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    Less than 50 pounds to go..

    So I am just over 5 months and I have less than 50lbs to go. Life is so much better without dragging around a whole other person. High weight somewhere around 412. Initial surgery visit weight 406.7 Current 243.3 Loss 163.4
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    97 more pounds to go!

    Thanks Everyone What helped me along the way is therapy believe it or not! I knew I had a problem with food and I started seeing a therapist few months before surgery. she's helped me a lot ..her and my dietician. I have had a great team and support. I still have my bad days but my good days always outweigh the bad also this site, its a big help!
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    Um, yes...totally worth it!!! Think of how many times you started loosing weight or wanted to and then a year later you realized you were still the same. So frustrating that yet ANOTHER year went by and nothing. Start the process, do the steps, be patient and it will all fall into line when it's supposed to. Don't give up and let another year of nothing go by...
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    Good job and good luck
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    Because McDonald's is known for their high protein fries...lol
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    Discharged Today

    I did it and ready to a new life!!!
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    This is all normal. The swelling has subsided. Like mentioned above, yogurt will go down easily. That's why it is often allowed during the liquid phase. Once you start eating more solid foods, you will feel the restriction more. Also, some days you will feel fuller quicker than others. I will measure out 3 oz of meat. Some days I can eat all of it and think I could probably eat more. Other days I can't even eat 2 oz. This is why I measure everything I eat! When I get too full or eat too quickly, I always get the hiccups. I can use my sleeve as a guide most of the time, but not all of the time. Measure, measure, measure.
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    97 more pounds to go!

    Awwww! I'm so happy that you're happy!!!! ?
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    97 more pounds to go!

    Sooo happy for your happiness. This is what it's about, take the good with the bad and keep it moving!!! Learn along the way, some people are so depressing it will drive you CRAZY. Now I understand why some require the psych examine. Way to go on your weight loss and I pray your 97lbs is a success. Congratulations
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    97 more pounds to go!

    That's amazing!! Congradulations on a job WELL done!! Keep up the great work!