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    Had surgery Monday and I'd love to taste real food, I just caught myself thinking how long before I can bite a chicken strip? The struggle is real
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    Frustrated with Office

    If they ignore you and put you off now, they won’t be there for you post op if you have a complication. . I made every excuse for my surgeons failure to return my phone calls or the fact that he was never there and I never could discuss my pain and swallowing issues cause the nurse said I had to talk to him and she couldn’t do anything. It wasn’t until my other dr was angry I was being ignored that I realized how inappropriate it was. And all the very serious complications he didn’t care about have caused damage to my esophagus and sleeve. I now have attempted a revision from sleeve to bypass once which couldn’t be done due to damage at top of my sleeve caused by GERD. so I was referred to a third surgeon to attempt a revision again. I suggest you make it clear that you need to be a priority or find another surgeon who will make you one. I immediately realized how awful the first surgeons office was after getting many additional opinions and no other office treated me like that. Make sure you are confident and comfortable with the person you are letting put a knife to you.
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    UPDATE: So I called my insurance company, UHC Oxford, and they gave me the great news...... I've been approved!!!! So I can keep my scheduled surgery date (12/14). Now it feels real.
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    Age: 19 Sleeved: October 17th 2017 SW: 297 CW: 255 GW: HEALTHY AND HAPPY. I’m almost 8 weeks post op and I’m down 42 pounds! I’m ahead of my surgeons program (at 12 weeks I should be down 50 pounds so I’m alittle ahead). I know everyone is different when it comes to this and how we use this tool but I’m just curious on other peoples experiences, how fast they lost with types of diet and exercises they do. Share your progression stories! [emoji173]️
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    So many emotions

    How did you guys handle having people eat around you with foods you love? My friends feel bad when they eat around me and me being so young I get really sad I’m not able to enjoy foods with them or be able to do what they are doing because I still have to take it easy. I feel very emotional and have been crying a lot not because I miss the food but I miss being able to eat with my friends. Any advice?
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    Surgery today!

    I'm going in for my surgery in 24 mins!!! I'm excited and nervous and just ready. It's a mini gastric bypass and not the roux n y. But being a newish (1997) procedure there aren't as many people doing this one. I have a headache and didn't sleep well but soon I will be asleep and when I wake up i will be on my new adventure. Sent from my SM-A520W using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Why is it a secret?

    People tend to do this when it comes to fat people, regardless if the person had WLS or not. Somehow it's a crime when a fat person eats chocolate but perfectly acceptable if a thin person does eat the same amount of chocolate or even more of it.
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    Snacking can stall weight loss. Go back to basics 3 meals protein first and keep on exercising. You deserve to reach your goals! Believe in yourself and keep going. The pouch isn't broken but if u graze on carbs and junk food it will stop working as your calories add up.
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    I'm lost. HELP!!!

    I started by researching doctors in the area who did the surgery and narrowed it down to one. His office guided me to a choice of two different hospitals. I met with him individually to decide on which surgery would be best for me. Then I went to a few group meetings at his office to discuss the surgery and met with a nutritionist. He also required a psych eval before surgery (most do). The last hoop was an endoscopy for him to scope my stomach pre-op.
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    I haven't told anyone

    My kids already talked me out of the surgery in 2016. Said I was taking the easy way out and that they wouldn't support me.......why have a life changing surgery when you can just do it yourself, blah blah blah..... I'm having surgery in 5 weeks.....Just my friends know and my job...... I don't need the added stress and worry.