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  1. Can we see nutritional information please?
  2. Meadow76

    Healthier, But Lonelier

    I’ve been fortunate that all my friends & family have been very supportive of my weight loss. And not everyone knows I’ve had surgery! Most do but a few that I felt might be initially negative I just told them working on getting healthy @ 66! And man I see off & on who I did NOT tell even sent card how happy I’m concentrating on my health! I think one reason many are so supportive besides being good friends & family is I’m very upbeat about getting healthy. And those that know I’m very open with about changes in my lifestyle. I’ve been part of dining out group. I did not stop going just because of surgery. I don’t want to end that part of my social life. Dining out is not just about the food. It’s about the fun of socializing, ambiance of restaurant & yes I can still enjoy food but in moderation. Are there any of your friends that you feel close enough to & worth salvaging friendship to address these issues? If not then it’s time to do some self discovery & eventually surround you with more positive people. Otherwise it will only sabotage you. Good luck!
  3. Maybe try this reset. It’s worked for me when stalled. Perhaps if you concentrate on this 5 day reset with success it will get you back on track. Good luck!
  4. Thanks. I’ll google it & see if shows if it’s distributed nationally.
  5. These are for breakfast. But 9 pieces are way too much for me. 2-3 are good for breakfast or as snack. I even cut them up & put in omelette. They are new. Bought at my local Publix where they have other Jimmy Dean breakfast in refrigerator section. I’m sure Walmart will have soon too.
  6. Never saw these. Where did you get them ?
  7. Hi- love this thread with different ideas. Never saw this Chilly Cow Uomograsso. Where did you get these? Thanks!
  8. Never saw this Chilly Cow. Where did you get it? Love when it’s already in individual container.
  9. Meadow76

    Stalled weight

    Hi- when I’ve been stalled I’ve done 5 day reset. That’s always jumped started scale again & kept it off. This is the one I used as has just 2 days of liquids. Maybe this will help you.
  10. Meadow76

    Hit a rough patch

    Since we're still stuck in house- at least we are here in So FL- I follow a few sites that do live videos. One is from successful Bariatric woman that does live makeup tutorials. It’s fun to watch. And I follow her on FB. Her before & after are amazing. I also follow a boutique that sells & models clothes. There are a lot online now. Keeps me busy. Keeps me motivated to want to wear small sizes & some points in how to wear smaller clothes since we don’t have to hide our size anymore. I also follow animal rescue site that I’m very involved with. So these keep me occupied while I’m in house. Of course I do other things but these are relaxing & help me unwind
  11. Meadow76


    I’m 20 lbs from goal. My year anniversary is in a little more than 2 weeks. Overall I’m down 125 lbs. I’ve been stalled for 2 months. I did pouch reset- see attached. Only 5 days. 1st 2 are liquid protein & tough but it worked! Scale moved! I’ve done it once before when stalled so this will be my go to. Good luck!
  12. I tried this chocolate hummus with strawberries. Didn’t love it but helped with chocolate craving a bit.
  13. Meadow76

    I’m riding the struggle bus.

    So true. Almost 50 lbs in 3+ months! That’s terrific! Remember not to compare with others. My Journey has been up & down. But bottom line is I’m 120 lbs down with 20 to go. My health has never been better. Im 66 years old with life long weight issues. ive been stuck on 1 # for 6 weeks. This week going to try reset to hopefully get closer to goal & then maintain. It’s all about adaptability within plan to find what works for you.
  14. Meadow76

    I’m riding the struggle bus.

    You don’t have to eat typical breakfast foods. Can eat leftover dinner. Or lox- salmon. You can put on cauliflower wraps if you don’t want to eat it alone. Do you like cottage cheese? Can be mixed with sugar free jams. I put “Everything” seasoning in it. Make version of avocado toast again using cauliflower wrap. Don’t limit yourself to just breakfast foods. Switch it around. Good luck!
  15. In the beginning Burping was my sign telling me I was getting full & then some. I’m. 11 months out now & it’s greatly reduced but do still burp now & then.
  16. Bought chocolate hummus to have with strawberries. Will see how they are!
  17. I also wanted to try it. How much protein & how much sugar?
  18. I’ve tried to add my surgery information under “My Surgery” in forum threads. I click on each category & won’t let me enter anything. I’m also using my IPhone. What am I doing wrong?
  19. Just ordered these from Amazon too. Had $10 coupon from FB feed from company as it’s not cheap. But totally worth it. I got assorted pack.
  20. I enhanced this cauliflower crusted pizza I bought @ Costco. Added protein of grilled chicken sausage (can add anything I.e. shrimp), part skim ricotta, reduced fat mozzarella as well as more marinara, sun dried tomatoes & mushrooms. Cooked by air frying which made crust nice & crusty. Totally satisfied any pizza cravings I might have had. No pizza, pasta, limited carbs in 10.5 lbs. Down 120 lbs. 20 more to go!
  21. From the very beginning I knew I was going to follow plan as closely as possible during losing stage. My surgeon said window to maximize your loss is 12 months possibly 18. After that much harder. I’m 9 months out with about 20-25 lbs to my personal goal. I love chocolate too. I like Atkins protein bars. But realized having some chocolate every night is too much for me. So started to reduce to every other nite then every 3 nights. Better & looked forward to that night. Would it help to reduce from every night but still have? I think totally denying yourself as this is for rest of your life can do more harm.
  22. Ah the dreaded prednisone. I have severe asthma. Until we could find drug protocol to calm my asthma I was on prednisone for better part of 3 years. It’s what got me in this predicament to finally explore weight loss surgery. But did finally get off of it. However cause I was on it for so long I needed more time to withdraw from it than I did. Quite a few side affects. All good now. In January 3 months after my sleeve surgery diagnosed with bronchitis (or Covid-waiting for antibody test results) which produced bad asthma attack. I did shots of steroids shots immediately & nebulizer with steroids but still eventually was hospitalized. I was given steroids intravenously. I stayed on point with program but didn’t lose for about 2 months. My dr did prescribe phentermine to kick start my metabolism. It slowly started working & have been on track losing ever since. I would definitely check with Dr if you can go on it after pneumonia clears up. it helped me fir sure. I lost another 25 lbs during isolation then stalled for 3 weeks. I did 5 day reset & that kicked it up again. Reason for this long explanation- if I could undo prednisone’s detriment to my weight loss journey you can too! Hope this helps. Good luck!
  23. Meadow76

    Before and After Pics

    You’re the one I look for posts from. When I see how great you’ve done & maintained that’s so important for others to see. So thanks for posting. I’m 9 months out. HW 285 SW 245 CW 169 GW 145 I know maintaining is the hardest part & honestly little nervous about it.
  24. Try not to concentrate on what you can’t have. When you get to stage when you can eat all foods on program there are plenty to substitute with to satisfy cravings. I love pizza. But it wasn’t til 8 months out that I ate cauliflower pizza. I did buy store brand from Costco- Miltons with roasted veggies. I added chicken sausage, part skim ricotta & RF mozzarella. Cooked in air fryer so crust was just crispy enough. Delicious. Yesterday I made lobster pizza from langostino also from Costco. I certainly do not feel deprived. But I’m really focused so I don’t fight with myself too much.