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    It's 2am I can't sleep, Feeling so restless.. just nervous and excited and anxious to get my surgery over with. It's just started to sink in and in the process it's driving me a little crazy [emoji51] please someone talk to me!! lol Sent from my SM-G973U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Sleeve dumping VS Bypass dumping

    Hey! So can anyone who experienced dumping with a sleeve and revised to bypass and also experienced dumping with that tell me if it felt different? I’m currently sleeved and just found out the IBS I was diagnosed with after my surgery isn’t IBS after all and it’s actually dumping syndrome! I didn’t think sleevers dump so I was shocked but it totally makes sense now... anyway due to my other issue with GERD, I may need revision surgery.... sooo I’m curious, I hear a lot about bypass and dumping and know that it’s personal and not all patients dump and if they do it may be different triggers for everyone but if you experienced dumping while sleeved then after bypass, is it the same? Was it worse?
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    Today is my first day on the forum. My surgery is scheduled for Nov 3 2020 and I am looking for my surgery squad. Who out there has similar surgery dates and wants to support each other?
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    Skipping Puree Stage

    Any changes to your diet phase you should definitely get guidance from your doctor/weight loss team. The phases are there to help your new stomach adjust slowly and to minimize the risk of potential complications. Having difficulties in any diet phase can be stressful to deal with. You're only a couple of weeks out from surgery. I felt lethargic and weak 2 weeks out from my surgery too and that was without having issues with liquids. Your body is still healing and it takes time. Please make sure you speak to your doctor before making any changes to your diet phase!
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    Excited to read your update see you on the other side!
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    6 day Post op shaking help

    The only advice I can give is call your doctor...I have not seen this or experienced anything like this. Better safe than sorry!! Good luck!
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    Not affected by alcohol

    Addiction transfer is a very real risk and one that should be kept in mind. As an anecdote, my best friend is able to drink tequila like water with very little intoxication. It's kind of fascinating. Give her one shot of rum and she's nearly three sheets to the wind. Please do be careful, though. As @MsMocie said, bariatric programs almost universally say to limit alcohol consumption to 3-6 months post-op and likely for very good reasons, regardless of type of surgery.
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    Eating too much?

    Yes that really does make me feel better. Thank you! --- RNY 9/10/20 HW: 245 Day of surgery: 225 CW: 213
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    It's mostly about washing food through allowing you to eat more. There is a lot of the same rules with RNY. Food and drink volume restrictions are about stretching. So stick with your Doc's rules on volume. While the times when to stop and when to start vary with Docs, as you indicate, they work to achieve the same thing. Some Doc's overcompensate, some give the minimum reasonable. Doc's also learn what to say based on what past patients have done. OH, also remember that Doc's don't do the same surgery in the exact same ways, so there is variation. So rules may be different between Docs for very good reasons. Just a thought to ponder. So, for 6 months give your Doc the benefit of the doubt. After all, you trusted him to move your insides about. As you get MUCH further out, as a natural course of things, you will test what happens if you shorten or lengthen the times. You may even... horror of horrors... test drinking with meals. But, knowing WHY and WHAT the Doc is working to achieve with your rules, stick to them in some way that honors the intent.
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    I'm only a month out...and have also discovered a change in my tastes (although I would have definitely had a bite of the ribs...with something healthy that was on my food plan). I would try to come up with something like pulled chicken breast/thighs with sugar free barbecue sauce to satisfy my cravings. I have been trying to find healthy substitutions for things I love...I have never enjoyed sashimi (my saying was "without rice, it's just raw fish") but now I love it! And it's so much healthier for me. I also love Mexican food, so I made shredded chicken with SF taco seasoning in my Instant Pot and ate 2 oz of that with 2 oz of fat free refried beans with 1T each of shredded cheese, salsa and sour cream. I logged it and it had 168 calories and 18 grams of protein. I'll be honest, I couldn't eat it all...but I'm just starting real foods. I read almost all of the Topic "Food Before and After Photos" which gave me great ideas on food I could still enjoy, albeit in smaller portions! This is an opportunity to try new things and see what you like...focus on protein and healthy substitutions. Good luck on your journey!!