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    My life is WONDERFUL JUST PLAIN WONDERFUL Four Months and Life is GRAND . It's been a while since I checked in, but to be honest I have been enjoying life so much I have just been taking the time to smell the roses. . But it's time to let you know how things are!. . Check out my new blog post at: https://sabrinagoddess.com/almost-4-months-and-im-back . I'm over the halfway mark to my weight goal!
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    JRT Mom

    I weigh less than my husband!!!!

    My hubby and I used to be the same size and I'd wear his jeans, which ticked him off because he'd go to get a clean pair and I'd be wearing the last clean pair. The thing that made him happiest about my weight loss was that I couldn't steal his jeans any more. It was a non-scale victory--for HIM!
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    I'm so sorry everything is getting de-railed for you! But it sounds like you have a lot of willpower, a great attitude, and a supportive partner. You've got this.
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    Just feeling sorry for myself..

    Congratulations on making the decision to come back to the forum and get back on track. Set some mini goals for yourself, ad try to make it fun to see how much weight you can lose by July 1st. Lots of hugs!!! You can do this!!!
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    Just feeling sorry for myself..

    It's a new day where I am now. I am sitting in front of my computer sipping on my morning protein-coffee while reading comments here. Thank you all for the kind responses.. I am happy that I came back to the forums. ♥ I am getting myself back on track today.
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    Just feeling sorry for myself..

    you aren't weak, there is so much going on i'm not surprised people are turning to food! Just try to remember you will get your surgery just it is a unknown date and the only thing you can do to help is stay on track xx
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    Just feeling sorry for myself..

    Oh honey, I feel your despair in this post. My original surgery was scheduled for 1/14. I got the call two and half weeks prior to surgery that it wasn’t going to happen due to the strict guidelines of my insurance. I was DEVASTATED. After many tears and talking with my girlfriends, I realized then I had been waiting on this surgery to be a fix-all that it just couldn’t be. I decided then I had to be okay with myself as I was before surgery. The surgery was just a tool I could use for my weight, but I had to be okay with Camille before and after surgery. I started journaling and after I had isolated myself for two years because I hated the way I looked, I put on make-up every day, I did my hair, polished my nails and dressed up even to go to the grocery store. I went on a couple of dates. I found it okay to put myself out there and to treat myself, as I was, like someone who was worthy of being cared for even if it was only me I was doing it for. i started being more gentle with myself and when that horrid voice inside my mind told me I would always be a fat loser, I told that b*tch to shut the hell up! I became even more invested in getting ready for the surgery that I had no idea when it would even happen. It finally happened on 3/3 and I felt I was prepared then and ready for it. I had not been ready for it mentally and emotionally in January. It was a blessing in disguise that my surgery was postponed. Congratulations on losing 50 lbs already! What an accomplishment! See you’ve got it in you! You are worthy of happiness regardless of when you have your surgery. It will come. It will happen. This is not no, it’s just not right now. Focus on your and your family’s health and safety at this time and this will all work out. So you’ve gained 8 pounds back. I know it’s disappointing, but you can turn it around at anytime and thank goodness it’s not the 50 you already lost. Keep posting and getting your feelings out instead of sitting on them and eating over it. You’re in company of kindred spirits who understand how you feel about this. Good luck and keep on your journey! It’s so worth it and so are you! ❤️
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    you are amazing and what I love the most, is your smile. Funny I just looked back thinking your Before pic you wouldn't be smiling but you were. Amen to loving your self at all weights
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    Amazing. Congratulations! Sent from my SM-G973U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Danny Paul

    Just feeling sorry for myself..

    Sorry to hear of your setback with your WLS. Let me try to put things in perspective for you. My good friend contracted the Corona Virus. At first he thought he had the flu, then bronchitis and finally hospitalized with pneumonia. It wasn't till he was hospitalized and tested that he was diagnosed with Corona Virus. Unfortunately for this hard working soul a day after checking into the hospital he had to be placed on a ventilator. Mind you there are no visitors allowed in the hospitals these days. His family could only call the nurses station and hoped the line wasn't busy, someone picked up and if they did pick up would get back to them with information on their loved one. ( In the best of times hospital care is a little above average) . The news is always bleak and after a week and a half my friend passed away. The family had to visit four funeral homes. Each one saying we will service you but by appointment only. After three funeral homes not calling them back they finally found one that could "process" his body for burial. They paid for a full funeral despite the funeral home only picking up my friend at the hospital and placing him into the casket with out being embalmed or having proper clothes on. The casket remained closed due to health concerns and they don't know if the person in the casket is their family member. They could not have visitation due to the virus. At the cemetery only a handful of people were allowed to attend once again due to the virus. This Covid 19 virus is cancelling a lot of planned events (I also had to cancel my vacation) but there are those who like my friend suffered and died alone. Who like his family can't be there for a sick loved one and who had to endure an Odyssey just to lay a loved one to rest. I was going to put a post on the boards of my two year Maintenance - versary. But after writing this it just doesn't seem important anymore. Please don't take this as a criticism of your reaction to having your surgery cancelled. You have every right to be disappointed. You will get your surgery, you will be much healthier and all of the things you wanted to do will be a reality. Unfortunately, in these tough times the reality of many isn't what they envisioned or hoped for. To all my fellow WLS friends. Stay safe, healthy and please be kind to others it really makes a difference.