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    First Adjustment

    Wow - what a crazy few weeks this has been! It still feels a bit unreal how far I've come on my road. Going from a high of 458 to yesterday's weight of 395 has really helped me understand that I CAN do this. During the fill, my RN and NUT were both stunned at the amount of weight I've lost since starting the pre-op diets (the NUT's exact words when he saw the scale were "holy ****!"...seemed like genuine shock). When asked what I've been doing, I just told them that I've been following the plan they laid out; cut out the sugar/carbs, amp up the protiens, watch the booze, walk a little, and take some vitamins. I think the biggest reason for the initial success has been cutting all of the beer/soda out of my diet (I was having ALOT of each). Now that my body is adjusting to not having the crap in me, I realize my progress will certainly slow, so i'm not trying to get too excited over it, but it certainly is encouraging. I've also experienced my first NSV - I fit into some shirts that I haven't worn in two years! I hope the rest of the July bandsters have had as positive experience in their journeys as I have. I wouldn't trade this for anything! My personal mantra throughout my journey has been, and will continue to be "kick the weight's ass!". So far, everything's going to plan - shibby!!!
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    I suggest you try not to harbor the anger and sit down and have an open and honest discussion about how you need his support and the things he is doing to sabbotage it. Perhaps some reassurance that you love him, etc. and your love will grow stronger by him being supportive and encouraging. If you aren't able to have that conversation, perhaps some couples' counseling? Not to sound extreme but you deserve that. When I was married, my husband did similar things. He would want me to lose weight but sabbotage my efforts by foods he would buy or prepare, etc. If he was serving my plate, he would pile it high. It eventually became evident to me that, yah, he would love to have a "thin" me but was very insecure in himself and felt I would become more attractive to others. It was actually very subtle and controlling behavior in my situation. When I went for my pre-op appts, this also came up with the pyschologist. He said some men will get jealous as the woman loses weight (or vice versa) and as the other gets more attention, feels better about themself, etc. It sounds like your husband's comments, food purchases, etc. now are a subtle way of him trying to sabbotage this new lifestyle again. I hope you are able to stay strong, stay focused and not let his insecurities get the best of you. This isn't just for appearance, it is your health at stake. I hope you have a strong support system around you if he cannot be that for you, such as close family, friends, local support group, etc. Sorry you are going through this and perhaps you continuing to persevere and avoid those "muffins and icecream" too will help you feel good inside about what a strong person you have become! You deserve this - and yes, 2 lbs. a week is a great goal! Best of luck to you.
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    Happy Surgiversary To Me!

    I'm one year today and just a few lbs from a normal BMI. I love my sleeve. It was a rough start with my complications but I would do it again in a heart beat. The picture is the start of my 6 month medically supervised weightloss, about 6 weeks before surgery then last Sunday. SW 242 Height 4'11'' 6 month Pre-op loss (-28.6) Surgery date 8/8/11 213.4 1 month - 194.2 (- 19.2) 2 months - 180 (- 14.2) 3 months - 170.2 (- 9.8) 4 months - 164.4 (- 5.8) 5 months - 167.2 (+ 2.8) 6 months - 162.4 (-4.8) 7 months - 155.4 (-7) 8 months - 149.6 (-5.8) 9 months - 143.4 (-6.2) 10 months - 139 (-4.4) 11 months - 132.6 (-6.4) 12 months 126.8 (-5.8)
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    Edan Ren?

    First Adjustment

    I read once that "Success Happens Because You Make It Happen" and you have made it happen! I am having my procedure in one week...so I hope to be half as successful as you. I am starting at 407... Thanks for the inspiration! Any tips for the temptations?
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    First Adjustment

    Great job!! Success feels good, doesn't it?! I bet your body is so thankful you made those lifestyle changes. Keep up the good work, and keep shocking your WLS team!!
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    First Adjustment

    Thanks! I appreciate the encouraging words
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    Have you told your husband firmly to stop buying the crap for you? Sometimes this change can be rough for our partners- they somehow get it in their minds that when we lose the weight, we will suddenly become new people who will move on to bigger and better fish.
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    Almost 4 Weeks Out

    It's been almost four weeks since my surgery, and I've noticed my weight loss has been pretty steady at a pound every other day. That's four pounds a week! Oh, how I wish it could stay that way until I reach my goal! I bought an exercise bike last week and I've been riding it just about every day. It's from the Livestrong line of exercise equipment, and it is really sweet. It keeps track of everything, has lots of different workout programs, lets you upload your workout to livestrong.com, and the ride is very smooth. I'm sure it will become a chore at some point, but for now I'm enjoying it. It's a nice feeling to be able to exercise without feeling like I'm going to die right on the spot. If this small amount of weight loss is already making such a difference in my activity level, I can't wait to see what I'm like when I reach goal! The next big step for me is in a couple of days when I get to start adding slightly more solid foods to my diet. I love Italian food, so the first thing I'm going to have is a meatball with a bit of marinara sauce. Well, maybe HALF a meatball. I probably can't eat a whole one yet in one sitting.
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    Need To Vent

    A fellow camper!! I have a 27 ft trailer. Just got back from 2 weeks in Cape Cod. Can't wait to be able to fit around my "walk around bed" without having my butt stick out half way into the bathroom.
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    thats super awesome!!!!!! Congrates!!!!

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