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    I am so excited that today is my birthday and I have lost 60 lbs, I started out at 361.. I can't say it's been the easiest thing to do. i've had my bumps in the road but I'm still trucking along. My goal is to be 250 by my graduation this May, so i can be fierce. Also if you guys can send some prayers up to the big guy, I'm applying to graduate school to get my masters as a Speech and Language Pathologist and extra prayers couldn't hurt since they only let 30 ppl in the program. Smooches
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    What Do U Say.....

    I feel proud that i made the choice to get banded. It feels right! Heres the issue when i tell people that im having weightloss surgery, they say things like y you dont need it. Just workout and diet. Its seems as though people dont understand. Plus when i hear those things it makes me doubt if im doin the right choice. What do i do just not say anything. Im a little ova 24hrs away from new life new me. Do need any bad thoughts. Bad mojo
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    cori jo

    What Do U Say.....

    I have only told the selected few that I was getting banded (I got banded on the 30th). I heard the same thing..."You don't need it...Eat better and work out..." blah...blah...blah! The truth is that I have struggled with my weight for a long time and I made the decision to have lap band surgery for me! As far as I am concerned it is my business! Do what feels right to you...ONLY YOU!! Best wishes and congratulations!!!
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    cori jo

    New Year's Nsv!!

    YAY!! Congratulations!! I just got banded! I can't wait until I see the results!! Good luck!!
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    pink dahlia

    New Year's Nsv!!

    what a great way to start the new year! congrats and many more to come !!
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    New Year's Nsv!!

    The exact same thing happen to me the other day. I went to try on a size 20 and just for fun I grabbed the 18 and they fit like a charm!!! I did my happy dance in the dressing room...I havent fit into a size 18 in well over 6 years
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    Thanks I appreciate that... But I joined a long time ago. That was a new email address, and they botched it up, and have me listed as a 1 year Bandster. I keep giving them my old email address, and tell them to look me up ! I was here ! I can even look up my old posts as a October Bandster 2006. But they don't make the connection, or don't bother, because I never get a reply...... Anyway, you have lost a lot of weight ! CONGRATS ! So you are doing just fine, and holding your own ! Keep up the Great Work ! and never look back. Shirley.
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    Chewable Vitamins

    Tomorrow I will be 6 months post op. I've been taking the Vitaband chewables. They are fine except I have to order them online. I was thinking of trying the Centrum Chewables. I feel that at this point I eat a variety of foods and could possibly swith to a more readily available vitamin? What are you thoughts and what are you using?
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    Eleven Days Out - Feeling Better.

    Well if you are anxious about going outsie the house for social reasons, maybe have a small get together at your house? I am going to hace a few friends over for an Oscar Party. It has my love of TV and not wanting to get out of the house lol. I cant wait to sleep through the night, maybe when i get the drain out. Well good luck on your continued success.
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    i have the same concern. i am 26 with a bmi of 46 and i am seeing my nutritionist now. My insurance asks that i see a nutritionist for 6mths (once a month) before approval. So at what point am i suppose to go to a meeting in which i am given information regarding which procedure i should get? I was told that the lap band has too many issues and that the gastric or sleeve is better. #confused

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