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  1. Hello all, I haven't been around for a long ole time and thought I would drop by. My sleeve will be 7 years old in July. Over the last year, I - like so many others it would appear - have started to regain; it is 14lbs at the moment. I can honestly say it isn't by eating crap food all day everyday. My diet is 85% clean and 15% rubbish. After being sleeved I turned into a food 'snob' and still don't eat a lot of processed foods and junk. Obviously I am not perfect either! One thing that has really changed though is my exercise habits. I went from being really active and strong to not doing a lot. The only real exercise I do now is walking, which as much as I enjoy, doesn't make me sweat and ache like the other types of exercise I used to do. I need to work on this. Another area of my life that has changed in the last 18mths is work - I am a teacher and my work load has increased (with a small promotion). I work between 10-16 hrs a day weekdays and sometimes on a Sunday. I refuse to work on a Saturday! So this has really impacted on my free time and also my stress levels. I also have had a lot of stress in my home life, which I feel is lessening a little now. However, I feel totally exhausted 90% of the time. I have been to the docs and am getting my bloods tested for cortisol and thyroid next week. I am finding it really hard to juggle work, home life, the house, caring for elderly parents and then finding the energy and motivation to move faster than a walk! Does anyone else feel like this? How do I overcome it? I have tried to lose the regain - trying all sorts of different methods (low carb, 5:2, 16:8, low sugar etc) - over the last 4 mths but no joy. The only thing I haven't tried is the pouch reset, which I am contemplating, I have noticed that I can eat more these days, if I chose to, so I am mindful of that and I still use a small plate to control my portions. If you have done the pouch reset, what was your experience? One thing I have been thinking about is being resleeved - if I could ever afford it (I was self pay as I am in the UK). Has anyone had this done? What are the results? Is it worth the money. I feel that I am at a weird cross roads... at 46 I am 'ok' with me. But I know I could be fitter and stronger. What I worry about is regaining all the weight that I have lost. Any thoughts are welcome!
  2. As for me - it is over 8 years sleeved for me now and things haven't really changed in the last year. I am down a little but still at least 14lbs over where I stabilised, which was another 14lbs where I set a goal weight! So, all in all I would still like to get rid of at least 28lbs! I've had to buy new clothes - that was really depressing! And I have zero energy to work out. School life is really stressful and my anxiety levels are ever increasing whereas my sleep is decreasing! This leaves me in a constant state of exhaustion. This is the last week in school before the summer holidays. We are going away Tuesday for 3 weeks and as much as I am looking forward to it I am dreading the whole swimming costume-wearing malarkey! It is gonna be three weeks of 'faking it, 'til I make it!' Plus a lot of sleeping and rest. On a plus note, I went back to being vegetarian last Sept and I have now fully transitioned to a vegan way of eating. This has been a really powerful move for me, not only for ethical reasons but for health reasons too. I initially looked into it to see if it would help my menopause - I have really been suffering with the symptoms for nearly 10 years and it is really getting me down (plus I am sure it has contributed to my weight gain). So, I thought I would see if changing my diet to a more plant based/vegan way would help. Although, I still get major hot flushes, they have generally decreased. My headaches/migraines have also improved. But, the biggest change is the digestion of my food. I have always been constipated - all my life - and since I removed dairy, especially cow's milk, I am no longer constipated! This has made me really hopeful that my gut is now working better and therefore my metabolic rate is improving. With time (and rest from work) I am hoping that my body will keep responding and I will feel more energised and therefore move more. I refuse to give up! I refuse to accept this weight that I am currently. I will keep on keeping on!
  3. @clk Cheri! What a load of ole cobblers... I agree with you when you said 'do your own thing'. You have always been the type of lady that has thought this way and good for you for following your own wise words - one size doesn't fit all! You gotta do what is right for you! Good luck with being you and getting to a point where you feel 'right' (if that exists!) but you know what I mean. Hugs x
  4. Cheri, Thanks for this insight. I understand the control element; in so much as when I eat when I shouldn't/not hungry/'naughty' food, I feel that I have no control. Stupid as in reality, if someone was watching, they would not look at me as an out of control eater! However, I feel that I don't have control over my body - early menopause started that train of thought... and now weight gain and not being able to lose it. I've lost my mojo and am hating this head space I am in... one of constant exhaustion and disappointment (not just with weight but many areas of my life). But, life goes on and the world keeps turning... we keep on fighting the good fight! Stay safe and well my friend x
  5. Bellaboom, that makes a lot of sense! x
  6. Hello, revising to the sleeve is a very personal decision and one that you really need to put a lot of thought into. It is a commitment that you give yourself for life because, as you rightly said, it is permanent. And that is exactly why I chose it. I too am 7 years out - I was a real slow loser and never met my target weight - I was a pound from my surgeon's target weight at one point, but never reached my personal one. Does that matter? No! Not at all. Over the last 18mths I have experienced some gain though. Now, that does matter as it is really bothering me - I am sure you can understand that! But I also went into early menopause and I am sure that this is part of my regain (even though my doc says not!). I am desperately trying to lose the regain. Eating sensibly and exercising again - I suppose I got a little complacent too, but not in a 'shovel all the junk into my mouth' kinda way. But I did stop exercising to the intensity I was, preferring long walks that didn't help with weight loss but helped mentally - where I live there is some beautiful scenery! So I am back in the gym, doing harder classes and sweating more! I have to dedicate time for 'me' and allow myself to do the exercise that I used to love. This weight loss malarkey is a complicated ole thing and we are all so very different. What works for one, doesn't work for another. Good luck in whatever you chose.
  7. coops

    Seven Years Out

    Cheri, Firstly, you look amazing - beautiful inside and out! This is a great post and I hope a lot of peeps read it and take your message away. A great inspiration to us long termers and newbies alike. You know we are sleeve sisters, being sleeved just days apart even though we are different sides of the planet! And we were both slow losers - thank you for all the support you gave me over the years and still do! I have to admit though, I am one of the ones who can eat a lot more than I did in the early days; even at 2yrs post op my sleeve was tighter than it is today. However, it still have decent restriction, which I am pleased about. I do sometimes wish it was tighter though, especially when I know that I am eating through boredom/emotional-soothing/head hunger etc. Keep flying the flag my lovely... and thank you for this post! x
  8. So last week I had a week of the gym - I have been mentally and physically exhausted. Work continues to be intense and it is wearing me down. Luckily, we only have two weeks left in school before we break for the summer holidays. I intend to go to the gym n the day then; taking advantage on no work routine (I will do work at home, but I also intend to take some well needed head rest!). I go on holiday in a month... 2 weeks in Cyprus with the husband! My kids are old enough to leave at home now and they don't want to come with us! As much as I am looking forward to it, however, I am also dreading it. I will have to but all new swim wear. After I lost my weight and stabilised (albeit not at target weight) I had a TT and on holidays post TT I was brave enough to wear a bikini. Now, I have the old feelings of 'I am two fat to wear a bikini', even though I know I am not 'really'. I feel that since I have gained weight, I have lost the body confidence I worked so hard to get. Although I tell myself that I am still looking ok, the voice is getting quieter and quieter! I know that that sounds totally irrational and that I shouldn't let the scale dictate how I feel and perceive myself, but I can't seem to help it. I suppose I am getting beyond frustrated that no matter what I do, I can't seem to get rid of the regain! The only thing that helps, is knowing that I am not alone... and popping on here now and again, really helps. Feel free to share your experiences or words of guidance. x
  9. Jess, thank you for your insight... I really hadn't considered myself 'normal' but you're right; a lot of women gain weight as they go through the menopause - I've seen it some of my friends. And, the similar theme seems to be all around the middle - where mine has gone. I just get frustrated, especially when my doc says that I should not be gaining just because I am going through the menopause! I have been going through it for 8 years now, so I suppose when we apply the 'normal' logic I am doing ok. However, I don't like it.... I don't like feeling and looking 'round' again! Even though I am no where near my starting weight, I am starting to feel the same feeling towards myself as I did when I was 238lbs. I know I have to work on my head space... something I continually fight with; always have done. x
  10. A little update - two of the four pounds I put on since joining the gym have come off... I am really enjoying the classes and moving more. Not seeing any change in my clothes, but I know it is early days. However, I have seen an improvement.... I have a Fitbit and before the gym my resting heart rate was 65, now it goes between 59-61. So even though the scale isn't being kind I am liking that internal improvement that moving has given me to date... I am hoping that as time goes on my resting heart rate stays in the 50s. I honestly think stress is really tampering with my weight too... the stress levels in work just keeping getting higher and higher. It is a melting pot of madness now. Two teachers are on long term sick due to work related stress (and these are seasoned, fantastic teachers!), kind of sums it up to me. Anyway, I will keep on keeping on... my mantra for the last 7 years isn't gonna change anytime soon,,,lol Hope you are all well - keep us updated and lets do this together!
  11. Hey Cheri! Yea, a mini reunion for sure... good to hear from you! Are you back in the States permanently now? How have you keeping? It is so reassuring to see the 'old' faces isn't it; and to see that we all have the same or similar struggles. I always appreciated your advise and words of wisdom and encouragement. Stay in touch x
  12. Hiya Cathy... I don't drink in the house! I do however, enjoy milky coffee/latte -so perhaps this is the problem? Hidden calories in liquid form right there! Thanks for the heads up! I went to a class call Pump Fusion - it is weights with music! I have to be honest, it was great and I enjoyed it - I've already booked for next week. At the beginning of the year, I went to a yoga class... this gym (a local leisure centre) also do yoga and Pilates, so they are on my list to try too!
  13. So the weight loss isn't going great... in fact, I have put on another two pounds... this is a bit annoying as it doesn't reflect my eating habits. I haven't been 'perfect' but I also haven't been over eating and binging on junk food either! But hey-ho! I have just joined my local gym, so I am going to try a few different classes and see which ones I like the most. Did my induction yesterday and enjoyed going on the treadmill again and getting a sweat on. Perhaps, I just need to move more and increase the quality of exercise - perhaps just walking isn't enough? Anyway, I will let you know. If anyone has any handy hints, please share... cheers!
  14. I will be 7 years out in July and over the last year I have gained 10lbs - before then I was maintaining. Even though I never reached my target weight I was relatively happy with how I was feeling and looking. Now, no matter what I do; how I move or what I eat I am really struggling to lose those 10lbs! I feel frustrated but refuse to give up. If I have a 'bad' day or eat the wrong foods, I don't beat myself up (I used to) I just get my head back in the game and get on with it. Whether I get to goal or not I am still fitter and healthier, more confident and focused on 'life' than I was 7 years ago. That has to be good, right?
  15. Just a quick update... I completed my 5 day liquid/soft food and felt it went well. My hubby joined me and he was also surprised at how he 'functioned' on it - including 3 training sessions. The results, for me, weren't what I wanted on the scale... I lost half a pound! I was really disappointed. Hubby on the other had lost 10lb. Hmmm, that just isn't fair...lol! But, as I have said before, I will keep on keeping on! Then, on Saturday whilst walking the dog, I tripped on his lead and landed on my right knee cap. Wow! The pain was incredible and made me feel sick. Needless to say, I am now hobbling along using crutches - luckily there is nothing broken or fractured so it is just a case of rest and letting the swelling and bruising go down. Not great for activity levels though!
  16. This week I have gone back to a liquid/soft food diet similar to post op... my portions are larger than post op as my sleeve is now mature. So far, I have not lost an ounce - clearly I am disappointed by this as I would of liked to see the scale move, if only a little. I will continue with it for another day; I originally give myself a 5 day target and will see that through. Although, I have not seen a loss (yet - I remain hopeful as I am defo in calorie deficit) I have learnt things about my eating habits. Firstly, I don't 'need' to eat just because it is lunch time, dinner time etc. Just having liquids through the day has been a real reminder that my hunger is not 'real' per se. I have realised that a lot of the time it is head hunger. The other thing I have learnt is that I have not been drinking enough water and I have increased this over the last week. I eat half a bowl of porridge in the evening and I can't finish the portion I give myself, which isn't a large portion! This is a good thing and has made me realise that I have been testing my sleeve and, on occasion, over eating for its capacity. I have also began to understand that I don't 'need' the food I thought I did for my body and mind to function. I am still working long hours without huge fatigue from a lack of food that I thought I would have. I am tired, beyond tired most days, but this is because I am working 10-16 hours week days and also working at least one day on the weekend. I haven't managed to do any form of work out, however, I do at least 10,000 steps a day, average this week is 12,000. I do realise that I need to do more but with my work load so high at the moment I am fighting time. Basically, with or without weight loss this has been a positive week for me as I feel I am re learning eating habits that I gained post op. Hopefully I will see a loss soon!
  17. Hey! Long time no see... I hope you are fully recovered from the back op. I remember you saying ages ago that you had regained - horrible way to get rid of the regain though. Do you still do the 5:2? Let me know how you're doing x I am soooo disappointed by the regain because although 10lbs doesn't sound a lot at 5 2 it has put me up a clothes size and I look chunky again. Don't like it at all.
  18. I forgot to mention the menopause... been in it for nearly 8 years and the symptoms haven't gotten any better. Tried a load of HRT and nothing agreed with me. I often wonder if that has effected my slow weight loss, lengthy stalls and now the regain? My doc says not, but I am not so sure, especially as the weight seems to have gone back on the middle section! *sighs*
  19. coops

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    Hello all... sorry I haven't been around. Such hard times here in sunny Wales, but getting through one day at a time. Won't bore you with the details, but I really am in a funk at the moment - trying to get through it and I am sure the sunny side is just around the corner. Hope you are all well x
  20. coops

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    thank you for the birthday messages... it was Monday and we had a great day - well, after work! I turned 45 and Betty - the daughter - turned 18! She bought half a cider! We went out for tea, and my Dad paid, bless him.. we had a good night. x
  21. coops

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    Sarah, I am sorry for your loss. Your post really touched me and brought a tear. My parents are both elderly and their health is getting worse, especially my mother. They way you speak of your family and closeness is a true reflection of your dad and I am sure he is watching and feeling much pride in you all. Thanks for touching base ... much love. x
  22. coops

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    Did a good fast yesterday... not brill today, but could of been worse. I will reign it in tomo and fast again Thurs. I am getting a bit concerned cos when I eat I get a tender feeling in my middle, around my tummy... perhaps I am over filling my sleeve? Anyone else get this? I also seem to be getting heartburn/acid too... I have been taking some Rennies if it gets too bad. I think I gotta really start looking more at the quality of my food? (not that it is rubbish, but you know what I mean)
  23. coops

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    Yea, Sheryl, work is part of my problems at the moment... we are on Easter break here coming to the end of two weeks... going back in on Monday fills me with dread... I am actively looking for another school, but not been successful so far. I will keep looking and fingers crossed something will come up for me.
  24. coops

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    Hello all, just thought I would say a quick Hi. I am ok, not great but ok... still a lot of things going on and I'll be perfectly honest, I am struggling through taking each day at a time. Not doing great on the food front either, haven't fasted properly for many weeks and this has lead to the weight I lost coming back... of course this doesn't help any sort of positive mind set that I am trying to adopt. But I will keep chugging along... Hope you are all ok x
  25. coops

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    Hello all... been reading but not posting over the last week... I have just felt really poorly and not really with it; like my head is wading through mud! So, I thought I'd give a brief update... I am feeling better - doc signed me off work for a few weeks as I am totally exhausted. All I have been doing is eating and sleeping... not a good pattern for me. If, on the occasional day, I decide to 'do something' such as ironing or food shopping, I am totally wiped out the next day. In times of high stress it would seem that the body stops you some how. Doc said that I have gone in to self preservation mode and that I need total rest, which is what I have been doing. On the up side it has given me time to look for and complete application forms for other jobs... there is one in particular that I am really interested in. I rang my Head and asked him what the procedure is for applying when off work, he told me to go for it and that he is backing me all the way. I have had so much crap to deal with in this current school that he totally gets why I want to leave and further my career else where... not many Heads like that in teaching these days.

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