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    Catherine Wible

    Life Changing Decision

    My doctor is so busy, it took 6 months to get a date and then the date was 3 months away. I have to say though, it was worth the wait! I am only 10 days out, and I am doing great. No pain that a couple of Tylenol couldn't handle, no nausea, and I am down 15 pounds since surgery.
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    My surgeon my hero

    Agreeing to do my surgery when most other programs said I was Too Dang Old. For a beautiful small incisions you hardly can find. after just under 6 months. For telling me, c when I felt "Broke" that I could be repaired. And at my pre-surge appointment coming over, shaking my son's hand and telling him " I promise I will take very good care of your mother!" My son is my biggest supporter but under it all there is always a little apprehension, it takes someone skillful to sense thatm
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    Congrats on leaving. The only real reason I stay is for my children. He is a stay at home lazy parent on social security at age 34 and does NOTHING but watch our 4 year old son while I work and supervised our two sons sleeping when I work my nights. I work 72 hours per week and I am a nursing student. He helps in regards to watching the kids when i work but i wouldnt have to work as much if he ever supported. It has been a long 13 years of crap and laziness. I am severely overwhelmed and if I had someone trusting to move in and take his place with my children I would have been gone years ago. I keep saying when I graduate I am gone because I can afford a nanny at that point. Thanks for opening my eyes!
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    tell him to get on some meds if he is blaming his illness, get on the bandwagon or shut up. DO NOT let him steal your joy! PLUS you are letting your kids see that it is okay to treat someone badly if you continue to accept his behavior. Good luck!
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    You shouldn’t be with someone who is disrespectful to you much less abusive you need to be careful right now, it’s a thin line between verbally abusive and physically abussive think about yourself and your kids he is auto destroying himself and those around him we all know the toxic relationship we can develop with food and thank god you took the step to change it, if he is not willing to change unfortunately you need to make a decision
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    Non food rewards

    After an overeager week as a gym member I deferred that until I can get my money worth. Been walking instead and loving it :-) Adore woods. Feel at peace when I'm under trees. Rewarded myself with a new camera. Pretty chuffed with results :-) Also do a lot of doodling, so acquired some lovely new pens. The efforts below are a fave and a work in progress. Fabulous head quietening. Reckoned with current gym savings and food savings I should break even in a week or so [emoji3526]. What are your non-food rewards? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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    You'll be fine for a week. I had to stop my calcium for a bit and change it entirely due to kidney stones and went without all vitamins for 2 weeks because of surgery Sent from my moto e5 play using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Awkward at Work

    IDK you could just tell them since you are post surgery and backlash will likely be minimal. I, however, am a firm believer in privacy on health matters. At any point you can go from being super sharing to super private. Your choice. You are not under any obligation to remain an open book & co-worker aren't privy to every aspect of life. And if they keep pushing for answers say Vaginal rejuvenation or prolapsed Anus They will leave you all the way alone ...
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    I'm sick all the time... I'm either nauseous, upset to the stomach, or in actual pain. The closest I could gather the pain might be is hunger pains. I'm never actually hungry but I always feel kind of jealous when people are able to eat when I can't. I can not tolerate most carbs now. Rice, pasta, bread... those dont sit well at all. Interestingly, I can easily tolerate most proteins. Cheeses and eggs of all sorts are easy for me as well as deli meats or canned meats. Anything with a bunch of grease or excess sugar make me vomit right away. I still vomit at least once on most days. Sometimes without even eating anything. It's as if my stomach is telling me to not even consider eating anything. Also, I've been getting migraines, dizzy spells, and serious fatigue. When I try to bring these things up to my doctor she just kind of brushes it all off as if it's all normal but I sure don't feel normal. The only advice she had was that maybe I should take a multivitamin if I want to... Sent from my SM-S767VL using BariatricPal mobile app

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