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    I liked the one I saw, but she just asked me a bunch of questions and focused on how I "sometimes skip breakfast". Well, I do that about 4 times a year when I visit my ex because we sleep till lunchtime! She never asked me how often or under what circumstances! It's just in my permanent file now lol. But I would rather have a great surgeon cut my stomach out and a mediocre dietician than a fabulous dietician tell me things I can look up online and a mediocre surgeon operating on me!! If they're part of a package, take the better surgeon, If the surgeons are both good, go with convenience, because you don't want to have excuses to miss follow up appointments.
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    Starting my journey

    I needed every minute of the 6 month diet to do the work of understanding my eating habits and what I was in for....and I still could have used more time to prepare. I understand being excited and impatient to move forward...but the six month diet is important. Without learning to control your eating habits, you're going to be in trouble. This surgery is a tool, and it's a tool that fails...a lot...when people are not prepared for the lifetime changes they need to make. And I don't mean just adjusting to your new anatomy...that's relatively easy. What I mean is...the fact that you will STILL have to count calories, record everything you eat, fight temptation and cravings, and especially... find other outlets for emotional eating, identify your triggers, cope with the things that drove you to eat. Most of the people who make noise on the boards fall into two catagories. The people who have experienced some degree of success working very very hard. And the people who have experienced some degree of success by the good fortune of an excellent physiological reaction to the surgery regardless of their habits (luck). Who we DON'T tend to hear from, or see posts from....are the majority of people who have these surgeries.... who never lose more than 50% of their excess weight. When people get unhappy or feel unsuccessful...they don't post about it. Half of people who have this surgery will fall in this category. You can eat around an altered stomach and gain it all back. It's not even hard to do. The surgery changes one anatomical element to give you an advantage....not a fix. Your head is the place that needs the real fix. Six months...is a great investment in working to fix your head before you have to deal with your new digestive system. Are bariatric surgeries a terrific tool? Yes. The new anatomy helps a lot. Another terrific tool...one that is arguably just as helpful and arguably more important to your longterm success......a bariatric therapist. Make sure you have access to one. Best wishes to all!
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    OMG...this is hysterical. blackcats...you're killin me! LOLOLOLOL
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    Looks like we have same stats and I totally get it. When my weight is 165-170 I dont have as many wrinkles on my arms and face. I staying right at 158 ish and can tell the difference in those 10 lbs when it comes to skin and wrinkles being worse. I wear size 8 to 10 depending on the brand and you are right those BMI calculators are not one size fits all. My bariactric team says that even though I may be a 25 BMI you have to figure in the extra skin considering I lost over 150 lbs.
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    Kaiser SB

    Surgery went well. I don’t know what I said or did while I was out of it, but everyone was all like “ohhhhh. I know YOU!” Do you remember me?!”🤨 My check in was 7:45, I don’t know what time surgery was because my phone was out away the whole time and I had no glasses on. But I finally got my phone back in recovery about 1:00. im not doing too good on liquids/protein though. I got home at 5 pm and I have only gotten down about 10 ounces today. I pretty much passed out as soon as I got home so I have pretty much been asleep all day 🤷🏼‍♀️
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    VSG surgery on 4/5 - any others?

    @tabba29 You can do it!
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    sassy pantz

    Fun conversation

    I can paint my toenails now without being a contortionist!
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    Night time munching

    Sugar free popsicles are great for that. They take a while to eat and satisfy my sweet craving!
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    I "snuck" having WLS

    Tell him he’s been”cheating” when he uses the microwave instead of cooking over a fire, taking medicine for a headache instead of picking and brewing herbs, or driving a car instead of walking. 🙄 why is it cheating to take advantage of medical advancements which allow us to live healthier, happier lives? Best of luck to you, Orinskye!
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    I "snuck" having WLS

    I didn't tell anyone other than my husband. I just didn't want to deal with judgment, gossip, etc, and I definitely didn't need people giving me advice. I haven't been in my office in over a year due to Covid, and look forward to surprising everyone someday! I contemplated cutting and coloring my hair to really freak them out! LOL!! I did tell my mom about my PS, which was more of a test than anything, to see if she tells anyone. She's horrible with keeping secrets! I don't care if word of my PS gets out, b/c it's pretty obvious to anyone that sees me in a bikini anyway. I'll be curious to see how long it takes her to tell my secret though! LOL!!