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    1 Month Post-Op Update

    Honey. You've just simply got to stop it. Break the cycle. Make the decision. Get an appointment to see your doc, your RD and also get a referal to a counselor. Rice and bread WILL make your tummy expand. So what you are feeling is real and it's not too late to get a leak from a hyper bloated tummy. Please go back to your basics for your stage. It will be 3-4 days of hell. But after that? I promise it will be infinitely easier. But you need your team to help pull you out of this spiral. Please do it for yourself. Clean your house out of all junk!!!
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    You lost an incredible amount of weight, that's GREAT! So you gained back a few, it's okay, you've got this. You know how many calories to eat, you know to focus on protein, you know to drink 64 oz of water each day. You can do it!
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    Woo hoo! Onderland!

    After bouncing around between 200 and 201 for a few days, I finally hit onderland today!! 199.2!!!! It feels fantastic [emoji4] Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    My insurance doesn't cover bariatric surgery, so I've decided to get it done in Mexico. That's not the "wrong" part though, believe it or not. I do feel there is value to the pre-op hoops you jump through to get approved and other preparatory and follow-up work that I'm worried I'm not even aware of. Like everyone else here, I want the best possible chance at success and I feel like I'm already behind the curve. Here's where I stand with my own attempts to get the right support network in place: DIETITIAN - Do I need one after surgery? I'm not currently seeing one, but I used the services of an RD for 2 years, 2006-2008, so I've got all the knowledge regarding portions, balance, nutrient density, etc. I tried to find one, both locally and remotely, but the bariatric specialist RDs are all affiliated with surgical centers and only deal with those patients. I will try again if I need one, I just don't know if I do. THERAPIST - I've tried therapy five times before and never got anywhere. I'm currently getting medication management by a psych nurse, who is on board and has changed my anti-depressant scripts to regular not extended release. Anyway, I'm utterly convinced that this surgery won't succeed without 'head work' and I'm giving it another shot. Unfortunately my first appointment isn't until 2 weeks before my surgery, but at least I'll have it in place for afterwards. He does bariatric psych evaluations for insurance companies, so I'm feeling positive about this choice. POST-OP SURGICAL SUPPORT - I get follow-up support via phone afterwards. My primary doc where I live is on board with ordering the vitamin level tests and such afterwards. This is, unfortunately, all I have figured out...I simply don't know what else I need. BOOKS - I've read Bariatric Mindset Success by Kristin Lloyd, but it didn't really resonate the way I hoped it would Feel free to recommend a book that takes you through all the steps, or a dietitian who does skype sessions, or even just write a bit about a valuable piece of the puzzle I'm either understimating or missing completely. Thank you.
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    1 Month Post-Op Update

    You just have to follow the nutritionist's plan and not be eating all of those carbs. The surgery is only a tool and can only do so much, but you have to do the rest. Stick with protein.
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    I got my approval!

    Congratulations! I'm so happy for you 😁
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    Your mom may be legitimately hungry as some people dont feel satified on the early stages of the diet. Things change however with firm/dense protein intake. Also some people still want to eat solely for the joy or comfort of it, so that may be a factor as well. Reflux (which may mimic hunger pains) should be considered and meds usually given early post op to help. Is she taking anything? Also a drastic change in lifestyle and other medications entering and leaving the system can affect sleep and mood as well. Start or stop anything recently? Also a reasonable amount of time to completely heal and return to normal is important. Some people don't bounce back quickly. Patience is important but be aware of sudden declines as people should get better with time. When you say she drinks a lot of water (but cannot urinate) i think in excess of the recommended 64 oz daily. Is this what you mean as well? Is there a way for you to track exact amounts (good info for doctors to have) ? Perhaps it's time to split up her questions to different doctors besides her bariatric surgeon. They only handle the one thing. Perhaps speak with the Primary to see if there is a need for a visit to the Urologist and also mood/mental health referrals for a Therapist. If I was someone going through this I would ultimately just want to feel completely supported. Try to be patient and tolerant, let her journey be self guided but advocate for her when she needs you to. Good luck💖
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    Danny Paul is a treasure on here, many of his postings have helped me! I just hope I can pay it forward as time goes by,guess I sure can try!
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    Thank you for the awesome post. I really appreciate it and look forward to relieving my medical issues and to be healthy for the first time in many years!!
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    I had surgery in February 2017 and lost about 110 pounds before surgery and another 80 after surgery (at my lowest, which was 210). In the last year and a half, I've gained about 40 pounds. Around the same time I started gaining, I also moved out of my parents' house and now live alone. My biggest problem has been sweets and fighting sugar cravings. My activity level hasn't been consistent either, but I'm more concerned about my eating than anything else. I guess I just need some motivation or some encouragement to get things back on track and ideas to get started again.