op diet where I barely ate anything and the 2 weeks after the surgery but it has been downhill from there. I know the sleeve is "not a magic solution, its a tool" and so on! I've heard it all too many times. But I would assume that if I eat like ten percent of what I used to eat I would lose weight, but I haven't. I do eat starches and foods that I may not supposed to, but much less than before. I am really struggling with dieting. If I didn't struggle with dieting, I wouldn't get to the point that I need surgery! I find it hard to believe that all people who are over weight to the point that they need surgery, all of a sudden magically changed their mindset after surgery and started to be able to eat the right foods. I don't know how to do it. I may not eat the "right" foods, but I don't eat terrible foods. I don't eat more than I can tolerate, I don't eat ice cream or milkshakes or things like that. I do eat my sweet cereal, my avocado, my rice, grits etc. I find it nearly impossible to eat all this protein. I hate all fishes. I'm Jewish and Kosher so cant eat seafood. I don't like chicken salad. Very limited in the proteins that I can eat. How much cottage cheese and yogurt can a person eat a day? I am so frustrated and don't know what to do, I am very curious to know if all these people who lose so much weight after surgery is because they actually followed the guidelines, and if so, how all of a sudden they were able to change after all these years of not succeeding to eat the right foods. What discourages me the most, is that it seems that it is all about will power, with or without surgery. If dieting and controlling what eat is the only way to lose weight with or without it, what is the surgery good for? I am so discouraged. Please help! Thanks so much for your time!
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    Skin removal

    Yes I’m in Texas and I’ve consulted a few near me in Dallas and told I can get my stomach and breast covered by insurance. But I’m really looking hard for the best surgeon/results and hopefully the price not too bad even if I have to pay all oop. I notice Miami has some great prices.
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    It will get better. It took about a month until I was 100% myself. And now so much better with the weight off, so much more flexibility. Be patient you’ll get there pun intended 😂
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    I was allowed watered down no sugar added fruit juice during clear liquids pre&post op.
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    Fairlife and Nespresso

    Every morning, my routine is that I make 10 oz of coffee (Keurig) in a big tumbler and I pour in a Premier Protein Cafe Latte. I have tried other flavors, but always keep coming back to it. I just buy the shakes by the case at Costco.
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    Pre-Op & Found Hiatal Hernia

    Oh yes, I agree. What a relief! If I understand it correctly, polyps that are left there potentially can turn cancerous. For anyone reading this, they recently lowered the age for when colonoscopies should start. It's now 45. This is because colon cancer is on the rise, especially in younger people. I guess I'm a little spooked because I had three (they were removed and sent in for testing). That seems like a lot. I also had a rare form of thyroid cancer years ago so maybe I have a little PTSD from that. Less importantly, I'm also bummed because yes, I realize that I will need colonoscopies more frequently than someone who doesn't have polyps. Not what I wanted to hear after that kind of miserable prep process. Glad to know that it's a possibility that they can remove/repair the hernia during the sleeve surgery and not something that would no longer make me a candidate. Thanks for replying, Arabesque and Future Sky Diver. I appreciate it.
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    Today's Rant: Why not what

    I agree - "why" is a key question. I expressed it this way in an earlier post:
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    Weight loss stall

    1) unless you're the size of someone on "My 600 lb Life", your weight loss so far is very normal. Most of us lose 15-25 lbs in the first month after surgery. Yes - you will find people who lose more or less than that, but they're the exception. You're in that range, so you're perfectly normal! 2) you're in the infamous "three-week stall". Almost all of us go through that. It's not ALWAYS the third week, but it is for most (hence the name) - but it can really happen any time within the first 4-6 weeks after surgery. Just stick to your program and stay off the scale if you need to. It'll last 1-3 weeks, and then you'll be on your way again. If you want to read more about it, do a search on this site for the three week stall. You will find about 17,000 posts on it (and no, I am NOT kidding...). It literally does happen to almost everyone. No changes necessary - just stick to your program and wait it out. It WILL break. oh - just re-read your post. Thirty grams of protein is too low. Most surgeons recommend at least 60. So THAT is a change you should make. Otherwise, you're good. Just hang tight!

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