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    Preop weight loss

    My surgeon didn't give me a requirement, but since my insurance required a six month pre-op diet program, I decided to lose as much as possible before surgery day. I lost 99 pounds during those six months (from 397 to 298), changed my relationship with food, and set myself up for success post op (I've lost an additional 105 pounds since the surgery day). I followed a keto way of eating during those six months, and I have done the same thing post-op (including during the post-op food stages). I don't eat more than 20 carbs per day.
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    Hi Elizabeth Ann, I'm also in Georgia... I sleeve in 43 days in Mexico. I hope I do as well with the pain as you. I have never had surgery. You sound like your doing great. It seems most people have a very hard time drinking at this stage. I wish you the best of Luck.
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    Almost 2 years out

    Congratulations you look great!!! Thanks for sharing your progress. Any tips you want to offer that you attribute to the keys of your success.? Sent from my SM-G935V using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I'm a LOSER! And it's a good thing!

    Hi all, I'm a loser! It's the first time I've ever been happy to say that! Truly, I am 13 days post surgery and really losing weight, something that has been so difficult for me since I had a hysterectomy. I'm a bundle of nerves, happiness and full of water (lol). I'm also full of questions... My doctor is never really forthcoming about how much weight he thinks I will lose. He gave me an estimate, grudgingly, but never really said he thinks I will lose ______. I'm curious to know how much weight everyone else lost 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1-year post surgery. Yes, I know, everyone's journey will be different, but I'm excited and nervous and I have no true knowledge to grab to level set my expectations. I looked for a local support group here in NYC/Brooklyn, but nothing. I know I could get this kind of feedback in that group setting, but since I don't have one, can anyone help me out here? For instance, I'm 13 days past surgery, and I've lost 11.5 lbs, a total of 28.7 since the pre-op diet. I know it isn't a contest, but I was wondering if that is on par with others. I don't have lofty goals, I want to lose 100 lbs total (from my pre-op weight), and I know that it will take some work - just the surgery won't do it, but I would love some ideas on how much others lost...The success stories are great but don't give me an understanding of the journey, the milestones. I mean, just that moment of stepping on the scales and seeing yourself under 200 lbs! When was that - post surgery? HOW was that? I'd love to hear. Also, those little measuring sticks below your signature... ADORABLE? Where did you get them? I love it! Thanks!!!
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    It's happening!! 6/29!

    Good luck! I bet it's a walk in the park. Mine is tomorrow and I've convinced myself this procedure itself is nbd. Seems like they are doing these constantly at my local hospital.
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    I watched this video yesterday and I am so happy it did, it sure made me smile. Its a good watch if you've got the time.
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    Vsg date June 29

    I was so excited about my vsg but getting jittery today, my surgery date is June 29,I am a DFW TX mom of 2, I'd like a buddy to help support along the way. Any Texas female sleevers?? I've wanted this for 2 years.
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    Acid Reflux

    Thank you so much Kathy. My doc told me that once I lost 100 lbs he would be able to repair the hernia & that would help with the acid reflux. I never had any problems with this before surgery and it's making me regret my decision about the surgery. I just want some relief!!
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    Acid Reflux

    I recommend talking to your Dr. It's tough since we are on a restricted diet, but there are foods you can also try to cut down (if you haven't already), such as chocolate, coffee, fatty foods. Sleeping with your head elevated helps at night as well. Sorry you're going through this.. I hope it gets better for you!
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    LADIES ONLY- monthly issues.

    I do think my cycle is just off.. pretty sure I'm starting today... which would mean it's like every 45 days. I think. My skin has actually done the opposite.. acne cleared up and my mood swings calmed down