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    Where i go from here

    Stick with your surgeons plan Its not just for dieting but more importantly your safety. I know how you feel. I'm only 3 days post op and I'm looking forward to some bake fish, oatmeal, etc. But I'm also embracing the challenge because I know what the great outcome will be. Sent from my SM-G935V using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Family Pizza Night

    So wrong. My family same thing but I guess it's reality people won't change but we have to. Each day you resist you become stronger
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    Great documentary

    I've watched a great documentary on bariatric surgery. It's mainly aimed at the uk healthcare system but the statistics and benefits are so compelling
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    Mama V

    Family Pizza Night

    My family had pizza night last night too, and I'm 10 days post op. It's not pizza, but I went to Whole Foods and got this amazing Cream of Tomato soup. It tasted sooo delicious! Once I move to puréed foods, I'm going to make that ricotta bake that I see floating around. I know it's hard, but we can figure out a way to make this work and get healthy!
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    Family Pizza Night

    I feel your pain but you are doing the right thin! Think of the negative side effects of the pizza and it won't bother you as much. You'll get through this.
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    Family Pizza Night

    Oh god that would be torture!
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    Down another decade! I hit 240 this morning, and I'm trying not to get overly excited about seeing something in the 230s tomorrow. It's a little like the night before your birthday as a kid, only over and over.
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    Newbie here

    Open book, eh?
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    Lesson learned...

    I am more than 6 months post-op and doing well. My weight, blood levels, etc., are all at the point that my surgeon hopes to see at a YEAR post-op; she and my Nut were both very impressed and supportive at my 6month visit. I am saying this just so people realize I AM following the program... mostly... It is school vacation week and I decided to treat myself; I went to the Chinese buffet for lunch. Nobody else in my family likes this kind of meal, so I usually take myself to lunch once or twice a year. I have been doing really well with portion control, so thought I was ready. I ate the filling from two crab rangoons, the meat from inside one dumpling, a small chicken meatball, most of a 3" piece of chicken teriyaki, a 2" piece of boneless rib, and part of the meat (no skin, no coating) from a piece of chicken wing. I'd been eating slowly and was feeling full, but not bad, so I decided to have some ice cream. I LOVE the soft serve at the buffet, and thought I'd be OK. Four slow, small bites of ice cream and I was hustling off to the bathroom, where most of my lunch came back up! You might wonder why I thought Chinese buffet would be an OK thing. Well, I have had eggs foo yung several times since surgery, successfully. I buy the quart-sized box, don't eat the rice or gravy, and one box gives me one or two dinners AND three or four lunches. I mean, it's mostly eggs and veg (and grease... but I scrape off as much of the gravy as humanly possible). I thought if I am OK with this, I should be OK with the appetizer-type foods- and a treat trip to the buffet is a vacation tradition for me! Looking at it now, I realize I ate way more than I'd usually eat in a meal; it looked like not much because of the parts I wasn't eating, and it's SO MUCH less than I used to eat, but when I think about the sheer quantity of the food, I can see what the problem was: TOO MUCH FOOD! You know what else, though? I didn't enjoy it like I used to enjoy it. I don't revel in the greasiness anymore- fat/grease makes me kind-of want to gag a little bit. However, my relationship to food has changed. I realize now that part of my food-affair was the sheer quantity of food that I could eat. I can't eat like that anymore, and I don't miss it. Don't get me wrong- some of that food yesterday tasted delicious- but it's not the same anymore, and I am fine with that. Honestly, remembering how I felt all afternoon and evening, I don't think I'll be tempted by the Chinese buffet again!
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    Sometimes it still shocks me.....

    @@gowalking No offense taken whatsoever. I have seriously walked into a room full of people who know me and they did not know me. I had to tell them who I was so i get it. I have learned to have my husband with me these days because if he is with me, they sometimes make the connection. Even then, he has had someone pull him aside and ask where his wife is. LOL. I am ok with it.