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    Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't responded. Just an update...I went back to my therapist on 10/30/18 and we're going to start sessions again. I used to see him pre-surgery and he specializes in eating disorders and OCD. I'm hopeful and will keep you posted. Thank you so much for all the feedback
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    Have you had the Shingles Rash?

    The bad news is you have shingles. The good news is it’s on your chest and not your face! Hope you feel better soon.
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    James Marusek


    The three most important elements after RNY gastric bypass surgery are to meet your daily protein, fluid and vitamin requirements. Food is secondary because your body is converting your stored fat into the energy that drives your body. Thus you lose weight. Weight loss is achieved after surgery through meal volume control. You begin at 2 ounces (1/4 cup) per meal and gradually over the next year and a half increase the volume to 1 cup per meal. With this minuscule amount of food, it is next to impossible to meet your daily protein requirements by food alone, so therefore you need to rely on supplements such as protein shakes. Many people experience problems eating and drinking after surgery. Two of the medical conditions that can contribute to this problem is the development of strictures and ulcers. So if you find that your problem is extreme (such as constant vomiting) then I would recommend working this problem out with your surgery team. That is why they are there. The transition to hard foods (such as chicken and steak) can be rather rough. As a result I have relied on softer foods (such as high protein chili and soups). I have included a few recipes at the end of the following article. http://www.breadandbutterscience.com/Surgery.pdf
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    Matt Z

    2 days!!!!

    Avoid over packing. It's not a vacation LOL Dry mouth spray and lip balm was such an amazing thing to have post op when they don't let you drink anything! Bring a pillow, not just for the overnight if you have one, but for the ride home to put between you and the belt. Good luck and Congrats!
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    Neck/facelift, Anyone?

    Looking good. Sent from my SM-G965U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I don't know if this is going to help you but did you ever read about "goals" - like what happens when you reach one? People need goals. Best is to be prepared in advance: "What will be my next big and challenging goal once I have reached this one?" Weird as it sounds but sometimes people fear reaching their goals because they fall into this big hole once they reached it. So what's your next big goal? It doesn't necessarily have to be fitness or health related but it should be big and challenging.
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    Did it start with reaching that goal or did something else in your life happen that started the disaster?
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    Food funerals?

    It is certainly not an abnormal behavior. The reality is that you will eat these items again though. I have eaten Doritos gasp! I have eaten a small bit of a brownie or a cupcake, oh no! The difference is after surgery you are most likely going to experience less tolerance and less cravings for these items. Once you start to lose weight, you will desire them even less because your progress and non scale victories will motivate you to stay on track 90 percent of the time. We are human though, and food tastes good. We are meant to enjoy certain things in life, and in moderation I think food can be one of those things. I would try and stay away from that food funeral thinking. You’re going to set yourself up for having a hard time staying on track for your pre op diet. You don’t want to really gain twenty pounds before surgery anyways and I would not test the surgeon on his no gain policy with a large gain. Set yourself up for success preop, and you can definitely lose some pounds and have a smooth transition for after your surgery.
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    Frustrated with stall

    @Hungryman I know it can be frustrating but you are really doing good so congratulations...one of the posters posted his weight loss journey for 10-12 months and he lost slow but the big picture was he lost about 90 or so lbs in that time frame...his point was “Look at the big picture” when I think about it, really makes a lot of sense...I try and keep that thought in the back of my mind. You’re doing awesome. Keep up the good work.
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    I’m six weeks post. I’ve noticed I want my food to be savory and pack a taste. In other words I’m not just eating too be eating, when I do eat I want lots of flavor and I want it fresh. I. Cannot. Wait. To. Eat. A. SALAD!!! HW 228 CW 217 GW 125